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  1. Hello, very good server, but the one who is only Al Basrah is becoming yellow very often when we are more then 70 players. U should maybe lower the maximum numbers of players!
  2. The hint doesnt work and i dont have Vsync.
  3. Its currently the exact samething and would be the same if we keep point like they are currently. So you're more looking to seek the last word than really arguing.
  4. your missing a big point in what i'm asking. I dont an individual score board any more, i want it to be grouped by squad. When you drive a logi for a fob, the squad got 20 points if you activated an FOB, so you are rewarded for driving it cause your whole squad got 20 points. Same logic for driving the crow which make 38 kills, its global, its not the gunner who got the ticket, its the squad. Pb solved right?
  5. gonna get a look, thank you
  6. I have issue with performance too, since v8.11 I was runing on a smooth 80 fps on all map, but since this udpate, i'm in 30 fps everywhere. I have a I7-6700K and a 1060 6gb, and it was fine before. No change if i turn everything on low..
  7. samelogic than all the rest. When the fob spawn, you are granted by 20 tickets once she is activated, unless you dont loose it. Work both if you wait or if u come with a logi. Resing a mate give 1 tickets, cause you spare one. The ticket is only lost when the guy give up or is "definitively" dead. Recapturing flag cost 24 tickets to the ennemy team currently, so you have 24 more tickets. Attacker neutralising / preventing the ennemy flag to be active are slowly decreasing the ticket bleed, so they have it back. Placing rally point as nothing to do with score, aswell as sandag or driving combat vehicle, and current scoreboard doesnt take this in account already so no change.
  8. You can do it, just simply add the ticket bleed on the account of the team keeping the flag in both case : Case 1 : The defended flag is activating the ticket bleed, so the ennemy lost 4 tickets each minutes. Just add it to the score board of the team who is defending it. Case 2 : The defend flag isnt activating the ticket bleed Just add the ticket saved by not loosing this more flag. Ticket bleed improve for each more flag you have lost after the one activating it. So it will be really revelant of the utility of staying back and defending. In case 1, you are granted the amount of tickets bleed you have kept by defending the flag In case 2, you are granted the amont of tickets you have saved by not letting the ennemy taking one more and improving it U can also the add the fact, once the defending squad dont have to defend this flag anymore cause the attacking squad got the next one, they got the 20 points you can lost if the flag is caped by the ennemy team.
  9. Its a purge to have your red spamed by a retard. Its not at me to not answer, its a him to not flame. By giving each others the ability to have a good view of who have done what, it can help a lot to keep some mouth close.
  10. I'm really, really, annoyed, by "master" SL, claming u are useless cause you are not falling back when they have lost their flag in 10 minutes. Like I add a group teleportation scroll in my pocket. So let me clear something about this, I think we really need the dev to add the numbers of tickets we have costed to the ennemy in the score board. It will clarify the situation. Let me explain why with some maps (who basicly explain why I hate playing in attack - cause you are always blamed if defenser are wiped) : As u can see, we rushed gazhi with my squad . We destroyed a 50. caliber with 4 men and defended it a long time until squad 4 joined us with a logi. We stayed on Ghazi after fobing it, cleaning several wave of attackers without real issue. I asked squad 4 to stay on Ghazi and they did, so I attacked the last militia flag on my map side once it looked clear. We had a really low resistance on this push, but we pushed slowly, doing several travel with the humwee to brought my men 3 by 3 cause there is only 5 room in the humwee and i let the other one to the team. We started to cap this flag, when I discovered Ghazi was white caped, and i was ****ed with 8 men to brought back and only 1 humwee for transporting them. I dont even had the time to finaly choose to fallback I got messaged hardly on the red by a SL saying "hey squad 3, can you make yourself usefull". With the deseagrement of loosing a game, you also have to deal with ppl thinking you are a ****ing wizard able to teleport his squad where he wants, but it doesnt work this way. We destroyed 3 logi, 2 FOB, 1 SPG9, 1 50. caliber which made barely 145 tickets if we had the 61 tickets we took in kill. I'm not saying its heavy, but we largely paid our contribution to the game, sadely, our defenser failed (which can happen to everyone), and we were ****ed. I really think, instead of showing KDA for ppl wanting to argue about their frag, we need to see the ticket amount the squad (not player by player) costed to the ennemy team (the main goal of the game i mean), its more revelant of what they did / tried to do during the game. I already made myself this reflexion cause, 2 week ago, I was playing militia with my team and we had a very good 4 men squad of random who just ambushed and destroyed several BTR on mine entrance fool's road map, helping us to take all the flag without firing the sound of this strong vehicle. But like they took no flag, they had a 120 points score, which is a lot unfair cause they took 90 tickets to our ennemy and I had to explain to a few of my men they have been usefull the hell even if it was not looking so, cause they were arguing they have been useless (they didnt have the red so they cant know). Also control points you earn for taking flags are not a good. Squad who want high points just need to take flag closer to the main with full squad 1 or 2 times and they are already high the ****, but with the current meta, its a 1 man mission so... So I guess, ticket account is more revelant and better to show the good work which has been done. Here the whole game for those already arguing its all our fault or i dont know what : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/119773246 If someone say "the score doesnt matter", I agree, but dont put a score board so, just list the name by squad and its fine.
  11. Well in other hand, u can remove all "minimal range" restriction or the fact its destroyed just by walking through. Defensively isnt a bad thing, a slower game sound, to me, a more milsim game.
  12. I'm the one asking it to be harder. Not the one wanting it easier. See where I want to go? Only cowards want it easy
  13. The idea was to transform the rally into a cumulative item by 3 members of the group. Basically the SL can put a radio on the ground, and two other members of the squads have to drop backpacks and it makes you a rally. It will make it necessary to resuply to give a rally after having used one, and that would avoid to use too much as teleporter of booster. Therefore, it will be necessary to place it more cautiously and far from the fight, especially in defense. It will destroy it with a knife/shovel, not just passing by and it will emit a little radio noise, but much less than the FOB. I think that at the moment the rally is too permissive, but having to hit the times of respawn to extend it is really too rough.
  14. Ha, oui, oui, très intéressant comme idée. Sauf que non, c'est pas ce qui est dit, de un. Et de deux, tu te doutes bien que les devs vont pas commencer à faire du non-english bashing, sinon le jeu il se payerait pas qu'avec une bande de trolls comme vous