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  1. Sounds/New Sound Reverb System

    Until it has HRTF or whatever makes Project Reality sound goddamn baller afai concerned Squad doesn't have "directional space" outside of "left/right" "front/back" and it's broad angles - really hard to pinpoint things even with my Kraken.
  2. Share Your Free Weekend Experiences Here

    Tried to play, squad voip isn't working, only local/command. It cuts out/doesn't work an awful lot where as the other two have no issues. Lead my squad in a game w here insurgents were at our main before our team did anything and nobody did anything production the whole round lol. Frustrating 110%.
  3. Local voip is fine, command voip is fine. But my squad voip won't stay up cuts out a lot and doesn't work pretty often. Free Weekend blues?
  4. Faster spawn timers means people will just waste your tickets that much faster. People don't care about tickets until there's only 50 left which is a damn shame. That being said, the irregulars will feel MUCH stronger once damage is properly implemented. (ie not a bucket of health you chip at, but directional/localized) since you're speed/positioning will become more important to capitalize upon.
  5. September 2017 Recap

    All those references, sick. Also, loving the staging area stuff. No more guessing where vehicles are, any bs. You can plan right there and get ready. Also good for inexperienced SLs if they forget the MRAP carries 5 and take the forward spawn on Basrah - they can have units spawn in with correct kits and no more bs leaving everyone in the dark with SL channel in the beginning. Now the TEAM knows the plan, which is bound to increase rapport and teamwork related behaviour imo.
  6. Release: Alpha 9.10

    Most people assume it's a decimal - which is why it "doesn't follow the rules of numbers" as far as a casual person would assume. Yes, it's a delimeter.
  7. Optic vs Non-Optic Mouse Sensitivity

    customarily it seems most games default ADS (whether scoped or not) to half of your hipfire sensitivity. I'd be happy if Squad followed suit.
  8. Release: Alpha 9.10

    You don't know how versioning works. It's kind of a weird messy thing that doesn't follow the rules of numbers.
  9. In-Game UI

    The UI is slick but still has a couple clunky bits, namely thus: The score board and (and squad ui) are under the map on some resolutions, mine (1680x1050, 16:10) is also affected. An easy fix would be changing the Z-index (or whatever it is) so that the squad ui is always on top for role and members. The map can be at the bottom of the index because we have a button dedicated for it. The end of round is worse, the next map is cut off along with some of the scores. Maps - the grids used to be vivid and made for quick marking but now the lines blend into the terrain really well making quick adjustments and spanning the map a pain. Lastly, have the point of the mark where we click if at all possible. (ie arrow points to where cursor was, tip of shovel where cursor was. Helmet and other marks should remain centered, or be given a thin chevron that points to the cursor's location. Just quality of life precision. One other thing: Keeping kits when they're no longer available should be dealt with. As it sits, a squad can have a HAT and they can keep it for the rest of the game despite not having enough players (either in the squad or the team) to keep it. Same thing with other kits, some squads get 4 MGs, 4 Medics, etc..
  10. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    The counter is the ticket and the crazy long spawn time. If someone's going to suicide for ammo, might as well make the person OUT of ammo suicide and even then that's a pretty hefty spawn time and a waste of a ticket. At least as far as competitive play is concerned tickets matter, I know PUB games seem to hardly care until it's too late lol.
  11. Revisiting Anti-Aliasing

    Like I said, I'm sure the devs will address this eventually ^^"
  12. Revisiting Anti-Aliasing

    No but they do go a long way towards your game feeling like a finished product - and when the mechanics suffer because the game simply cannot display the information you require, it's certainly a big deal.
  13. Revisiting Anti-Aliasing

    Large battlefields? Battlefield as several km^2 maps and Planetside has 1-2k players on any given continent and manages to look better. (sure the landscape is less "active" but there's not nearly as much aliasing even with the aliasing options disabled.) My point is, a player shouldn't feel like they're playing at 640x480 regardless of their resolution. If it's literally just the anti-aliasing, then how or why is it so absolutely terrible even compared to ancient engines like Source and others which again even without any AA enabled, look better edit: I'm not talking textures here, I mean edges of objects, the weird bushes, the aliasing of objects (try to read the signs in the firing range without a scope, or spot anything in a window >50m away) for whatever reason it's like looking in an oil spill instead of 3D objects in 3D space. I know this sounds like a really harsh analysis but with 1.5x SS it's not as bad but that's a huge performance hit to almost close the gap for what other engines can do without even trying. Check out BF3, no AA. Then Squad, no AA. The difference is clear as day, and it's mainly the rendering, not the textures or models themselves. A better comparison would be DayZ with it's huge, detailed map and Squad. No AA in either of these games and you can still see a huge difference. in DayZ a tree in the distance doesn't look like a pixel fractal. The devs are talented, and I'm sure this will get addressed eventually. If I have to, I'll download DAyZ and take a series of screenshots on the lowest and highest settings in each game for comparison, but it wouldn't accomplish much other than show the difference I'm trying to explain poorly.
  14. Revisiting Anti-Aliasing

    I look at other games (Planetside 2, Insurgency, Day of Infamy, Battlefield 2/3/4, etc) and even with no AA on they look 10x better than Squad. UE4 is by far the worst looking engine I've ever seen, a muddy pixelated mess you think would've been a priority to change. It'll be a while before we get a game that looks like it should imo, but I'm looking forward to it.
  15. Are you a good shot?

    I play at 0.30 with 800 DPI. I guess I could switch to 0.15 with 1600 DPI but then I'd have to use mouse-sensitivity.com and go through the process with about 4 other games. Meh. I generally aim for ~8"/360 and while I'm not amazing, I'm a reliable shot.
  16. Instead of crying about rush tactics

    To some degree, I agree with you, but I'm not sure how far some people go in "defining the rules of the game (inherent)" Do you mean simply the mechanics of roles/leadership? Or the "rules" that tend to span all games in that players can and will always find the most "efficient and brutal" way to do something until everything is ironed out and one option isn't clearly above the others. This game isn't finished, and unfortunately it won't be finished for a while. But the devs have certainly showed great progress.
  17. Are you a good shot?

    Hm. Currently playing at 1680x1050. Might be the final push to opt for something bigger than 1050 or 1080p. My GTX1050 will need a bit of a jump, my i5-6600K is already O/C to 4.7 up from 3.5 lol.
  18. The grids used to be red (and the distance) and it was super easy to see regardless of the map or lighting. Now it's a real pain in the ass trying to discern distance among similar shades of black/gray. Please revert it to the old colours, navigation and target marking was a breeze.
  19. So short and sweet. The rifleman can reasonably be described carrying a bunch of empty canvas sacs rolled or whatever Can we get a limited radial menu that lets us pick a sandbag type from existing types to build? Same system only one at a time, new one despawns the old one.
  20. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Precisely, and teams that figure this out are absolutely unstoppable on Invasion since the IED/rocket spam is intense.
  21. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    If you make it too difficult or time consuming to re-arm it'll go back to the ol' Suicide to get there faster routine.
  22. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Until the rifleman gets the PR ammo kit, having a resupply handy is nice. That being said, I do hope it's changed for the better. besides, now they can get around the limitation of scripted ammo points and people dogpiling a tiny satchel.
  23. I would lose my shit if they put OpenAL or something in Squad. It'd be world class, man. Playing Far Cry or other shooters that have it it's really unparalleled for situational awareness.
  24. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    It was a joke, jeez. It's still a game after all was all I meant.
  25. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    It's not infinite, you only get so many ammo points and I think FOBs start with 200 construction points and probably around the same in ammo (can't remember atm) but constantly digging up/creating FOBs is time consuming for a few resupplies. Resupplies take ammo points now, or at least they're supposed to according to patch notes. At any rate it's easily abused (since even though digging up the FOB takes time placing it is instant) and it's weird that they start with enough supplies to put down more than a couple sandbags. I'm not against FOBs starting with some supply, it's implied that you have something to keep the radio there after all. (I mean, a guy can carry a a half tonne of sand now, so hey) but it should be limited to immediate palisade defense.