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  1. callbacks: as in throwbacks? Homage? I dunno, I liked PR but it obviously showed it's age. Diversify the field: ie not have everyone just a reskin of each other but actually play different - ie diversify the forces/equipment being "fielded" in game. The insurgents are cool but nobody understands them. If every team played at least a fair bit differently then people would hopefully clue in that each faction has different strengths and weaknesses but is otherwise "equal". The US stacking and clan stacking is pretty bad on some servers I've played.
  2. I like this suggestion, get a few more PR callbacks in here and diversify the field so it's not just reskins fighting each other.
  3. Looking forward to shovels not being such a huge pain in the ass to use, also the map grid is finally pulling together and they even mark sub-grid keys now, which is awesome.
  4. In any FPS, whoever has the most range tends to completely ruin the experience for everyone else because everyone clambers for the kit(s) and either misuses it and pisses off their team, or uses it so well the enemy team is utterly helpless. It's a lose lose proposition.
  5. I would love to see proper shotguns (so many devs put such useless shotguns in their games) As well as Canadian Weapons (C7 or C8, among others. As a Canadian it feels kinda nice playing as your 'faction')
  6. I'm really looking forward to having 1 RPG with 2 different rockets. Right now it's like 2 separate RPGs.
  7. I agree with 1. It'd let you lean one direction or the other without pressing both keys anyway, but for people who see it as a "dial" they move left and right with the keys it really makes sense that having both buttons pressed, should be the same as both buttons unpressed, with the only time you lean being when only one of the lean keys is pressed. I also agree you shouldn't be able to lean while sprinting, but I think sprinting needs to be faster anyway, right now it doesn't feel hardly any faster than "jogging" and actually walking has no mechanical benefit right now (aside from maybe generating less noise)
  8. At the end of the round, the scoreboard is scaled larger than the display. For the entire round it's perfect, it's just the end of round it's too large for the screen. I tried taking screenshots but for whatever reason it's just all black, it's not capturing the game. Steam managed to get a screenshot so here:
  9. I'll be happy when the scoreboard isn't crazy over-sized at the end of round and .. basically when V10 hits with vaulting and free look This update was pretty sweet though.
  10. I can't wait for Saaremaa and Vadso (And Muttrah) City. Qwai River was easily my favorite (and first ever PR) map.
  11. Weapon resting & Bipods Animations that let me move without feeling like a parapalegic.
  12. I'm hoping part of that refactor is HRTF or something though, ah well. All low 1680x1050. Bloom on. I have Vsync set to Fast in Nvidia control panel and super sampling doesn't seem to help (and AA has numerous threads about how broken it is)
  13. Seriously. Play the original Far Cry on any EAX supporting card. It beats the shit out of basic stereo/5.1/7.1 Most games will give you a basic "left/right/front/back" but there's no "above/below" or effects based on what the sound passes through/around to get to you. It's stunning that HRTF isn't more popular since it gives people so much precision for their sound. Right now it sounds amazing, but the precision isn't there. In PR hearing a chopper flying overhead or the various effects for firearms distances and the like was pretty badass. I seriously hope the Devs implement OpenAL or HRTF or something similar so headphone users are 100% aware of their surroundings. Aside from that I'd be nice to be able to spot enemies past 50m where the world just turns into a pixelated mess I've never seen in any other game.
  14. Looks like I need to buy more ram and a new GPU eventually. 16 GB of Ram and 4 GB of VRAM. I've got half of that in both respects..
  15. i5-6600K @ 4.7Ghz GTX 1050 2GB 8 GB DDR4 Game is constantly lurching/lagging and stuttering making skillful firefights impossible and looks pretty retarded. Glad penetration is in but something is wonky af this update brought my FPS from a pretty solid 60 (vsync) (without it's 70-120, dropping as low as 45-60 depending on vehicle and firefight conditions and how long we've been playing on the map) to bouncing between 30/60 (it would appear anyway)