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  1. Basic Tactical Situations

    I have some over video, i only made it for myself so u cant find them by yourself, but they show what i'm explaining : On the 2nd video u can clearly see the 2 team doing what i've said just before, and its always funny moving past ennemies who dont notice you
  2. Basic Tactical Situations

    hello, our team is working with combat group of 6 men (sometimes 8) who work in 3x3 (25-50-100m spread between each team depending of the map) we dont often defend position without reason (we dont stay on flag without shield/sword on it) Case 1 : If there is some house, we will be inside them. We have always 1 team in one building covering a specific direction (South east west) and an other one covering the over side and crossing fire with them (north east west) Considering if we are not moving, it means we are on a shield/sword flag, nothing is going to move, we will stay and supress ligthly I dont pratice "defense from outisde", i want my men to have the less death possible, so i will put no one too far so it wont be reach by my medics, i want to save as many tickets as i can for my team Case 2 : It will depend of the mission If we are moving to attack a flag, i will screen with smoke and move back, my position is now know, so even if i deal with this danger, the ennemy on the flag will know my attack side and it will be stupid to keep pushing if we are moving to defend a flag, it doesnt matter the ennmy know my direction, u are moving to a defensive flag for two reason : -in early to defend it from the start until u can move to the next attack flag (so you are not going to meet a lot of ennemies :)) -when u have to fallback cause the defending allied have been wiped So i will deal with this danger at any cost using on of my team for fixing the threat and one for flanking (which is our basic automatised move) Case 1 with Heavy fire : same story Case 2 with Heavy fire : Will defenitively leave one team to hold and one to fall back, so i can set a new rally point to completly change my attack side and let the ennemy think they have cleaned us If by miracle my 3 men are able to deal with the threat, i order them to keep moving until they die, so the ennemy will still focus on this side and offer me to flank from a different direction Case 4 : Well, if its not a defending / attacking flag, I wont really give a shit about it except if we know there is an FOB inside If i have to attack or defend it cause its the area of a flag, no choice, i must enter, so it will be a supress fire from one team and a grenade + breach from the other one during the shot are attracting the ennemy in the wrong direction. We are playing milsim, but we dont go too far, so no "realistic building cleaning", we just do it the CSGO way with more serious Case 5 : Same story, but if i can offer some support from mortar or APC, will take it I dont negotiate flag anyway, my team got it or we all die trying until we made it The only execption is, if ennemies are spawning like retard cause they made an FOB on it and if its not a flag who will give ticket bleed to ennemies, i will prefer hold it from outside and farm all the no head chiken leaving it Case 6 : Same story Case 7 : The FSP will hold anyway Case 8 : so Well, no much to do, same story than case 1 Case 8 : We tend to sing, we always reach a point where we have no bullet and i must defend myself with my ****ing makarov, so we sing until the last of us die Here a very old video i've made where i barely answer several of your question :
  3. null_value

    U dont need a lot of things to make this game a bit harder : -Rally is considered as FOB and need 400m from FOB and over rally -Longer timer to put a new rally point, longer respawn time -Head shot : perma death, 50. : perma death -No compass or loader indicator -No map marker like allied moving or ability to share marker -Lower stamina when you're playing alone or longer stune duration when under suppression -Less stamina, lower stamina regen -No ability to walk over wall like a ****ing clown But the game currently miss so many feature making it more realistic
  4. The dev got something like "a magic discovery" : Fortification on hide, in insurgency mod was absolutely retarded". Maybe one day, they will have the same idea about flag and we will stop having 40vs40 men fighting in a 1km² part of the map with 2 HAB spaced from 500m each.
  5. cheaters

    The only hack in this game, is having MOA while you're playing a robot man who can handle his weapon raised for ever without any sway and magicly keep shooting very accuratly thanks to magic "blocking breath". Any decent player coming from CS or BF is a master sniper in this game, thanks to this 2 fact. Even me, with training, i can actualy kill ppl from over 300m with an ACOG pretty easily when being stand. Its ridiculous. I was decent at firing with my FAMAS at 300m with no scope, but i was prone, on a non-moving target using a bipod. I dont know if AK or M4 are better than the famas at doing this, but for god sake, I find this so ****ing easy in this game, even more than in casual game like BF or PUBG i'm playing at. There is also a pb older than CS 1.6. Pretty often, when in your screen you see yourself largely upper a wall, your ennemy only see the top of your helmet. So lot of ppl seems to be invisible, but they are just well hide cause this game tend to be a big glitch.
  6. One of the dev said once : I7-6700k is bounced. I guess 7700k is bounced too.
  7. 3 medics per squad?

    Just wondering, it can be a cool nerf to lonewolf cause it will be harder to efficiently wipe a full squad. What's your point?
  8. [ EXODUS ] UK / EU Squad Server

    Hello, very good server, but the one who is only Al Basrah is becoming yellow very often when we are more then 70 players. U should maybe lower the maximum numbers of players!
  9. How to improve performance?

    The hint doesnt work and i dont have Vsync.
  10. [Feed+sugg] Why scoreboard isnt revelant

    Its currently the exact samething and would be the same if we keep point like they are currently. So you're more looking to seek the last word than really arguing.
  11. [Feed+sugg] Why scoreboard isnt revelant

    your missing a big point in what i'm asking. I dont an individual score board any more, i want it to be grouped by squad. When you drive a logi for a fob, the squad got 20 points if you activated an FOB, so you are rewarded for driving it cause your whole squad got 20 points. Same logic for driving the crow which make 38 kills, its global, its not the gunner who got the ticket, its the squad. Pb solved right?
  12. How to improve performance?

    gonna get a look, thank you
  13. How to improve performance?

    I have issue with performance too, since v8.11 I was runing on a smooth 80 fps on all map, but since this udpate, i'm in 30 fps everywhere. I have a I7-6700K and a 1060 6gb, and it was fine before. No change if i turn everything on low..
  14. [Feed+sugg] Why scoreboard isnt revelant

    samelogic than all the rest. When the fob spawn, you are granted by 20 tickets once she is activated, unless you dont loose it. Work both if you wait or if u come with a logi. Resing a mate give 1 tickets, cause you spare one. The ticket is only lost when the guy give up or is "definitively" dead. Recapturing flag cost 24 tickets to the ennemy team currently, so you have 24 more tickets. Attacker neutralising / preventing the ennemy flag to be active are slowly decreasing the ticket bleed, so they have it back. Placing rally point as nothing to do with score, aswell as sandag or driving combat vehicle, and current scoreboard doesnt take this in account already so no change.