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  1. Squad Next Level Wallpapers

    OMG ur the BEST!
  2. Squad Next Level Wallpapers

    Top link doesn't work, PLEASE, I NEED THIS BACKGROUND!!!!
  3. Regular Gameplay Fixes

    Just a few thoughts, Enemies should not be allowed to be close enough to spawn camp main base. I typically cannot stand from prone into a crouch position, i have to sprint to get out of it, and it gets me killed behind walls. A lot of the walls are very difficult to climb over, even with full stamina at times. When one squad places a rally point directly on an FOB, there is no TAB mechanic to be able to select the FOB to spawn on if your in another squad. Instead you just are not able to spawn b/c the rally point overlay takes precedence and thinks you're trying to spawn on it. K thnx. Oh, and Vehicles plz!