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  1. When about thermals?

    I would much rather not have thermals until we have functional vehicle balance and even then it's an I win button from over a mile away. As it is you have optics the top half of missions doesn't tender and neither does foliage at a distance. With a weapon that's effective at that range those people aren't just dead they have no idea how they're being compromised in the first place. Most of Kohat toi (I think, with Malak abad) is unsuitable for a fob for the same reasons. All it takes is some zoom or a high res and it's visible from across the map. Throw in thermal with the game in the current state it'll be a shit show.
  2. L85A2 Recoil (British bullpup)

    Can you even use bipods anymore? I ask for MG and get chewed out because everyone says bipods are broken. If all the L85's have bipods (and they get fixed eventually so you can actually use them on any surface) then that would be strong. Also, more of those coveted optics with the medic having one. EDIT: So I had to rebind the bipod key, but it turns out they work (at least in the training range) Also, the British Army indeed has a bipod on just about every gun Hot damn. Bipods and optics British army is my fav now. An interesting bug is that when I hit control (crouch) either hold it or even briefly before bipodding, my bipod is fixed. I can't change direction at all (only vertically, not horizontally) but if I'm standing and do it it works as intended.
  3. I think I'd rather my 10 t truck demolished that poor little shrub, but hey even just removing collision would be nice lol.
  4. Bring Walking Back

    Eh, it was hardly any slower but it seemed to affect how the enemy heard you which was handy in CQB situations.
  5. If you destroy vehicles in the test range vs live play they are much easier. Live play there's something wrong with hitreg/damage localization making vehicles often nigh indestructible. (ie a logi can soak a hat to the engine, or a hat period and just keep on truckin')
  6. Probably because vehicles are bugged and having one side win based on luck is unsportsmanlike.
  7. Bring Walking Back

    Yeah walking was useful, especially since leaning is pretty pointless atm. I'd also like to see it included. as for binds, I bind the scoreboard to ENTER, Spawn/Loadout to TAB and makes it easy to mark/quickly do things while Squad Leading since the base map (which I moved to B so I can use it with my thumb and not take my hands of WASD) doesn't let me mark.
  8. HRTF Please!

    Seriously. Please. Check out the original Far Cry with OpenAL or x3audio1_7 (github) it's downright awesome. http://matthewkerswill.com/i-want-hrtfs-in-my-games/ I agree with the author and while I'm not sure how difficult it is a common argument is fitting everyone specific head - generics exist for a reason. Even just include or let us use this if you don't want to use dev-time: https://github.com/kosumosu/x3daudio1_7_hrtf
  9. Alpha 12 Release and Free Weekend

    Ehh I dunno about just fine, but the community there has matured and has more commitment perhaps. Right now we barely have the resources to deal with vehicles as it is with rendering issues and you wanna make them have the easiest time sniping "literally everything" unchallenged? Nah man I like having a game to play. It'd rather not just be the point in some tank's point and click adventure of the entire map.
  10. FNFAL / G3 for normal rifleman

    I think eventually the role loadout will allow for a myriad of configs but yea the FAL/G3 are solid if a little light in the mag. I usually run AKM as Rifleman since it's the same round/damage with 30r mags.
  11. The M4 feels extremely inferior now.

    You have to aim pretty low on most close targets (lowest zero is 100m which is fine) but I think the projectiles are a tad slow? Anyway, I enjoy the vast majority of this game and while i prefer the AK irons, any weapon in the game in single fire will serve you just fine. Burst/Auto is okay for the really close ranges butii don't think people should rely on them as much as they do.
  12. It's definitely too early to talk about balance with all the new players and the big changes. I too love a long round coming from PR and I'll still play at least a couple rounds before bed on a weekday. Honestly they're still pretty quick (30-45) on layers other than Invasion and PAAS/RAAS. It's not too hard to get a mobility kill on just about anything but it's extremely inconsistent, and for many vehicles the gamble/effort doesn't really match the reward seeing as you only get one shot - and can't resupply from an ammo bag for your AT even as a fresh spawn that fired -nothing- other than your AT. This is clearly unintended and many have said they're working on a more granular resupply specifically for the situations where the AT or medic just needs to get operational asap. Prime example is all the US CROWs - great you slowed it down have fun getting mowed down by a 50 with zoom so strong it ignores elevation and foliage after a certain range.. So far I actually like the changes but as others have noted it's much easier to deal with vehicles on the range which tells me there's some sneaky bugs coloring our perception.
  13. The M4 feels extremely inferior now.

    Personally i don't like the red dots on the Mm 4s but they're better than just havinga handle and post. I prefer the AK irons over most of the other stuff in the game. I rarely use full auto residua especially with persistent ammo. Single shot the the 74M, AKM, and M4 is all devastating if you're fairly accurate and clearing things as you move instead of charging into enemies. Infantry isn't mea meant to charge everywhere they're meant to move as a unit with as much awareness and communication as possible. That being said being this past week has been trash rounds with indignant, ignorant/arrogant, or just plain silent squad leads. All of this just hurts the players just joining us from the last free weekend.
  14. Alpha 11.2

    I haven't played since last christmas.. I'm getting a computer in the mail that's a Ryzen 7 2700X/GTX1080TI with 16GB of RAM (11GB on GPU) so.. after playing this on an i5-6600K @ 4.5 Ghz and a GTX 1050 - what kind of improvement am I looking at? I also bought a kinda crappy (response time) 144hz monitor but I don't expect to reach that in any Unreal Engine 4 powered title..
  15. A10 is great and all, but...

    This. The number of times in V10 rallies were camped for kills was way too high. Rallies should be for spawning outside of an area/re-grouping and moving in. You shouldn't have people within ~15m just staring at it hoping for kills - especially when the SL says spawn on rally and poof you have a whole squad there and an MG or single grenade from someone watching it wrecks it all lol. If you walk within a grid of a rally it should drop.