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  1. Hi guys, Since the V9 update I experience the grass and bushes flickering. its really weird. Also when moving the ground also seems to have a weird flickering thing about it I have a GTX 970 i54670 and 8gb ram. My friend has the same setup and also notice this. I've tried it with reshade on, removed reshade etc and it wont go away. The game itself runs fine btw, good fps but maybe some less since V9. Anyway just wanted to know if someone else is having the same problem and if there is something i can do about it. Great game and thanks!
  2. Tnx will try when im home. Any ideas when the latest version will be whitelisted? Tnx man!!
  3. Ok. So how can i download that version? I just downloaded the latest version of reshade... Tnx btw!
  4. Hi guys, So I've been playing many hours squad with reshade on. Last night I re-installed the game and downloaded reshade again. Now at start up I get the EAC error: EasyAntiCheat Error: Unknown game file (opengl32.dll) I have tried these options Then i start the game and get the same error. btw when i press ok the game starts but without Reshade! What am i doing wrong? Cause even yesterday i was playiong with reshade on. Tnx!!!
  5. ok did not know that. any onther tips how i could the presets in squad? like the bright squad sweet fx preset? im really confused now
  6. ?? then how do i use the sweet fx settings/presets?
  7. guys, i installed reshade. i then open squad up. i can see the reshade menu. also can change al the things. but if i want to add a preset i just cand find the sweetfx.txt file! its just not there in the map. pls help!
  8. Tnx guys! Will try it this weekend!
  9. Hi guys! I wanted to install reshade and sweet fx. This tutorial is from i believe Yeti. Very helpfull but now with the new reshade? when i download it. i get very different menu's etc than in the video. also sweet fx is something i just dont understand from the video. Im not saying that because this tutorial sucks;) its because im a noob at this things. So if anybody has some ideas or a new video for me, that would be great!
  10. Hi guys, When i play on a server like the RIP server, i get around 60/80 fps. Thats high for me and good enough. But then when i join the same server another time i get around 30 fps..? Ping is every time the same. always around 30. Is this related to players with a high ping, and because of that they bring other players fps down? I dont know but its just strange that sometimes the fps goes down like that. Hope to hear any thoughts about this.! TNX
  11. tnx ! will do the clean install!
  12. It does not happen every round i play, maybe 3 out of 10 games i play. But if it happens, it's 2/3 times in a round. I play different servers a lot so maybe its server related? I will keep track of it from now on. how may times, which server etc.. And i said the screen goes black for 3/4 seconds. It's more 1 or 2 seconds.. sorry about that
  13. i5 4670 gtx 970 msi 4gb GA-Z87-HD3 8GB RAM yeah but the weird thing is i dont have it with other games.. tnx for the response!
  14. Since v6 i experienced many times a black screen while playing. Im ingame and then all of the sudden the screen goes black for like 3/4 seconds and then back to normal. I stay in the game so its not a crash or something.. Anyone else has experienced this? I know its only in squad because i never had it in other games. btw my pc is new and so is the monitor. Just reporting it so devs know whats up
  15. how did you made it work? i also cant zoom in any further. also not when im standing still.. or is it the update?