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  1. Hacking

    agreed, hell just having your first couple shots be true POA would be a huge advantage, and impossible to tell by spectating as as the rest of the shots look normal.
  2. Flippin' FOBS on Flags!!!

    yes and no, a defensive fob on the point is tarded however if a lone squad drops one on the opposing teams point its a huge advantage to get guys into the point asap. so the moral is never place a defense fob on the point and depending on the map placing one on the cap is a winning tactic Kohat is one that sticks out, one squad right up the center and drop fobs on the points and you can't lose, b/c by the time you lose the fob on the current objective the team should have already moved on to the next objective and take it before the other one is lost.
  3. Players getting 40 - 50 kills per game?

    yeah i have to agree no matter how good you are repeatedly getting over 50 kills and less than 10 deaths is fishy. there are just to many random deaths and add to that the inaccuracy of the weapons. i would not be surprised to find out that there is an exploit of not a hack to mitigate inaccuracy. also i think the lag got worse in the last update it got to where dying behind cover was unusual to pretty much every time you take cover.
  4. What real soldiers think of FPS games

    this, real life tactics don't stand up to respawns. lets assume that Allah or what not granted respawns. really how do you stop a guy from shooting at you from a window knowing that if you kill him in 2 minutes he will be in another window shooting at you again. paintball is a real life example it was surprising how bad new military players are as the slow and safe approach is completely wrong. my main complaint is squad has added some arcade elements randomized accuracy is one thing i hate about this game, its designed to punish run and gunning but is such a broad brush that going slow and methodical is still a crapshoot. i haven't really noticed a difference in terms of accuracy with full and empty stamina. full stamina missing sub 20 foot shots is unacceptable.
  5. Overly complex medical system

    OMG try using an RPG, more than one hit and you are dead, your guy looks like he has all the time in the world to pack up his RPG while your screen is getting darker and darker, then finally your bandage is out then half way through you just stop bandaging so you have to start over and finally you're dead. the devs need to have the player drop what ever they are carrying and take out a bandage if i am bleeding and hit 5. have it set up so that afterwords it takes 2-3 times as long to pick the weapon up. or make the put away animations quicker and the pull out animations longer.
  6. All Chat Necessary?

    yeah about the only time i use it is when there is hacking on something funky going on and to see if there is an admin. its funny how the saw gunner who keeps pinning you behind cover from 500 yards suddenly DC's or the fire stops when you ask an admin about it. so it works fine for that, 99% of the time i don't even see it. yeah about the only time i use it is when there is hacking on something funky going on and to see if there is an admin. its funny how the saw gunner who keeps pinning you behind cover from 500 yards suddenly DC's or the fire stops when you ask an admin about it. so it works fine for that, 99% of the time i don't even see it.
  7. "Can I have a rally?"

    No whats worse than the fob on the objective is the fob that is horribly placed in the middle of nowhere or right in opfors path to objectives but is keeping a decent fob from being placed. happens a lot on the smaller skirmish maps. been quite a few times where we set up a location wait on the tard fob to get taken which takes forever because half the team spawns on it and die repeatedly then place our fob.
  8. The two-hit kill...

    This is a terrible idea, you think people give up now, give them a stat penalty and no one will wait to get meded. there is another thread almost about this same thing where you sneak up on some one get a couple shots square in the back of them and they spin around and kill me more than half the time needs fixed first.
  9. change points for flag cap.

    oh dont get me wrong i don't care about the points, but when our squadleader is constantly on a teams ass to put on their big girl panties and come to the hot objective from the safety of their super fob. then the match ends and they are like see we are smrt and ur stupid.
  10. imo the devs need to change the way flag cap points are awarded. splitting them up so you gain points gradually instead of all at once. this comes up because my friends and i leave the objective when we are 80% capped to head to the next one. the end of the map comes and we are the lowest squad points wise. to award people because they were in the cap for the microsecond it took to cap it is kind of crappy. and its always the most terrible squad giving us grief they are like 9-50+ but they sat on the fob in the capzone, not to mention they almost always have to be reminded that we are capping the flag 2 in front of them their super fob is uncappable.
  11. Medics are da real MVPs

    My biggest petpeve is when they gaze longingly into your eyes as you're healing them. I'm always yelling at them to look forward and not to worry that the enemies will come through what ever cover is behind me. oh and the guys who yolo out into the middle of open to get taken down with one sniper shot expecting me to rez them. i yolo with the best of them but i know its a one way trip.

    lol true that but sometimes idiots need "punished" there is accidental TK's then there is the guy who spams rockets/203's into a cap point full of friendlies decapping. maybe give -1 kill on scoreboard for TK's that might help or a different stat k/d/tk's what ever negative points they give are not at all enough i think i was at -6 points after my TK adventure one hesco and all is forgiven. i went on a TK "rampage" last night i saw what i would have bet money on as a hostile low crawling on the wrong side of the wall we were getting wreked i flanked the corner and opened up i was like fuck did a quick once over to make sure i didn't miss the badguy and as i was about to heal the guy his squad leader runs up and says I'm going to shoot you if you don't heal him he got all butt hurt when i shot him. then the next game i spawned in a couple seconds late and hear him over local saying where is aaron I'm going to shoot him. i shot him in the back. lol. so now i just want longer static spawn timers, then remove the timer going up when hostiles are near the fobs, as i have used it as radar you know when you go from 30 seconds to 5 that all the nearby badguys are dead. 30s main. 60s on fob. 90s on rally that would be nice.
  13. on this it seems that i sneak up on a lot of people and shoot them 2-3 times in the back they spin around and one shot me. i know I'm getting hits, I'm under 10m and i see the blood impacts. and on a side note I've taken shots to the face as a medic and be fuck I'm going to die drop to the ground blood clears from screen and I'm not damaged.

    yeah having a 2-3 minute timer on death would be great really would make people wait for a heal. while i would like getting kill conformations it kind of takes some of it out. however i would love to get team killed notifications i want to know if the douche bag team members are just shooting randomly into the fray.
  15. Overly complex medical system

    i mostly play medic. having a guy come back with penalties is an awesome way to ensure no one ever waits to get revived. dragging people both alive and dead needs implemented, alive because i constantly get stuck and blowing myself up is no fun. maybe have a force jump key.