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  1. Aim Down Sight (ADS) FOV slider

    This. I have the ROG SWIFT 279Q monitor. 1440p 26inch. Which FOV do you recommend? Tnx in advance squaddie
  2. Hi guys! playing Squad with the rog swift 279q ips panel. was just wondering Which settings people use with this screen. So the panel settings and game settings. I just keep switching between settings and was hoping Some one could help me with the settings. Like bloom motion blur etc. Just show me what you guys are using!
  3. FPS Issues

    Maybe wait till V10? Friend of mine has a 970 and i54690 and its also unplayable for him. Hope you can fix things So you can play again!
  4. FPS Issues

    I fixed it with upgrading from 8Gb ram to 16Gb. It really helped! Later on i also oc my cpu. Think youre cpu with only 3,2 isnt enough. I always thought never to do an Overclock, But it is really easy and safe!
  5. Hey man, just to let you know. I have the same cpu: i54670k 4.4GHZ 16GB 1600mhz MSI GTX 1070 just bought a 1440p g sync monitor and its awesome. Fps vary from 50/70in full servers to 90 fps. But with g sync on you wont feel the fps drops. So i would buy the 1070. If you havent already
  6. 1440p 144hz or 4k 60hz?

    What is the monitor you are using? Still looking for a good 1440p monitor. Just asking Tnx!
  7. Will squad ever come to console?

    No. I bought pc just for Squad about a year ago. Upgraded cpu gpu and ram in just a year playing, and only for Squad and pubg arma etc. Never ever the community and players active will be like on a console. And i have played consoles for the last 4th generations or even longer (never played pc before)It would be Awesome if it came to console because then i could finally play it with all of my friends, but i really think it would be just a ****ed up mess of shouting, lone wolfing and 360's no scope everywhere. Btw now i think of it, it will be a Noob fest
  8. Ok Tnx! 4K is Maybe to much for a 1070?
  9. Not really on topic, i am planning to upgrade from 1080 to 1440. Is it worth the difference? Also have the 1070 and i54670k 4,5ghz and 16gb ram.
  10. reshade tips. to bright/sharp

    I tried this. And its less clear as adaptive sharpen But i really like the looks of it! Wont hurt my eyes after a couple of hours . Tnx for the tip!
  11. reshade tips. to bright/sharp

    Hi guys!! So i've been playing with reshade and i would like to hear what you guys are using in reshade. i use Lumasharpen,HDR,colorfoulness and sometimes adaptivesharpen. But sometimes its just too bright and too sharp if you now what i mean so; what are you using and what do you configure. Any tips on the adaptive sharpen strenght and the lumasharpen, because sometimes its just too much. Tnx for the help/tips again guys!
  12. Ram upgrade 1333 to 2133 MHZ

    Nice man!! Tnx for the info!!
  13. Ram upgrade 1333 to 2133 MHZ

    Yes i think i Also prefer 1440 over the higher fps. And about upgrading mobo etc. I already bought the 1070. Im first going to oc the cpu. Then later on change the ram to higher mhz. Will keep updating here! Tnx!
  14. Ram upgrade 1333 to 2133 MHZ

    yes correct. is this a normal performance with the 1070? so just upgrade ram to a faster one should be ok? any tips on what to upgrade more on my rig? I would to like buy 1440p monitor and play on higher resolution but not sure if thats even possible.. Tnx for the help!
  15. Ram upgrade 1333 to 2133 MHZ

    Ok, so i just bought the msi gtx 1070. On full server 78 players in the forest map i had about 48/65 fps. A lot better then i had before but still not what i expected. Im going to oc the cpu, and then upgrading RAM. think then it will be a lot better? BTW before upgrading RAM, maybe smarter to just upgrade mobo to that can handle ddr4. or will upgrading my current ram from 1333mhz 8gb to 2133mhz 16gb will also work? my specs are: I54670k 8gb 1333mhz mobo ga-z87-hd3 corsair cx750m Tell me what you guys think cause need all the help i can get! Thanks!