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  1. How Many Hours Do you Spend on This Game?

    Getting to 500 and I didn't buy in until pretty late. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Community Clan Fight Night

    I suck at counting, can we get a mini-update of how many clans have signed up for Sunday and whether there is still room/need for more?
  3. Community Clan Fight Night

    FUBAR in! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Community Clan Fight Night

    FUBAR ready
  5. Genome Soldiers LA

    PM GNS C4 on Steam.
  6. Community Clan Fight Night

    [FUBAR] guys said they had a blast earlier today. Thanks for that! Remember, however, folks that GMT never changes to DST like London time does (under BST). When in doubt, Google "current time GMT." DST is confusing as hell, but not following the arranged time schedule is even more confusing!
  7. Players getting 40 - 50 kills per game?

    There's tons of interesting replies here. Let me pick up on few points to continue a productive discussion. Some are arguing that there is such a thing as "too high" of a KDR for a single player regardless of what else the player's team does. Others argue that high KDR amid a squad of otherwise low KDR suggest poor teamwork. Some argue that lone wolfs are not capable of getting KDR. Consistently high KDR isn't possible Here are some things to consider from the admin & clan side of things: Some players are exceptional (and fairly consistently so). Members of clans (FUBAR, SWF, CML, GHOST, HkD and more than a dozen others) practice together a lot. Clans work to cultivate those players and learn to work with their skills to make everyone better. Since clans recruit exceptional players when they can find them and then further cultivate all their players, clans (especially in pub matches) are pushing the KDR for their rounds higher and higher. Their call-outs are great and some of their members are just lethal *all the time*. As an admin spotting the exceptional players is fairly easy (you see the kills roll across in console while you're online) but a quick score check in spectate mode will show an early outlier. Trouble is always that in the first round you're waiting for that outlier and then having to watch them if they stay for a second round. With the way Steam IDs can be changed, if a player swaps their name in between rounds it can be hard to follow them. You have to "listplayers" grab their ID, look it up in SteamRep, and then check out their hours of Squad played/vac bans/name changes, before you really have a sense of what's going on. This process doesn't happen instantly and if the player leaves before the round ends, the players (and admins) may never be the wiser. It's a tough situation for admins right now since we're trusting EAC (working pretty well as far as we can tell) and the console isn't super efficient for what admins need it for. Here's how I feel about the points above on gameplay: Before the ticket bleed was increased, higher scores were more common. This was also before the optics changed and more sway was added. Since those changes (before v4) I saw several players get 70-90 kills and observed them personally and couldn't see anything overly suspicious at that time from the admin perspective. Lately the highest scores I've been seeing are 40-60. They are rare but frequent enough that I have no doubt that there are legitimate players getting these scores. The new, faster play with the increased bleed gives teams less time to kill/die--all scores are a bit lower now. I don't blink seeing scores of 30-40. Our FUBAR players who use grenade launchers routinely get 15-30 kills and when things go horribly for the OP (say putting a FOB on a point or losing all your flags) 30+ is pretty damned easy. Low scores in a Squad where a single player is 2-3x more than everyone else isn't necessarily indicative of poor teamwork. It may indicate uneven skill but it could also indicate effective role player--medics needn't have many kills, some SLs lead from the back and direct others rather than lead the charge, snipers can be used for suppression/call-outs rather than kills, and defensive forces may lend their top player to other squads for flanks. Lots of factors here and, at least on a team with fellow clan mates, it's not a big deal. In pub matches it definitely suggest uneven skills and could indicate a hacker if they are the *only* one on their team who has such a score. Lone wolfs (unassigned players) lack kits. This is a big deal and makes lone wolfing basically impossible unless there are numerous fobs for them to use. Recent changes to kit assignments made this even harder. Lone wolfs within a squad may have permission to flank (we sometimes give our top fraggers that latitude), but a player that isn't communicating with their SL *should be kicked from their squad*. SLers need to manage their forces and having one guy--even a lethal one--doing his own thing far from everyone else isn't what this game is about. Consistency IS possible. Our top players are our top players *because* they're consistent. They don't always have a great round, but even their lows are probably much higher than the typical player's. In the spirit of openness, here's a link to my IMGUR albums that includes dozens of round scores. They all feature me ([FUBAR] bluedevil) and you can see I'm not very lethal. I run SL (and try to manage my forces rather than lead their charge) but I more often run medic, so I'm not trying to kill folks unless I need to to pick my buddies up. I'm sure you'll find evidence of lots of things in these caps, but at least it is hard-evidence and consistent (since it's always me and my clan buddies playing together). As of 11:30 4/2/2016 album is still uploading another 20+ images.
  8. Players getting 40 - 50 kills per game?

    One more thing: trust but verify. If you see something suspicious bring it to the server admin's attention. Don't spam chat calling haxx. Give folks the benefit of the doubt but report things to those that can do something about it in the places where you play. (And always favor servers where there are admin's around for this reason.)
  9. Players getting 40 - 50 kills per game?

    You might have been complaining to me on the FUBAR server at the beginning of a match on OP yesterday. I'll repeat what I said to that player: I have zero doubt that there are players who routinely get KDr that high. I've personally spectated players getting over 50 on the regular on flank friendly maps like Logar and watched every one of their kills. At FUBAR we have several players who consistently break 30. How often they die, however, is often dependent on the team's medics. There are a lot of factors in getting lots of kills: twitch response, map knowledge, game sense, excellent hardware and network connection, good call outs from teammates, weak opponents who aren't working together, and maps where the pace of play means players can find fobs to camp or easily flank enemy positions. The answer to stop excessively high KDR is strong teamwork. In the competitive circuit we have yet to see many scores like that because a) teams effectively hunt down the folks that are threats, b) the team's work tactically to win the map quickly, and c) the skill on both sides is high. Miss any of those and someone can easily and legitimately get 60+ with a GL or optic if the match lasts an hour.
  10. Community Clan Fight Night

    FUBAR good to go.
  11. Server Licensing General Info

    We were quite happy to see updates to the server lists today with the 5.1 release, but also disappointed to see that our BlueFang server, [FUBAR] Community Server was listed under custom servers and not under licensed servers. We applied on 16 March just after this post went live and have heard nothing back at all. I have resubmitted the form in case something went awry during submission. Could y'all clarify if possible the schedule for licensing? Is there a backlog of licensed servers? Can future server applications receive confirmation of their submission and a rough estimate of the time of consideration and/or when a decision will be made by email as well as the message upon submission? Thank you for all your hard work. Nice especially to see some updates to admin log features to make things easier for admins. EDIT: Just arrived. Thanks so much! /resolved
  12. Community Clan Fight Night

    FUBAR can host right now. Ours is up and updated successfully.
  13. ACOG? Terrible or not that bad...

    I don't regularly use the ACOG, but this line from Motherdear means we have an easy way to test if things are/are not correct in game in practice. This is a different point than whether the current in-game recoil level is what players like or want. I think MrChaggy was concerned that the claim that the aimpoint and acog scopes have the same recoil is not supported right now by in-game testing. Can you double-check post-process recoil across M4 kit options vs 1p78 vs svd? If you have, then I think the issue is player complaint and not a difference between dev expectation and in-game reality. In that case, I'll defer to dev-desire for the recoil meta across all weapons.
  14. Yes, that sounds right, (as opposed to squad/serverconfigs/ which is wrong. (But I'm away from my desk to confirm 100%. On a server reset, I meant, that it can take 10 minutes to appear in the pub lists. I'm not sure about the licenses.cfg. I suggest for more immediate support you might head to the #support channel of the Squad General Discord, too.
  15. I wasn't the initial admin to set up [FUBAR]'s server but two things that you should check: 1. Server files don't go in the first serverconfig folder you see in the top tree. They go in a deeper level folder inside the config folder. Have you put yours in the right place? 2. It sometimes takes our server several minutes and many refreshes to appear in the official list. I haven't had to go so far as changing server refresh settings in Steam, but you may have to resort to that, too.