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  1. New V7 Update Feedback

    Oh and not to many people are talking about the sounds I personally think the sounds have made a huge improvement. Sounds so real now. That was one of the things that really got me into this game is just cranking up the volume and the sounds of war echo through the room
  2. audio setting for mic

    Hello I was wounding if we will get settings for our in game chat voice. I would like to have it come through my headset rather than my computer speakers. So basically what I want to achieve is game sound through computer speakers and game voice through my USB headset. Thanks
  3. aR | Armed and Ready - Recruiting Mature/Tactical Players

    I just signed up hope to be playing with you guys soon
  4. Alpha Version 6 Released

    The sounds are what really turned me on to this game it sounded like I was truly in a firefight now with thus update that is gone, I really hope it goes back to normal are even better than before.
  5. Alpha 5 Released

    I noticed a big difference after 5.2 came out, I can play the game very well now barely ain rubber banding issues on my end.
  6. Hello I am new to the forums and looking for some skilled and team players to play squad with. And I have a mic.