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  1. Battlefield 1

    It's fun-ish as far as I played the beta. I love the theme of the game and there's quite a bit of destruction going on. It seems most weapons (or all?) are not instant hit anymore so you need to lead moving targets to actually hit them. However the gameplay is too fast paced and it takes too many bullets to kill someone. If you catch a sniper by surprise but can't really melee him it sucks to put 4 bullets in the bastard just to have him turn around and blast you with one shot. The spawn system seems confusing though it's pretty liberal. There also seem to be some discrepancies between what you see the other player doing and what he's actually doing. I got shot by guys who weren't even looking at me or were looking but weren't shooting (at least from my perspective). But hey, it's a beta so they'll probably iron some of these out. Oh, and one last thing. When I click on the Quit button it asks me if I want to quit. If I click yes, the window closes and I'm back to the menu. If I click no, the game quits. Wicked.
  2. Battlefield 1

    I never found 1942 to be run'n'gun. Maybe because the classes are so very different while in the BF games that followed most classes had automatics and grenades.
  3. Battlefield 1

    Yet another run'n'gun game. This time, supposedly in WW1 though I highly doubt there were so many automatics and zeppelin bombers back then.
  4. You mean before our bladders fall off. This is hilarious.
  5. No, no and again, no. I don't see a point in sending people to a FOB/RP/Base/Other planet. You're only splitting up the squads which is counter-productive to the purpose of the game, team-play. Increasing the time it takes to heal someone should be good enough. I don't see why people keep asking to not get healed to 100% since even at full health it takes one or two bullets to drop. What difference would it make? It would only lead to more suicides by stumbling on rocks due to low health. On to the ticket suggestion. I think the original BF2 did what you said. It was awful. Imagine the losing team being down to one squad and that one squad is a bunch of new bloods who decided to take the scenic route and ended up on the other side of the map. They're lost, you have no idea where they are, you hold all CPs yet the game is still going because...reason. The way it works now is very good and still leads to some intense moments in close matches where SL's scream "Don't respawn!!! We can win this!!!". And then you win by 1 ticket. Epic.
  6. Optics or BUIS for US medics

    The purpose of the medic is to take care of his teammates not put bullets down range while everyone around him bleeds out and dies. That's why the medic role is "crippled" by getting a weapon without acogs/red dots/scopes. His weapon is supposed to be a last resort to defend himself if caught alone for some reason.
  7. Squad on consoles (ps4 and xbox one)

    I almost thought you said Call of Squad
  8. Looks painfull

    Guess this gives a whole new meaning to the word "butthurt".
  9. Worst Squad Gameplay Videos

    Yeah, at least bluedrake knows what he's doing...most of the time....sometimes....once in a while.
  10. Remove objective capture zones

    This could be sorted partially by sizing the cap area based on location and using an "invisible mesh" to define it instead of a sphere. You have a compound? The capture area is the compound's inner surface (to prevent it from being capped from outside). As for the lighthouse, in the case you described the area is still being disputed. As long as you don't clear the lighthouse you cannot say that you control it especially since the lighthouse itself is the strategic objective. Just my 2 cents
  11. How to Win Insurgency as Insurgents

    Actually, you are wrong. What he described is typical insurgent behavior in real life as well. They run around and shoot at enemies with everything they got. They setup ambushes and distractions. They're a non-conventional force using non-conventional tactics. Don't forget that in this game mode every minute blufor spends shooting at an enemy is a minute they don't spend advancing towards the cache. And since caches are not something you can take back like flags in AAS you need to do everything you can to keep them away from it. The FOB distractions are brilliant in my opinion, though I found it odd that he keeps saying "spawn on cache". I would rather go with spawning everywhere else BUT the cache to keep their location a secret. Of course you still need to have at least one squad patrolling nearby the cache in case some lost blufor stumbles on it. I must admit I haven't played insurgency in Squad, only watched a bit. Do they not implement the intel mechanic? In PR I remember that once Blufor killed a certain number of insurgents the approximate cache location would reveal. This added an extra dimension to the game because, while you harrassed the blufor you had to also stay alive while doing it.
  12. Esports

    For me Esports has always been Quake. I really enjoyed watching those dizzying one on one matches. Nowadays Esports is mostly MOBA's and CS:GO. I don't have any attraction towards MOBA's, played a bit of Dota back when it was a W3 mod, wasn't my thing so dropped it. So for me watching a MOBA match is like watching a chinese movie without subtitles. I don't understand a thing of what's going on so can't really judge if they're doing something wrong or not. Played CS:GO for a while but again it's not really my thing either. Never really found it very tactical apart from choosing the right weapon for the map/approach you play. Recently I've been watching some Project Cars Esports matches and they're quite fun. I even tried playing once but I'm just not good enough and don't really have time to get good. Playing games only for fun these days when time allows.
  13. Laptop's onboard soundcard paired with some cheap Turtle Beach headsets. Nothing fancy, they do a decent job at delivering the right sounds to my ears.
  14. Lets Be Serious(World Disscussion)

    Aloha Stage ...... BWWAHAHAAAHHAAAAAHAAAAAAA! I just LOL'd in the office because of you. That was epic man. So much for working today. We'll just laugh at all the games in Aloha Stage :)))))