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  1. Everyone except the idiots that play them hate them.
  2. i5-6600K? I just bought it with the GTX 1050 (broke af) Good to know I might be able to push 60 FPS on reasonable settings.
  3. You should never waste tickets fighting the insurgent super FOB. Honestly the no-build radius couldn't come fast enough. Always take the path of least resistance.
  4. I'm waiting on my motherboard to come in the mail in the next day or two. I'm excited to build an i5-6600K/GTX 1050 (non-TI) with 8 GB DDR4 I thought I had enough for an i7-6700K and GTX 1060 3GB but then I switched the price from US to CAD and had to pay 13% HST on top of that (thanks Ontario..) So while it cost me nearly a grand and I feel a wee bit ripped off, I can't wait to take a sledgehammer to my athlon 860K and R7 260X in the parking lot. I'm just hoping I'll never drop below 60 FPS even just on med-high settings (while recording, ideally) PC Build (all the parts came in the mail except for the motherboard, lol) Corsair Carbide Spec-01 Gigabyte Gaming 3 Z170X LGA 1151 (heroes of the storm edition, mostly bought this for the O/C and onboard sound) Intel i5-6600K (AMD has absolutely notoriously bad performance in just about every game I play) EVGA single fan GTX 1050 (I could get the TI because I only had a 1000 and this ran me 990 after shipping, but I got Redout for free so w/e) 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 (first ram I'll own with proper heat-spreaders. I couldn't afford 2x8 or 2x16 GB so I went for 8 GB Dual Channel) "Refurbished" Corsair H100i GTX (hoping it still comes with thermal paste and no problems) I'm using the PSU of my current machine, EVGA NEX650W and the fans which are some Noctua something or other but they aren't static pressure fans (which means whoever build this was a complete retard since he had these in push/pull on a small but thick Zoltam or w/e AIO) I've yet to find a solid bench for this but from what I've found online the 1050 TI runs about 10 FPS higher than the non-TI. The i5-6600K doesn't have hyper-threading but afaik it shouldn't hurt my performance (just my minimum FPS in things like GTA 5 or other multi-threaded stuff) No part of this build is particularly good, but without a solid bench I'm fairly confident I can keep a solid 60 FPS on high settings with super-sampling (since AA is broken) on my 1680x1050 monitor. My only peeve is that if I would've bought this a year or two ago, I'd have gotten twice the value of my money. This computer is laughably cheap for US residents, costing them like 5 or 600 bucks.
  5. I think the current maps look fantastic, but they fail to convey some pretty important information - mainly elevation. I don't need some cut out looking map like Arma but a light/heat map or topo lines would be awesome.
  6. I'd suggest using the AA your GFX card has for options, see how it works for you (ie Nvidia forced AA) I play at 1600x900 and it seems the lower the resolution the more this problem is compounded, everything past approx. 50m is very jagged. Your playing at a resolution I'm pretty sure most don't and it might help you more than you think.
  7. You mean the technicals any infantry can pop all three people out of with hardly any effort? So much potential. I'd be all for TTsKO and other outdated camos being used for militia.
  8. Yea, I'm actually for this. I like having maybe 3 or 4 different vehicle markers (Gun truck, Trans Truck, Logi Truck, Big Gun Truck (ie BTR, Crow) Then for Infantry the Helmet, then Helmet + MG/AT. Maybe have a triple helmet icon for marking a squad that's stacked somewhere.
  9. I'm going to be gaming on an i5-6600K and GTX 1050 2GB and even then I doubt I'll push 60 fps on medium settings/high view distance. I doubt I'll be able to record. But I still dropped a thousand bucks on a new PC just for this game and it was all I could afford lol (damn 13% HST for Ontario) Anyway, Intel/Nvidia has been "the way to go" for gaming for a long time now. Hopefully AMD's new Rizen can lower the prices for the rest of us.
  10. I like it how it is right now, like you're welding your cheek to the stock and your character is squinting for more detail, maybe the zoom could be a bit less pronounced once AA is fixed but tbh I don't want this game to become even more of an unbalanced mess. Right now US stomps every other faction (except for maybe RU) because of sheer scope domination.
  11. Um.. I'd like to be able to reliably see more than 50m before it just looks like a mess of pixels. Granted, I play at 1600x900 but I'm not the only person with this issue. The new animation system looks promising, have yet to see the new inventory system. The Insurgents desperately need more options against conventional forces. The Militia desperately need a counter to the CROW, Russians have the BTR. Militia has shit camo that's easily seen from a distance and especially on Logar or other maps the entire team just gets mowed down by the CROW and nobody stands a chance. I've heard that the CROW is bugged, that it aims past where foliage renders and that's why it's OP right now, but I don't have a strong enough computer to test that. But right now it has the best optic in the game, paired with a .50 cal.
  12. My buddy wanted me to get an FX 8350 bundle, shut down half the cores and O/C it through the roof to match/exceed Intel. I'm broke af though and just went for i5-6600K and GTX 1050 (not even TI ) but it's a whole ****ing heap better than my Athlon 860K and R7 260X. Put my 1050 in and still sitting at 20 FPS with the Athlon. I have the CPU just waiting on the motherboard to come in the mail.
  13. I'd like the PR Spawn mechanics - Bonuses/Penalties and dying increases the spawn time if it's within a certain time frame. That would slow the game down. The flags aren't particularly balanced on Logar and Yehorivka, but I agree the spacing in general could be improved depending on the layer.
  14. ^ This. Everyone expects the medic to use their bandages all the time and it's frustrating because we're the first to run out. No, you get 2 bandages so you can take care of yourself and one other. If you bandage a mate who's down they don't bleed out. Depending on the situation that's a ticket saved even if it does take a bit to get to them. It can be the difference for a game though if nobody bothers bandaging people and the medics carry the whole team on their shoulders.
  15. The guy above me said that he's had it happen that a SL sits back and therefore it's a bad idea that they do that. I'm suggesting that the ideas present in this t opic aren't inherently bad because of bad players, but that we could deter them from those behaviours. You come across pretty condescending, don't assume that because I don't mention the original ideas specifically that I'm not on topic lol.