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  1. Free look / TrackIR Support

    That's great idea! Can you imagine always having free look until you ADS... I think if you implemented it and demonstrated it, people would realize how awesome it would be.
  2. "Can I have a rally?"

    The biggest problem I have as Squad leader is people wanting a RP on top of the enemy. Guess what if it doesn't go down because of nearby enemy, you are going to wait longer then if I had moved to a safe location. What it really comes down to is people that have never been a SL bitching at the SL. You explain everything and still have to repeat it over and over. Maybe the same message(s) that the SL gets should be displayed to the whole squad. That being said, that is one of my biggest complaints with SL's, FOB and RP placement. Let's spawn where we skyline, oh and lets build some stuff just to make sure they know where it's at! (sarcasm btw)
  3. Unofficial SLI configuration for Squad

    Giving this a bump because the last guys post does work.