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  1. Weapon resting & Bipods Animations that let me move without feeling like a parapalegic.
  2. I'm hoping part of that refactor is HRTF or something though, ah well. All low 1680x1050. Bloom on. I have Vsync set to Fast in Nvidia control panel and super sampling doesn't seem to help (and AA has numerous threads about how broken it is)
  3. Seriously. Play the original Far Cry on any EAX supporting card. It beats the shit out of basic stereo/5.1/7.1 Most games will give you a basic "left/right/front/back" but there's no "above/below" or effects based on what the sound passes through/around to get to you. It's stunning that HRTF isn't more popular since it gives people so much precision for their sound. Right now it sounds amazing, but the precision isn't there. In PR hearing a chopper flying overhead or the various effects for firearms distances and the like was pretty badass. I seriously hope the Devs implement OpenAL or HRTF or something similar so headphone users are 100% aware of their surroundings. Aside from that I'd be nice to be able to spot enemies past 50m where the world just turns into a pixelated mess I've never seen in any other game.
  4. Looks like I need to buy more ram and a new GPU eventually. 16 GB of Ram and 4 GB of VRAM. I've got half of that in both respects..
  5. i5-6600K @ 4.7Ghz GTX 1050 2GB 8 GB DDR4 Game is constantly lurching/lagging and stuttering making skillful firefights impossible and looks pretty retarded. Glad penetration is in but something is wonky af this update brought my FPS from a pretty solid 60 (vsync) (without it's 70-120, dropping as low as 45-60 depending on vehicle and firefight conditions and how long we've been playing on the map) to bouncing between 30/60 (it would appear anyway)
  6. Mine isn't this bad but it's a very obvious lurching and stuttering that makes combat a nightmare. I play on the low preset with bloom flicked on with high view distance and medium effects (although it's present even just on the low preset as is) i5 6600K @ 4.7 Ghz GTX 1050 2GB 8 GGB DDR4
  7. I think it's a tad odd that the gunshots are quieter than the reloads/walking, but I'm glad I can have my volume up to have better situational awareness without going deaf from the gunfire now. edit: when they said double tap walk to walk, I thought they meant the walk not the jog and so did others. I was hoping to be able to walk and zoom with my weapon but it turns out they meant the jog. The walk currently serves no function I suppose it's not any quieter or anything it just makes you slower and I could be wrong but it doesn't regenerate stamina any faster or have any advantages atm.
  8. I'm so glad we finally have a fairly reliable means of dealing with the CROWs. People who switch to US or mainly play US are gonna cry so hard about how they're "disadvantaged" for weeks lol.
  9. I think all fob objects should be destructible, and that 50's or at least the 30mm should pierce sandbags. penetration should matter more, and it will in V9. I don't expect full environment destruction but sending a bunch of people off to dig instead of fight is pretty bad atm. Also, repair stations should have a 30sec timer that they stop repairing once something has taken damage - otherwise yea it'll take twice as many RPGs all together and for many (most) teams that's just not feasible since it's only ever 1 squad doing everything over half the time.
  10. I'd add a multiplier to sway after sprinting for a short period, but leave stamina based sway in. As for health, they have other penalties in the works I think but a sway multiplier could be a good way of going about it in the meantime.
  11. This. I'd like to see ammo choices in various weapons other than Portable Launchers. Each team should have something unique AND powerful to bring to the table.
  12. I don't think Squad is using PhysX.. they've been doing a lot of stuff from scratch.
  13. I dunno they might still be invisible underwater.. but at least they'll take damage.
  14. That's because in the vast majority of games only 1 squad is really doing the work, while another squad sits somewhere super fobbing and yet another is just useless. Of course nobody wants to rely on each other unless there are some reputable names squad leading.
  15. All those supply requirements regardless of faction is 1 logi drop, so the time is still basically the same, the footprint being larger will affect the game though. I don't think any faction will be waiting the 5-7min it takes to get the supplies for the HAB, it's basically 1 supply/second so 300 supply for ammo crate is 5 minutes. All in all it's about the same time for each FOB maybe a 1-2 minute difference if you're really going to wait for it to supply itself. I do like these changes though, and the supply for Militia means 100 more for building something, Insurgents only get like 500 or 750 per truck so they're fast but limited. The FOB being dug up removes most of the emplacements around it, I'd rather keep the ticket point on the radio itself since it's responsible for everything, including the HAB. Also, it gives players an incentive to defend it (from their spawn, instead of spawning on it) instead of just "oh it's being camped gg there goes 20 tickets" The HAB will probably get camped too, that's the nature of players ._. But it's something separate from the FOB so they'll have to find both. The HAB might be fairly easy to find compared to the Radio, but now you can spawn from the HAB and harass the enemy while they're trying to find the radio. I honestly would love to see PR-style Rallies. They served their purpose fantastically, without being OP. Simulated supply lines, and it's been suggested by many more people than just me. Again, something I'm really looking forward to. The "INF/ARMOUR/APC/LOGI" squads from PR. Even the most random game you join will be organized, people will know what assets they're using and how/what to use them for. It's not always a well oiled machine, but it's a very satisfying experience.