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  1. My i5-6600K is O/C'd to 4.8Ghz at 1.41v iirc, I could check my bios for the exact voltage if it matters but it's liquid cooled and sits around the 60's C when under load. it's been O/C since before I installed my games though (shortly after I built the PC and installed Windows 10)
  2. Sure, but for whatever reason getting rid of the option doesn't cut my FPS back down to what it was before, I seriously don't know why, but I was ecstatic to be higher than 60 FPS consistently so if it's just a video you guys want then sure.
  3. HRTF is quite amazing for stereo users. Playing Far Cry with HRTF is such a ****ing blast compared to just stereo or 5.1. honestly, I wish all games would use it, it's like they're all afraid to because it's seen as "old" but imo HRTF is FPS sound done properly. With stereo/5.1/7.1 all sound is sort compressed to being on the same plane. It's either left, right, back or whatever. With HRTF stuff can sound like it's above you and below you, combined with EAX (another old and hardly ever used thing these days) a game can sound ****ing out of this world lol.
  4. I like the idea of flinch, Planetside 2 does it pretty well but that game requires you to land consecutive headshots in a row in order to get anything done. In this game the flinch would have to be a bit more pronounced, but I'm saying if you round the corner and the guy is right there then that flinch will be significantly less detrimental than trying to shoot at an emplaced MG or other target some distance away suppressing you. It doesn't need to be like BF3's suppression with the retarded CoF RNG bullshit, but it should be detrimental to return fire while under fire. The Point is to make this "face tank kill everything" mentality go away and have more "mil-sim like" experiences with squads inclined to work together because it will increase their success rate. Sure one guy gets hit/suppressed and can't shoot back very well but the rest fill in the gaps together.
  5. Also, in CQC your target is far larger than say, an MG 100m away raining fire upon your squad, the flinch wouldn't offset your aim off target.
  6. I linked the documentation, it doesn't say to add a '-' Besides, if it damn near doubled my FPS I don't care if you think it's a placebo. Either it helps some people a lot or many a bit or whatever just hoped it helped other people. I definitely went from 45-60 to 80-130 fps.
  7. I noticed that when grenades go off near you the screen shakes like a mofo. Maybe implement a toned down version when you get hit, you'd definitely KNOW you got hit AND it'd make it more difficult to return fire - like your character's flinching or tensing up absorbing the impact.
  8. in 8 years many of us will have families and will be too busy to game, rofl (sorta /s) And I got teleported a page forward, anyway I think they're doing good work. It is fun, I haven't played PR in a while (only 1 server is ever popped anyway when I bother to install/check) I can finally run the game >60 FPS, really my only peeve is all my buds from PR, Arma, Insurgency, etc.. won't play Squad because they can't stand the gun play. It does feel odd, but for me it's kind of a "meh" not a "I won't play this because I've handled an M4 irl and it doesn't kick anything like that."
  9. And yet they still send people to their suicide, no coordinate, and at times even ask for people to suicide to spawn somewhere else because it's faster. -facedesk-
  10. One thing I did find is Squad has benchmark stuff in it's files, at any rate after using it the first time for whatever reason that FPS boost is more or less there to stay. Don't ask me how it works, I'm positive my FPS is 40-80 FPS better.
  11. Actually no, you're CPU wouldn't cap (theoretically) I'd have to find the video explaining it..
  12. I don't know why but it gave me an initial increase and now it doesn't seem as drastic before/after. I used to get 45-60, then on the same settings, same server ( whitelist) I get nearly double the FPS. Now it gives me maybe an extra 20 FPS and my baseline is much higher (which is nice, but it makes it hard to test and hard to figure out the root cause of why my FPS was low to begin with) So apparently once you use this once, it's just permanently in affect or something, no difference if I disable/re-enable it so I can't even prove the difference without taking the time to reinstall maybe.
  13. Okay so I'm using an i5-6600K O/C to 4.8Ghz. A GTX 1050 (single fan EVGA) and 8 GB DDR4. For some reason I got 45-60. I use this option I get 80-130. I get rid of the option I go down to 60-100 (still up from my original framerate, which to me is odd) and then I put it back on and I still sit around 80-130. It's hard to find a consistent testing environment for this, within squad since every server is different. When the server is red however (such as The Thunderdome earlier today) I still get 50-60 instead of the 30-45 I used to get in those situations. I'm a bit baffled, this doesn't make sense from a strictly technical pov. I reset my cache like once a week or so and I did it before doing these settings too. All in all I'm glad I get playable FPS. One thing I noticed is after clearing the cache the game looked messy again, like it was too grainy and pixelated. I used the same graphics settings (most stuff off. SMAA, Low Effects, Medium Shadows, High View Distance, Low Foliage, everything but AO off.) Not sure what exactly is going on anymore, but I can give me word that the first time I used the option my FPS did nearly double because I was ecstatic all afternoon/evening about it being easily 40-80 FPS higher than I had before.
  14. my launch options that gave me the initial boost. For whatever reason after testing I get better FPS regardless of the option, with it only improving slightly now. Not sure why but I know it basically doubled my FPS the first time. 40-80 FPS higher.
  15. Uh, sure? I'll give a stat unit / stat fps with MSI overlay before and after the two settings using Nvidia's in game recorder unless you have a better piece of software. So, while recording seems to hit my FPS and it's oddly stable while recording with and without the options. So, before I used the option it was 45-60. After using the option it was 80-130. after recording both with and without the option seems that my fps will just sit around 80-100 which is baffling.. The first time I enabled it, it was a huge leap in performance but now it seems to be sticking above 60 at least which is nice. I just use all lowercase: lanplay useallavailablecores