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  1. Right now a Tandem HEAT costs 80 ammo points. When a Tandem hits a tank, there isn't any indication that it does anything a regular HEAT doesn't. A HEAT can disable any system in the game just fine, although without much damage to the vehicle's actual health. When you're in a squad engaging a vehicle threat, all you care about is whether or not it's still alive/functional. To that end, any LAT can seriously affect mobility either by taking out one of the tracks, or it's engine if they know where it's placed. A regular HEAT costs 40 ammo. For 80 ammo (2 HEATS) you can disable any vehicle by either taking out both tracks or a track and it's engine. Any of those scenarios will likely give you the opportunity to injure the crewman if/when they get out to repair depending on the situation. A Tandem can do the same thing as a single HEAT (disable any system) but it does a bit more than a third of an MBT's health pool. As far as that squad is concerned, they paid 80 ammo for the same effect the regular heat had. The Tandem might make the crew retreat to re-arm/repair but honestly that crew doesn't have much to worry about from that squad because it's almost guaranteed any riflemen in the squad already used at least 20 ammo denying the HAT another Tandem. You only get two HAT kits per team, as opposed to 2 LATs per squad, if you deny yourself much more versatile options such an AR and GL. On top of that, these kits take a certain degree of skill and knowledge of the vehicles in the game that isn't readily available without some personal time spent studying/testing. Map knowledge is something anyone can pick up, but a talented rocketeer can really be a diamond in the rough in the current state of the game. My proposal is simple. Reduce the cost of the Tandem HEAT from 80 to 60. They still can't take more than one from an ammo bag, which would really upset the balance of the game. This way, riflemen are more likely to have enough for them to get their second Tandem (needed to take out the tank, and certain other large vehicles with health pools of 2K+) and the squad that has 9 men with only 2 riflemen (3 fire support, 1 HAT, 2 medics, SL) isn't completely screwed for ammo the second the HAT pulls a single Tandem out of one of the bags.
  2. We already have an animation for climbing up an obstacle that's chest high, if we simply played it in reverse, could we then use that as a way to get down from higher places without taking fall damage? I would love to see this, as movement in this game is crucial but often causes you to bleed or at least some damage which wastes player resources.
  3. Revert Map Grid

    Hey guys, black on gray on gray with shades of gray terrain is extremely hard to read in the midst of a fight. A while back we had red/white/black lines that I really liked. Even if it's not so vibrant, can we please get a bit of a visibility pass on the map? It'd reduce reliance on markers for everything (FTL mark range removed anyway, and that's awesome) The map has measurements, it's not too difficult to range things using the map or binoculars WHEN you can see the grid. Thanks. Related, it'd be awesome if maps had topographical lines/data on them as well to aid in on-the-fly decision making for squad leaders and individual movement.
  4. M4 audio bug

    Yea audio needs a QA Pass, lol. Aside from the bugs I still have a hell of a time telling if something is in front of me or behind me, above or below me. Left/Right works great though so if it's not a tight CQB situation I can usually spin a bit and zero in.
  5. Concentartion + shift = nothing

    ADS is a tad wonky in this game, I've had times it gets stuck up (I use hold to ADS) or won't come up - or worse the game freezes/stutters when I bring my sight up (otherwise it never drops below vsync 60 fps) There's certainly a bug fix pass to be done.
  6. M4 audio bug

    When the M4A1 is in auto, if I single fire it plays the sound of a 3 round burst. Simple as that, easy to reproduce.
  7. Let's deal with these pet peeves

    This. I can easily engage at over half a click in Arma 3 and various other shooters are at least clear if limited in assets or draw distance. In squad you can't even read the signs in the training range at an angle from 50m never mind identify enemies reliably past 150m
  8. Which is why it'd be ideal if the devs took this and made it standard in the steam files for everyone or made their own implementation based on it.
  9. Let me start off with a link: https://github.com/kosumosu/x3daudio1_7_hrtf That single-handedly brings the sub par audio in modern games up to snuff, it's absolutely wonderful. When playing Arma or Skyrim, or various other games (single player) it really makes the audio work. No more "channel panning" basic b*** stuff. You can tell if someone is on another floor of a building you're clearing or if they're underground. Thing is, BattleEye and EasyAntiCheat won't allow it since it's a "hook" and they consider it an exploit or cheat. I really really really wish myself and others could use this in more games, or the devs would consider using it natively (or support dolby atmos natively, even) GO ahead, go to Fool's Road and head to fortress. Listen to the audio - you can't tell if someone is in the tunnels or prone in the grass next to you. At Hilltop, you can't tell if someone is in the tunnels, the floor above you, or on the same floor. There's simply no information outside of panning for audio which means you get a flat, 2D representation of everything going on in the world. It's insane to think games as far back as the original Far Cry absolutely nailed this but here we are 20 years later and somehow audio has regressed! Please devs, at least test this out and see how massive the difference is in audio positioning. Squad has a fantastic dynamic range, the volume of everything is done pretty much perfectly. But the positioning is flat as hell and if it's this easy to improve it then I hope it's implemented.
  10. When about thermals?

    I would much rather not have thermals until we have functional vehicle balance and even then it's an I win button from over a mile away. As it is you have optics the top half of missions doesn't tender and neither does foliage at a distance. With a weapon that's effective at that range those people aren't just dead they have no idea how they're being compromised in the first place. Most of Kohat toi (I think, with Malak abad) is unsuitable for a fob for the same reasons. All it takes is some zoom or a high res and it's visible from across the map. Throw in thermal with the game in the current state it'll be a shit show.
  11. L85A2 Recoil (British bullpup)

    Can you even use bipods anymore? I ask for MG and get chewed out because everyone says bipods are broken. If all the L85's have bipods (and they get fixed eventually so you can actually use them on any surface) then that would be strong. Also, more of those coveted optics with the medic having one. EDIT: So I had to rebind the bipod key, but it turns out they work (at least in the training range) Also, the British Army indeed has a bipod on just about every gun Hot damn. Bipods and optics British army is my fav now. An interesting bug is that when I hit control (crouch) either hold it or even briefly before bipodding, my bipod is fixed. I can't change direction at all (only vertically, not horizontally) but if I'm standing and do it it works as intended.
  12. I think I'd rather my 10 t truck demolished that poor little shrub, but hey even just removing collision would be nice lol.
  13. Bring Walking Back

    Eh, it was hardly any slower but it seemed to affect how the enemy heard you which was handy in CQB situations.
  14. If you destroy vehicles in the test range vs live play they are much easier. Live play there's something wrong with hitreg/damage localization making vehicles often nigh indestructible. (ie a logi can soak a hat to the engine, or a hat period and just keep on truckin')
  15. Probably because vehicles are bugged and having one side win based on luck is unsportsmanlike.