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  1. Compress Squad and save 50% drive space

    It uses more CPU only on loading, how is this a negative?
  2. У вас есть супер быстрый SSD и постоянно не хватает места под игры? Тогда я расскажу как вы можете это исправить. Документация. НАЧНЕМ Метод 1 (Только для Windows 10) ШАГ 1 Перейдите по линку ниже и скачайте CompactGUI.exe. Если вы боитесь что это взорвет ваш компьютер, то можете проверить оригинальный код в свободном доступе или воспользоваться Методом 2. https://github.com/ImminentFate/CompactGUI/releases ШАГ 2 Запустите файл от имени Администратора. ШАГ 3 Выберите папку которую хотите сжать, это может быть всё что угодно, не только Squad. Выберите алгоритм сжатия (16К для большего эффекта) и нажмите Compress Folder. Подождите окончания процесса сжатия, скорость зависит от скорости вашего диска. ШАГ 4 Получите результат. Конец. Метод 2 (Windows 7, 8 и 10) Если ваша система старше Windows 10, тогда этот способ для вас. Он менее эффективен но работает по этому же принципу. Сделайте вот так: Конец. Примеры Метода 1: Ещё больше примеров: https://github.com/ImminentFate/CompactGUI/wiki/Compression-Results:-Games ЧаВо:
  3. Compress Squad and save 50% drive space

    It uses native Windows NTFS compression, this is just GUI that uses newer algorithms that were introduced in Windows 10. After update you simply repeat the procedure since new files will be uncompressed.
  4. So you have that one supernova fast SSD full of your nsfw pics and no space left for your games? Well, i will tell you how to fit some games on top of it, or you can have even more of those pics...that's your drive after all. Here is some documentation. LET"S BEGIN Method 1 (Windows 10 only) STEP 1 Go to the link below and download CompactGUI.exe. If your are that "Omg, hell no, you gonna blow up my PC with this stuff" guy, you can check source code or go to Method 2. https://github.com/ImminentFate/CompactGUI/releases STEP 2 Run the file as Admin and prepeare to shat your pants. STEP 3 Select the folder you want to compress, we are here for Squad, but you can compress that nsfw folder you hiding in system32 too. Choose the compression algorithm (16K for best effect) and press Compress folder. NOW PREPARE FOR TAKE OFF, TOO LATE WE ARE ALREADY QUANTUM SHATTING THROUGH MATTER. STEP 4 Tell stories to your kids about the mighty Art, you can spare the part about your folder in system32, srsly, don't tell that part. We are done here. Method 2 (Windows 7, 8 and 10) Unless you are not on Windows 10, method 1 saves a lot more space, so i really have no idea why you choosing this one. Do dis: And we are done here. Some more examples of method 1 Even more examples here: https://github.com/ImminentFate/CompactGUI/wiki/Compression-Results:-Games FAQ:
  5. config

    В чем собственно вопрос? Изменять конфиг игры нет возможсности и любое вмешательство и изменения файлов игры приведет к срабатыванию EAC и закроет доступ подключения к серверам до возвращения файлов в прежнее состояние.
  6. [Solved] Only I can see the Server.

    Your ports are closed. You need those to be open: 27165-27166 UDP and TCP 7787-7788 UDP
  7. Activate Anti Cheat Protection?

    I guess you are refering to steam browser showing your server as "Not Secured". This is due to steam browser is showing VAC protection only. Squad uses third party anti cheat EAC (Easy Anti Cheat) it's active by default.
  8. There is multiple issues with demos right now. I tried it not so long ago. 1. All demo recordings must be started manually by admin on a server. 2. All players are looking at the ground instead of a place they were originally looking at. Everything else however works fine.
  9. 80 Slot Hardware

    i7 7700K 5Ghz - 2 servers 40-50 tickrate both
  10. With 3.6 Ghz you are looking around for 50 players at max with some tickrate drops. Minimum 8 gb RAM is recommended for any amount of players. With this internet connection however (if i understood right, you have 10 mbps) you are not going to be able to host any game server.
  11. Northeum.com is participating. Hope this will clean our servers a bit and whole community.
  12. Any info on how is it going with Linux server build? Last topic discussing this dates 2015 and had no clear answer from developers.