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  1. Only Russian language is permitted on the server. Insulting players is prohibited. Ignoring admin warnings is bannable. Your ban have been updated to permanent. Thanks for providing video evidence.
  2. You was banned for Bad attitude" with 1 day restriction on the server. Explanation that i got from admin banned you: You was disrespectful to someone's mother and was warned. (If this was me you would received straight perma without discussion). Warning gave no effect and you received 1 day ban (instead of 3 days minimum stated in the server rules). After that you stared disrespectfull conversation with that admin in discord to "Learn him how to be an admin". Raw paste of the conversation: (Use google translate if you are English speaker) - 1) Administration are not fair. We are fair. - 2) They send to ban list all not russian people As stated in the server rules and server name, server is only supporting Russian language, however you are free to talk English as long as you are not a Squad Leader. No one ever have received a ban for talking English, max a kick for being SL and using English. - 3) Can change map how they want and also every time you will be militia/russian but not American (Because ADMIN want) This is our server and we are allowed to change maps how we want and when we want, however, none of this was made, as of server is following map list from config file which will repeat the same map over and over if it was once changed manually. And we have no power to force you to play nation that we want, you are free to change teams every 240 seconds. - I am not recommending to play on this server! I do! Of course if you are Russian speaker, or you will have no idea what everyone is saying. I'm also have edited your ban. New reason: Bad Attitude. Ban period: Permanent. You are also added to our list of Have a day. - Art.
  3. is participating. Hope this will clean our servers a bit and whole community.
  4. Northeum is a Russian gaming community. Our servers hosted on dedicated machines from OVH Enjoyable and lag free environment 24/7. Have a nice game! [RUSSIA] NORTHEUM.COM #1 [RUSSIA] NORTHEUM.COM #2 [RUSSIA] NORTHEUM.COM #3 80 slots Maplist: Our Website Discord (for contact, feedback and server rules) Steam Group (For events notifications) VK (For whatever why not)
  5. Any info on how is it going with Linux server build? Last topic discussing this dates 2015 and had no clear answer from developers.