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  1. I know people set up a server with x number of people allowed, then they can allocate y slots for their own members, to keep them open. In the server browser, why not make it show for # of players allowed x-y? Then we can quit wasting time going down the list of servers that show 61 people on with max of 75 yet it's full. It's getting more annoying.
  2. Disable Shadows

    My guess is it will stay that way, too many people cry about people being about to turn it off.... 'it's not fair!' ... or some such nonsense. Of course when you say your machine is slowed down by it, they tell you to 'buy a real machine'. Lovely bunch aren't they?
  3. Release: Alpha Version 6

    From what little I have seen, the new release seems good. Only have a few partial matches in because like when I last played (a couple months ago), can't find a server where there is teamwork or anyone has a clue what they are doing... maybe today i will be so lucky and get some more time with v6.
  4. Release: Alpha Version 5

    I hate that answer, as well as the 'make your own squad'... ugh. The reality is there are not boatloads of active servers at any given time that have space. They seem to be either full or empty. Heaven forbid people come down on sucky SL's and worthless teammates .... couldn't have that.
  5. Squad Up! Lonewolfs!

    Yep, have done things like made my own squad and told them our goal was a long run to fortress to take it, as it is the lynch pin. And we made it there just behind the other team, took it and it lead to winning the game. But most often, the game is full of completely crappy SL's. Not even saying I am a good one, but I think about RP's and FOB's so we don't have to keep doing the long run... but otherwise i give a general goal and expect my squad memebers have a brain and can function to meet that goal.
  6. Squad Up! Lonewolfs!

    Yeah sure they do... that's why one squad is on a point they can't take, the other is rushing back to try to retake a point that was back capped and our squad is mired down and getting slaughtered in a battle nowhere near any objectives. LOL. This kind of crap is far too often, more and more people taking SL that have no freaking idea what they are doing, that do not understand what the work 'flank' means or the word 'objective' means.
  7. Squad Up! Lonewolfs!

    1. Often the other squads are full. 2. Why bother? If the SL sucks and everybody stops following him, why throw away your good kit? Don't bother. 3. There are not loads of servers to pick from out there, you have to take what you can get sometimes.
  8. Squad Up! Lonewolfs!

    I try to... but then again, I refuse to listen to a SL that super fob's on objectives, or keeps attacking from the same direction and getting us slaughtered, or get's us pinned down and constantly slaughtered. In those cases, run run away from a bad SL.
  9. Players getting 40 - 50 kills per game?

    Then why do they show kills, yet not saves for medics? Why not just tickets you lost the team, or tickets you helped take from the opponents.
  10. Players getting 40 - 50 kills per game?

    One does not need to be an admin to know what to look for, then potentially follow someone around recording to catch it. But I know those big ego admins think they are the only one that matters. As for 'seeking out'... there are only so many active servers with decent pings, you take what you can get. /thread. LOL. Ego much?
  11. Players getting 40 - 50 kills per game?

    But the average players are not. And they are on the various servers far more than the admins. I hardly ever find a server WITH an admin.
  12. Players getting 40 - 50 kills per game?

    It is very interesting to me that they don't want video's that show how cheaters cheat on the forum. Seems the more information people have, the better they can see what some people can do, and can then detect it.
  13. Players getting 40 - 50 kills per game?

    I have no doubt that sort of thing is FAR more common than anyone wants to admit. I get killed by those 'magic' shots all the time...
  14. Players getting 40 - 50 kills per game?

    I laugh when people talk about 'skill' which amounts to pointing a mouse and clicking. That will never be skill.
  15. Players getting 40 - 50 kills per game?

    I have found a fob, and waited in the distance while people showed up to dig. have never made it past 5 kills before they know it's under attack and are on me. 60+ kills from it? Nah, no way.