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  1. Constant FPS swinging/freezing

    My FPS sits around 120 and then just tanks to 12 for a split second every 3-5 seconds in N/S DC on Logar Valley. Same thing happens pretty much any time a lot is going on. Doesn't happen when moving in the hills from DC to South or North Res as much. It's only ever for a split second but it happens often enough that it's impossible to enter a firefight.
  2. Constant FPS swinging/freezing

    K, I'll play a few rounds with stat unit/stat fps running.
  3. Constant FPS swinging/freezing

    Hm. Yeah my fps goes from 60-120 and constantly freezes once there are a lot of enemies nearby. Can't afford a new GPu atm (just bought a new desk, chair, and speakers) game has been running fine until 9.10ish.
  4. Specs: i5 6600K o/c to 4.7 GHz. GTX 1050 (only 2gb but hasn't had issues a couple updates ago) 8 GB DDR4 256 GB SSD. I get 70-80, 100-120 if i'm looking at the ground. It freezes every couple seconds especially if anything is happening and it's insanely frustrating as this issue only cropped up within the last 2 9.XX updates. I also get this freezing in other unreal engine games (Absolver, PUBG) but not NEARLY as frequent. It's a fresh install of Squad, typically worst on Gorodok.
  5. Sounds/New Sound Reverb System

    Until it has HRTF or whatever makes Project Reality sound goddamn baller afai concerned Squad doesn't have "directional space" outside of "left/right" "front/back" and it's broad angles - really hard to pinpoint things even with my Kraken.
  6. Share Your Free Weekend Experiences Here

    Tried to play, squad voip isn't working, only local/command. It cuts out/doesn't work an awful lot where as the other two have no issues. Lead my squad in a game w here insurgents were at our main before our team did anything and nobody did anything production the whole round lol. Frustrating 110%.
  7. Local voip is fine, command voip is fine. But my squad voip won't stay up cuts out a lot and doesn't work pretty often. Free Weekend blues?
  8. Faster spawn timers means people will just waste your tickets that much faster. People don't care about tickets until there's only 50 left which is a damn shame. That being said, the irregulars will feel MUCH stronger once damage is properly implemented. (ie not a bucket of health you chip at, but directional/localized) since you're speed/positioning will become more important to capitalize upon.
  9. September 2017 Recap

    All those references, sick. Also, loving the staging area stuff. No more guessing where vehicles are, any bs. You can plan right there and get ready. Also good for inexperienced SLs if they forget the MRAP carries 5 and take the forward spawn on Basrah - they can have units spawn in with correct kits and no more bs leaving everyone in the dark with SL channel in the beginning. Now the TEAM knows the plan, which is bound to increase rapport and teamwork related behaviour imo.
  10. Release: Alpha 9.10

    Most people assume it's a decimal - which is why it "doesn't follow the rules of numbers" as far as a casual person would assume. Yes, it's a delimeter.
  11. Optic vs Non-Optic Mouse Sensitivity

    customarily it seems most games default ADS (whether scoped or not) to half of your hipfire sensitivity. I'd be happy if Squad followed suit.
  12. Release: Alpha 9.10

    You don't know how versioning works. It's kind of a weird messy thing that doesn't follow the rules of numbers.
  13. In-Game UI

    The UI is slick but still has a couple clunky bits, namely thus: The score board and (and squad ui) are under the map on some resolutions, mine (1680x1050, 16:10) is also affected. An easy fix would be changing the Z-index (or whatever it is) so that the squad ui is always on top for role and members. The map can be at the bottom of the index because we have a button dedicated for it. The end of round is worse, the next map is cut off along with some of the scores. Maps - the grids used to be vivid and made for quick marking but now the lines blend into the terrain really well making quick adjustments and spanning the map a pain. Lastly, have the point of the mark where we click if at all possible. (ie arrow points to where cursor was, tip of shovel where cursor was. Helmet and other marks should remain centered, or be given a thin chevron that points to the cursor's location. Just quality of life precision. One other thing: Keeping kits when they're no longer available should be dealt with. As it sits, a squad can have a HAT and they can keep it for the rest of the game despite not having enough players (either in the squad or the team) to keep it. Same thing with other kits, some squads get 4 MGs, 4 Medics, etc..
  14. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    The counter is the ticket and the crazy long spawn time. If someone's going to suicide for ammo, might as well make the person OUT of ammo suicide and even then that's a pretty hefty spawn time and a waste of a ticket. At least as far as competitive play is concerned tickets matter, I know PUB games seem to hardly care until it's too late lol.
  15. Revisiting Anti-Aliasing

    Like I said, I'm sure the devs will address this eventually ^^"