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  1. New Website Launch

    Love the new site, looks great!!
  2. FPS 60-100 CPU i7 7700 kaby lake (overclocked) Ram 32gb GFX 1070k Ti (overclocked) 2560 x 1440 M.2 SSD
  3. Will do cheers
  4. Alpha 12.1 Released

    With you all the way on this, I would happily replace an SSD every 12 months to get the speed I have from them, the one I have at the moment is an M.2 SSD and is 18 months old so doing just fine. The M.2 SSD is around 7 times faster than a standard SATA SSD
  5. Alpha 12.1 Released

    Yes that is the one thing that dramatically changed moving to SSD was the loading screens, it was a huge difference.
  6. Most of the servers I have been on the guys know what they are doing, sometimes makes me a little nervous about making mistakes.
  7. Alpha 12.1 Released

    Cool, time to reload squad
  8. GPU Temp Question

    Yes I forgot to mention I also changed the stock fan speeds using gigabytes extreme gaming app I use turbo settings on it which ramps up the fan speed better than stock.
  9. GPU Temp Question

    I was having exactly the same problem on a brand new pv cpu 6700k and gpu 1080 I found a solution I set in nvidia 3d power management to adaptive and vertical sync to adaptive look for similar settings in your Radeon software. It keeps it a little cooler, still runs hot I presume the game is over demanding on gpu and cpu.
  10. Squad V8.9 ALL MAPS + LAYERS (Updated 29/12/16)

    Cool, thanks
  11. SQUAD! "Answer The Call"

    Love it
  12. null_value

    Hi Fella, good to have you here
  13. vehicles are to weak

  14. Adaptive V Sync

    cool, may have to get me a gsync monitor at some stage Thanks for the info.