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  1. Kill counting

    I shot someone in the head at a range of about 30 ft with an M4 (definite headshot) and he ran away.
  2. 2 grenades are fine.

    I'm going to go against the grain and suggest that medics should have at least one grenade too. I've taken medic more than my fair share of times and really could do with a grenade quite often. Like when all of my squad are down and there are 3 or 4 enemy all congregating patting each other on the back at how well they've done, if I'm the last man standing in the vicinity, a quick nade to shut them up whilst I medic the squad back in would be ideal :P Smoke does provide great cover obviously but revenge is more satisfying :ph34r: and safer. On the subject of launchers; Does the M203 now have drop? It didn't before right?
  3. Harder and Harder finding a good server and team

    I've been SL a few times and I'll openly admit that my inability to multitask means I'm useless at it, and when I ask if someone else wants it there's usually silence. But one thing I'll always do when SL is be polite and ask people to do things, usually followed by the word 'please'. It costs nothing and takes a millisecond to say and seems to earn a little bit of respect from fellow players. I know in a real battlefield politeness goes out the window, which is fair enough. Real soldiers are trained to do as they're told, not asked, their life literally depends on it and there's no time for being polite. But this is a game played by ordinary Joe Soap where not everyone is a trained soldier. I was in a squad a couple of nights ago where the SL was ex military (Irish I think, sorry I'm crap at remembering names) and he did an excellent job. His commands were clear and concise but he didn't need to be polite because we knew he knew what he was doing. We defended most of the game but he got the guys to go to specific points to defend and it worked out great. We didn't see much action until near the end and he kept his cool and still managed to orchestrate a good defense, even when we had (what seemed like) 2 or 3 squads attacking us. We did eventually get over-run but it was still probably one of the best rounds I've had so far. Contrast that to a round I played a few days before that. Again I can't remember his name but you could tell he was a bit full of himself, but without the abilities to lead to back it up. Within a few minutes of the round starting he started shouting at someone quite aggressively as if he expected that to work. Needless to say I didn't hang around very long and joined another squad. When I looked a few moments later he only had 2 other guys left in his 'squad' all spread across the map. So yeah, if you're lucky enough to get a good SL then you'll likely have a good round, whether you win or not. If you get an idiot who thinks the only way to lead is to shout aggressively then it's time to move to another squad. But somewhere in between there are guys like me who have been lumbered with the task who want to do well and are open to suggestions/advice from their squad. Being SL isn't just about having extra 'toys' at your disposal, it's also about being able to lead a team of adults who may or may not have their own ideas of what's the best plan of action. For some (like me) that ability to lead fails in the heat of battle when 8 other guys are telling you about 8 different things at the same time (just being honest here). TL;DR: It takes all sorts to make the world go round. :P
  4. Vac banned?

    Never cheated once in any game I've ever played. What's the point? When you purchase any game, you tick a box where you agree to their terms and conditions. By altering game files (which is what cheats do) you are breaking those T's & C's, and by breaking those T's & C's you give up your right to play that game. VAC doesn't care what game files you are altering, it just sees you as a cheat and bans you, and rightly so. You shouldn't be hacking game files or using 3rd party software to hack game files. You got caught so now you pay the penalty.... no sympathy. He already admitted to having a cheat installed, albeit for another game, so it wasn't a false positive. If he's a willing cheat in one game who's to say he won't cheat in another game? Do we leave it to each player's discretion to determine which game is ok to cheat in?
  5. How to combat the worst kind of hacker!

    On your first point, you can hear enemy footsteps through walls. Bring up the map and don't see anyone on your team, then it's fair game to point your weapon at the nearest door he's likely heading for, even without spotters outside the wall. I've had a couple of rounds where someone with a scope takes up position on a hill and feeds very good information to the rest of the squad where the enemy is. We defended a FOB for nearly half an hour like this, until our spotter was eventually found. I really think the best defense of hackers is to have an automated system of some sort. I'm no programmer so wouldn't know how to achieve this, but it's been done with other games/genres so shouldn't be impossible to do.
  6. Harder and Harder finding a good server and team

    Hehe, I do try but there's always a queue of 150 others with the same idea :unsure:
  7. Harder and Harder finding a good server and team

    I suppose with growing popularity this game will attract all sorts, and that was proven on Monday evening for me. A friend and I were in a squad together and the SL seemed to be a decent chap. He was having a bit of friendly banter with another couple of guys before the session started, when a female entered the squad. Then it turned ugly pretty quickly with stupid comments about kitchens and sandwiches. Needless to say the girl left after a short time and my friend and I left after listening to a further few minutes of pathetic misogynistic 'banter'. Asking them to tone it down just seemed to make their hormones peak. We switched to another squad who didn't know their arse from their elbow and were scattered all over the map with no comms from the SL. Hopefully this isn't the course of things to come.
  8. Hi all from Scotland

    So long as there is no underwear, so we can utilize our broadswords quicker :ph34r:
  9. Hi all from Scotland

    Budweiser *hides* Never been a great beer drinker TBH. Prefer a scotch with bud for a chaser ;)
  10. Fatal Error

    GPU temperatures?
  11. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    I saw lots of Steam friends playing it all the time. Looked into it a bit more and realized it's what I've been waiting for since I started playing FPS's all those years ago.
  12. Yeah, that's me every freakin time :blink:
  13. [RedCoats] Public Server

    Hey thanks for the response. No worries, I know the feeling with having full servers and people moaning they can't get in :) We host several Assetto Corsa servers and it's always good to see them fully populated, so long as everyone is having fun. We'll keep trying, hopefully see you all on the battlefield soon ;)
  14. [RedCoats] Public Server

    Hey guys, I only just got Squad a few days ago and already I'm hooked. Not just me but a few mates too. Been looking around the forum for a few days for somewhere to play regularly and I keep seeing Redcoats pop up as being what we're looking for. Problem is, your servers always seem to be full and we can never all get on at the same time. We have about 7 or 8 guys (almost a full squad) who would really like to gain some experience fighting alongside people who know what they're doing. Between the lot of us (due to other gaming commitments), we can all get together on Monday evenings at around 8pm UK time. Is there any organized events at this time that you'd be willing to host that we could take part in? It would be very much appreciated. Regards BBMcG
  15. Hi all from Scotland

    Yeah, I jumped into a random server last night and there were 2 other jocks in my squad. Apologies to the Englishman who couldn't understand WTF we were saying, but honestly we weren't talking about you :D