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  1. Ha, oui, oui, très intéressant comme idée. Sauf que non, c'est pas ce qui est dit, de un. Et de deux, tu te doutes bien que les devs vont pas commencer à faire du non-english bashing, sinon le jeu il se payerait pas qu'avec une bande de trolls comme vous
  2. Forcer quelqu'un à SL avec tout le monde, c'est surtout ça le soucis. Vos conneries d'histoires de langue, c'est vous qui les avez inventé pour vous sortir de vos abus bien évident. Venir troller ici vous renvoie surtout à vos performances récentes très subtiles :
  3. <3 Vous savez on va jouer à votre jeu jusqu'au bout tant qu'à faire. Vous êtes des petits frustrés de la vie qui se prennent pour des oufs parce qu'ils sont admin de leur serveur. Vous aimez pas qu'on remette ça en question, je comprends, moi aussi si j'étais un petit obèse bien moche je passerai mon temps à rager si en plus on me prenait mes plaisirs élémentaires. Vous avez encore fait parler de vous il y a peu. Vous allez continuer, je n'en doute pas, vous êtes assez doué pour vous comporter comme des petits tyrans. Vous serez pas les premiers cela-dit, c'est un jeu de niche. Ca attire une certaine population. Mais il y aura toujours des gens comme moi (nous) pour vous le balancer à la gueule et vous ramenez face à la dure réalité de votre médiocrité.
  4. No, we have canadian with us. Ho, and you are a =MM=, dont joke plz.
  5. And you, still french bashing at all cost?
  6. So act when your friends come here and just troll topic who have nothing to do with servers? Concerning what you are talking about, it was about me as SL having the right to kick ppl from my squad (thing i dont even do) and forcing me to play with different ppl. Then we came about langage, because they changed the conversation to save their ass cause its not in the guidelines. ~ Squad leaders should be free to kick members of their squad for any reason they choose. What's why they threaten me of ban. We have no pb on other server, I talk in english to others SL, its common sense on UK server. Ho and remember, its my topic, for my team, I have asked nothing, they are coming here trolling, not me. You are, once more, not defending the good person. Really start to look like purpose blindness.
  7. Trying to initiate a shitstorm on this post, just show how abusive and all permite you feel. Currently, Odin got you in good mood. But another thread against your server has been post. I dont think it will be the last. Happy brexit, not gonna miss you.
  8. Salut. Je suis désolé mais les candidatures sont actuellement fermées à la FSP. Nous sommes trop nombreux pour l'instant. Bien à toi.
  9. Mes remerciements à NeoSan (je crois) pour le coup de main sur une game perdue d'avance (et pas bien équilibrée), ça fait toujours plaisir de trouver un peu de soutient quand c'est vraiment la merde.
  10. Good ideas, temporary early infantery spawn already exist and its a simple feature to add. There are not a single good idea for stucking what, the more important fact is we got all the community pointing it so the dev can fix it.
  11. Ha ha ha. Once more this topic remind me Wargame European Escalation. I had about 800 game and more than 97% winrate on this game. But there were still big noob coming in, explaining him how I was wrong about the pb of the game (even if eugen system invited me in their office to get my point and there are still actual mechanic of the game I've proposed in WRD). This guy know everything better than you, he is better than fully organised teams... Well, u know, its not about squad, its about him and his frustations, u can show him all the proof you want, he will be right in his world. Not in the real one. And what should I say about the one calling wikipidia WW2 source? God dam-it. Same kind of game, same kind of community, same kind of war to balance it. Guy, its a video game, it has a metagame. If u are already not able to see it most of the time in basic FFA game, seriously, stop arguing here. U want historic source? Right now, u look like french general in 1939.
  12. You are talking like a STR players, like 90% of the ppl arguing about this. First, staying in defense is retard cause during this time, the ennemy start to put you in ticket bleed. So you are forced to advance for disabling it... and u finaly turn in attack (which tend to cost more than defending in term of loss, and you are bleeding at the same time). Also, puting an ambush mean you are faster than the ennemy to defend the point u want. Most of the time, the flag who is important to create a good ticket bleed, is at equal distance for both team... So explain me how you ambush some-one you are not waiting? Second, As i say, its not a STR, you are not leading tone of little and obedient soliders.. Its a no-sense to ask ppl being good at coutering something easy to use, when u can do the same yourself... U know, its like making a 1vs1 cross, but purposely forcing youself doing it in tong
  13. Its a good idea. Cause u cant just use a fob as an immediate teleporter, its ridiculous.
  14. logi truck / truck should be more weaker. We made a game vs a team once. It was on logar, they were Militia. They rushed by our main to poppy, dropped a fob, made all the team spawn. We managed to hit the truck with a LAW right in the flank but it was not enough. If trucks were one shootable by rockets, it cool prevent lot of things of this kind, or punish team not covering all main acces to their back area.