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  1. Direction Indicator when hit

    When people in real life get shot it usually takes a few seconds before you realize you are hit. That's because of the adrenalin rush you get. The reason I bring this up is because when you get shot it's very hard to locate the direction the shots came from
  2. it's always a pain in the ass when you got a good flanking spot with your squad and you have to hold your fire as squad leader just to avoid the enemies spotting our location because of my tracers. I would like to have the possibility to customize your outfit and decide yourself if I want tracers loaded in my mag or not. from what I read it's rare the armies have tracer rounds in assault rifles like aks and m4
  3. Alpha 9.6 Released

    Okey but don't make it possible to dig it up within 15 min
  4. Alpha 9.6 Released

    my solution on the fob spamming: They should add a 10 min cooldown on fob placement for the squad leader. They should also add a 10 min waiting time before u can dig up the radio. This will force the squad to commit to the fob and not just spam it
  5. Alpha 9.6 Released

    Yes do not add anymore shit to the HUD! Or if you are going to add something make it smaller and temporary so it fades away after a while
  6. Update 8 was better. :P
  7. I dont agree with you guys. There is already a problem with mini sl who wants to control even tho they are not sl. I can just imagine the people who wants the sl to tell the other sl this and that. If the sl cant make a plan together with the other sl and then tell his squad what the plan is. Then he is a bad sl In the begining of the game i just want my squadmembers to stfu. Let the sl talk to the other sl and obey orders.
  8. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Woop! Woop! Great work dev! Squad has been my most played game during 2016
  9. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Great patch! Works great on my computer at around 40-50 fps B ut i use the settings to maximize the crisp
  10. same here! It worked yesterday! Did the patch the servers or something?
  11. Alpha 7.7 Released

    Love the new patch its great!! if u are having preformance problems I recommend u to go here and try some of the tricks posted in this thread:
  12. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    How hard is it to write netcode from scratch? If u look at the newer battlefield games and arma it seams like its really hard to write smooth netcode for vehicles and players. Question is do they have enough competens to code netcode for vehicles, when it takes months after release for dice to get their netcode right ?
  13. March 2016 Recap

    As a player who is sl 90% of the time i think its good that the medics dont have scoops, because you are not supposed to engage in firefights! Your roll is to stay back with sl and move in when someone is down. maybe give some suppressing fire, i hate when my medics are in the front. The last people that should go down in a squad are the medics.
  14. Character Skill development

    Your characters skills develop if u play enough. There is a huge diffrence between a noob a a player with 100 h+. Isnt that enough?
  15. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 5.0

    Sooooo... fast ropes confirmed. :p