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  1. Charge of the Shovel Brigade!

    I have no words that was so epic lol
  2. AK-12

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AK-12 It's actually an awesome weapon. If you watch the video in the OP.. the honorable Larry Vickers explains the ergonomical advantages it has over a regular AK74M. It has passed state trials and I predict it will be adopted over the A545 just because it's a simpler and proven platform. EDIT: Actually I agree with the above post that the updated AK74M will probably be adopted just out of pure cost. US Army is doing something similar right now actually. After my last deployment we turned our M4's in to armament.. They came back with heavy barrel's and Auto triggers. They literally scratched out "M4" and engraved M4A1 underneath it. Gotta love it lol
  3. Flip up sights

    I figured. Need to read my stickies and search more before I comment... lol
  4. AK-12

    Yea adding the AK 12 for Russian regulars would be like adding the M4A1 block 2 for Army Regulars in this game. Not very realistic. Awesome weapon though. Kalashnikov would be so proud.
  5. Agreed with OP, IDF Galils, Tavors, Negev's and CAR-15's would be amazing to play with. PS: Go regurgitate your politics on FB and keep it out of a game discussion.
  6. As a 2 time infantry afghan vet here.. I personally REALLY don't care what they're called in this game but we all know that today's social and political climate is to PC for this right now. Militia and Insurgents is fine...
  7. Iron Sights too far from in game player eye

    Agreed with OP. Currently the M4 and AK iron sights pretty much have you cheek welding the weapon towards the end of the buttstock. Big respect to all the devs working on everything!
  8. Flip up sights

    All game balance discussion set aside, there is no debate that you should have to set the weapon completely down to select the grenade launcher, flip up the sight yes but not set it down.... Ridiculous this is even an argument.