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  1. Game Stutter

    --UPDATE-- The new 4.0 patch fixed all of the issues I had with the game. Had a hunch it was with the build. Dev's please don't do what you did last build again :)
  2. Game randomly pauses

    Literally posted this like a week and a half ago, except im running a 760. ....You can ignore the Ram stuff, same with motion blur and audio settings.....chances are changing those wont fix it. It's something to do with this current build, basically it was fine until the last patch / hotfix.
  3. Game Stutter

    At work currently so I cannot check the temps right off hand, I am 99.99% positive heat isn't the case either, as it would do such things in other higher-demanding games which it runs like a champ. Also, its a constant stutter, exactly every 3-5 seconds, on the dot...... @ActionJackson, it isnt the sound either, I have messed with sound settings and see thats the thing, the sound is perfectly ok when the stutter occurs! My system has not just decided to go from working perfectly since the first day of alpha, to a system having issues every 3 - 5 seconds..... As I said everything else runs great but the game, nothing is out of spec and nothing has been changed on my end...... The ONLY thing which has is the game build, which seeing this started after the most recent update is kind of suspicious, eh? - Why this topic is listed in software support and not hardware. ;) Hope the devs can get around to this / other nvidia graphical issues soon..... It was working fine before last update, can you please un-break what you broke? :wacko:
  4. Game Stutter

    Update, tried editing the config. Same outcome.
  5. Game Stutter

    Hi, Following up - I deleted all of those / turned off the sync, verified and re downloaded the files missing. Attempted to run on all settings low, with the usual radio filter etc off. The Effect still is going on.
  6. Game Stutter

    Literally everything is turned off which I can turn off, and things that I cant are set to the lowest possible thing. Lol the game looks like something produced in 1998. As I said normally (Until the last patch) my system could run everything on EPIC with averaging frames from 50-60+. The ONLY variable here which has changed between then and now is the game. This is really frustrating none the less. Noting nobody from the Squad Dev team have chimed in, when clearly it is a software (game) issue..... Also seeing others with nvidia cards having crashing problems just furthers my statement..... Hopefully I will have time later tonight to record the stutter to share with the community so we can get this resolved.
  7. Game Stutter

    I did the Stat Unit command, it shows the GAME tab going from 3ms to 10-14ms exactly when the stutter's happen. I shut down my computer nightly, all aspects of my system check out. I seriously believe it is a Game Build issue.
  8. Game Stutter

    Yes, still occurring while set to 1gb. I noticed from your setup you are running basically the same system as me (z97AR, i7-4790k, VG248QE) in similarities
  9. Game Stutter

    Yes, still occurring while set to 1gb.
  10. Game Stutter

    I changed this as well, ran all driver updates possible. No dice. As I said earlier nothing has changed minus the squad update, my system settings and hardware have been the same all along.... Its gotta be this newest iteration of software. Can the devs possibly look into this issue? Anyone else running a rig remotely similar noticing these "stutters"? --- they are so minor they could be confused for lag spikes.... although I can guarantee they are not.
  11. Game Stutter

    An update: I have done all which was suggested and still the issue is occurring. I seriously am starting to believe its more of a software build compatibility issue rather than a settings / issue on my end.
  12. Game Stutter

    Good call on the VRAM, it was higher than what I had on the GFX card, although the same stutter is going on. I find it very strange it was ok before the latest patch, none of my settings were changed between the two. Any other suggestions?
  13. Game Stutter

    Hi, I have played squad since Alpha and never had this issue until most recent update..... While in game (any server) every 3-5 seconds it seems there is a .2 second game freeze (players and all movement) then the game catches up pace. I have not had this issue until the last update, all settings are on max and its not a fps issue, normally get 60+ fps.... Specs: i7 4790k, GTX 760 OC, 8GB Ram, 500gb SSD. ASUS Mobo. Win 8.1, Asus 144hz monitor. PS, I have already set game priority to High / real time as others suggested, no fix. Any suggestions? Its driving me insane, makes the game less desirable to play.