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  1. Squad Trailers Removed?

    Have some of the trailers from the Squad youtube channel been removed? I remember the trailer for version 7 being my favorite and I can only find re-uploads of poorer quality. I even used that specific trailer to show off the game to others I talk to about it. Why were these taken down?
  2. Radio man kit

    This Radioman idea really sings with the possible WWII / Vietnam / Korea mods that could show up. Maybe even require changing up how voicechat is set up in this modern depiction of combat we have where everyone has comms. I would love to see this in one of those mods or addons.
  3. Floating tree, wont let me IMG link the image http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/360654057303517665/5607D50EC4BFC8562E007B01E117F9CEA1E832DC/
  4. Improvement of Rally Point

    I like that the RPs have a limited spawn mechanic as it forces the firefights to take place all over the map, rather than have a stagnant firefight where neither side has to reposition to re-allocate their RP. Of course the RP is not something to rely on, medics are your first priority. Placement of RPs is no laughing matter either. If the RP is directly behind you facing an enemy advance then you can kiss the RP goodbye if they break through. Having it out on the side and telling your squad to hook around and attack from another angle is how you keep that stuff hidden. If you dont want to think about stuff like that then maybe SL isnt for you?
  5. Future US conflicts

    IIRC the MRAPs high profile contributes to its higher survivability against IEDs than your traditional HMMWV with its flat underside.
  6. Weapon/Kit selection

    By using mousewheel to select your equipment and weapons i think you need to click your mouse in order to initiate the switch. Right now if im in the heat of a firefight and scroll too far or too short to select say a grenade or field dressing i have to go through the animation of pulling out my pistol or smoke grenade first before making the proper choice. But I would actually prefer the method below even more. I would prefer separate keybinds strictly for sidearms, thrown lethal grenades, smoke grenades and field dressings/medical kit. Right now if i bind "item 1-6" or so it can vary on what item is associated with that key depending on different classes since they all receive different kit items. After that is implemented id rather have my mousewheel assigned to zeroing my rifle/grenade launcher/rocket launcher to different ranges. What are your thoughts?
  7. US soldiers - First look at player models

    Need some Oakley M-Frames on those US models
  8. US soldiers - First look at player models

    Even though its non-standard issue, ill miss those Crye Airframes when the time comes. They are beautiful models and I hope they linger in the core files for some future US forces. Also hope to see the OpsCore FAST helmet some day. Also would like to see some integral kneepad pants akin to Crye G3s.