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  1. Alpha 13 Released

    I just played a match and I cannot say I like the changes. I made a terrible decision directly after getting revived: I stood up to look where the enemy was shooting from and I got shot, however I was not killed instantly but I was revived again. In my opinion, adding this is a terrible decision, especially from what LugNut stated: "Players only value their virtual life when dying is painful. Once they don't, then they can afford to be reckless, and winning a battle is reduced to nothing more than who can outshoot the other. Which gets boring imo." He is completely on point with this statement. When my squad and I died, I told them to respawn at the closest FOB. However, that FOB was just taken down and we had to respawn at the main base if it was not for a friendly rally point being close to the fight. 60 s later and we had our full squad assisting the team again. Definitely something I did not like as we were not punished like we would have been in A12.
  2. EAC error unknown file version - various squad pak files

    Lol, great this just came up for me as well right when I have a free night to play A12. Anybody got it fixed without too much hassle? I'm currently trying to verify the game files but read on reddit that it didn't work. I will update this post if it works in this case. Yeah that did the trick!
  3. Alpha 9.12 Released

    Could be the new grass system that Axton talked about in this thread: By the way, I also wonder what the licensing issues are with the Humvees. Is it with the person who modeled the asset?
  4. How to toggle voice Channels w. dedicated HW [ENG/GER]

    Hey guys I don't want to create a new topic about this, but since I have wanted to toggle my voice (and not abuse it like screechers/twats) I thought about using Autohotkey or XMouseButton. However, since these are programs that can initiate macro's I want to know for sure if I am allowed to use it. I don't want to get banned by EAC for using a simple "Button 'V' down until pressed again" instance. Anyone know the rules for this? And if this is not allowed, could I use SHARKOON DarkGlider software for binding the "toggle button V" on a mouse button then? Thanks in advance!
  5. Excluded from teamplay

    Well, of all the games that I have joined there was always a squad around that communicated well and worked together. However, you have to join quickly in order to become a part of it since they get full fast. As a matter of fact, mostly the squad with a clan prefix were communicating way better than the non-clan teamwork squads. I have never encountered clansquads that did not communicate at all with non-clan members. Maybe you just encountered dicks. And if you don't have an SSD you are more often between the leftovers and the more yolo squads. I know it can be annoying at times, especially if you have ample time and you just want to enjoy 2 or 3 hours of squad play. Maybe what bullet says is a good option for you, I might have to look into that as well. Anyway, sometimes I just like it to lead some leftovers into battle, most of the time people stick together into the next match so you have a couple of guys around you who actually work together with you. Maybe you can try it out as well, just see if you can bend it to your will.
  6. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    Oh you definitely piqued my interest! Have you had a go with it already?
  7. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    Definitely right about that, won't argue with you here. Imagine my pain playing ARMA III on an FX-8350. I love it to go into multiplayer and join an urban battle @ 19 fps. Unfortunately that game will never run properly since it is so hardcore relying on single thread and can only address up to 4GB RAM (or am I wrong here?).
  8. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    Because the R7 1800X is fine for 1080p gaming right now. Not bad, not horrible, not good but it is fine. It is not as good as the i7700K but it will give you a smooth gameplay besides the amazing performance in multithreaded workloads and it is absolutely not as bad as an AMD FX8350 which my desktop bears now. I am really interested how much the R7's will improve over the coming months, if the 1080p gaming performance increases to a competing level to a 6900K. Don't forget that it took quite a while for the X99 Mobo and the i7/i5 series to get optimalization as well, and like some guys above stated that the adoption was not great either. Oh and don't just look at Gamersnexus. If you are about to buy something you take a look at a shitload of reviews. The same with when you buy machinery or a car. Or when you take a more indepth look at news and facts, you never use just one single source, its a universally accepted procedure for almost everything. An overview of (maybe) all the reviews: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/5x3cvv/ryzen_review_mega_thread/ By the way Chaz, you really had me with the title. Hehe some nasty clickbait title it is. I would have really enjoyed a good read about the combination between a R7 CPU and Squad.
  9. Zen Ryzen

    A lot of the reviews are conflicting. There are reviews that say that the Ryzen (I thought all of the just released CPUs) in single thread are way below the Intel CPUs, and there are reviews that state that the Ryzen can keep up with even Kaby Lake. It seems that various Motherboards are better than the others, and that a BIOS update also increases performance. AMD stated that they are going to release drivers to improve on the gaming performance on Ryzen, so you might have to wait for those to release and the benchmarks to be run with those updates. And to add to this, Ryzen CPUs use dual channel memory where Intel uses quad channel memory which also favours Intel in benchmarks where AMD can't keep up. In addition to this, I saw benchmarks where the average FPS on Ryzen is well below the average FPS of Intel, but the minimum Ryzen FPS are significantly higher than the Intel FPS. Just to speculate, since AMD is fiercely fist deep in the consoles market, AMD might come back into gamers' hearts after the updates and after the next Ryzen iteration. But with what we have now it is just potatoes potatos, tomatoes tomatos. Ryzen ramms its "Hello world" straight through Intel its multithreading on occasion, but gets taken by Intel's multithreading in the other half of the benchmarks. But everyone reaches the verdict: are you into rendering, multitasking and gaming, streaming and gaming, engineering, science? Then take the Ryzen, it is a mother intercoursing bargain. Are you only into gaming and your occasional school programs (excel, powerpoint, word) then take an i5 or an i7 for that matter. Be aware though, it might just be that Ryzen will be the rising sun on the horizon for the future of games/gaming. I am running an AMD FX8350 at the moment with 32 GB of RAM which is great for large SolidWorks files, Matlab, COMSOL and some programming software, but an upgrade to Ryzen is imminent for me since I heavily use these programs and often the FX8350 just takes 50% longer than an Intel CPU would. Squad performance is not great with an FX8350 but would be absolutely better with an R1700 to R1800X. €580 CPU, €~250 Mobo, €250-500 RAM and still quite some dough over for an upgrade on my GPU. But then again, my PC is my work and not so much 100% my entertainment. If you only use your PC for education and entertainment (and have a lower budget), then you should take an i5/i7 or wait for the R5/R3 of AMD. Oh and I'm not a fanboy for AMD, but to throw €1000-2000 for a multithreading CPU is just over the top. And I really like competition since it favors everybody and more people can get into building desktops for that matter. TLDR: R7 is better than FX overall, if you can't wait for R5/R3 buy an i5/i7 since it is cheaper than R7 and immediately available. If you want more arguments to buy or not to buy then I suggest to read the whole text. Oh and I am terribly sorry to not include any document/links/literature/reviews since I am going to play Squad on my half-free day. Sorry!
  10. User Interface Concept Art

    I have got to say that the customization is actually pretty awesome. If a squad leader trusts his soldiers then let the soldiers be able to choose their own custom layout. If the squad leader needs a certain layout for each kit, then add an extra tab/advanced button in the "LOADOUT" menu called "Squad loadout" (or whatever) where you can choose standard/custom loadouts for each kit that you would want your members to have when you command a squad. So when you play as a squadleader, you can toggle an option box "CUSTOM KITS" on or off in the squad menu. This way a clan based squad (generally better communication/planning) can have good loadouts and a normal squad can have good loadouts as well. Just my two cents. Of course there might be downsides to this workaround as well. And by the way, I love all the concept art you have made for the user interface. Keep it up!
  11. Ear plugs to filter noise

    Aye thanks guys, I did not know it was an addon/mod addition, but now that I think of it I indeed only used it in the KotH gametypes.
  12. Ear plugs to filter noise

    Hello guys, So I have been playing quite a while now and had some trouble communicating with my squad while sitting inside a BTR. I know I can go to my settings and lower the effects volume or increasing the radio volume, but with effects low I can't listen to footsteps a minute later when we are in a close combat firefight. It is quite the hassle to go to the menu again to change the volumes while in a firefight. So something I think would be an addition is to have the ability to plug in ear plugs or something similar (like in-ear noise-cancelling headphones). Of course, the negative effects are that all sounds (also proximity voice chat maybe?) except squad radio are muffled, but communicating with the squad will be much easier. This feature is really necessary with helicopters and planes when those hit. The game that got this feature right (just like the free look and multiple combat positions) is ARMAIII I use this a lot when flying a chopper or noisy vehicle in ARMAIII - King of the Hill and I think there is nothing wrong with using some good features to make the game (Squad) even better than it already is. Looking forward to your reactions guys. See you around on the battlefield. Edit: thanks for the correction Grey and DoctorKamikaze, ARMAIII does not have the ear plugs as core content but they are built in through a ACE/ACRE addition.
  13. Your Thoughts on the Free Weekend

    Awesome! Can't wait to test the new patch and help potential new players to get a hang of how the game is meant to be played. However maybe it could be stated that "In order to get the full Squad experience a headset and mic are recommended", since still a lot of players play the game without one. Communication is key as is stated everywhere in the game information but somehow it is not noticed by some players.
  14. IKinema for UE4

    This would be so neat. Makes the game even more immersive. And what fatalsushi says should also be considered, since right now the game needs optimisation first (have to say, since patch 7.5 my lowest FPS increased at least 10 FPS). However, the thing I miss the most in all the shooters I play is the free look. OFP and ArmA did this so incredibly good that I almost can't do without it. Also makes snipers an incredible amount more stealth (scanning your environment while moving only your head/rifle/binos instead of using your whole body).
  15. Workaround for fatal error Alpha V7.3.

    Interesting, I am trying to do this tomorrow or something like that, but first I will see if this other thing works. Found the command line below through google searches for a fix for the fatal error and found additional posts about ARK as well. Something about getting better FPS and getting no fatal errors anymore. For now I'm testing this without connecting/disconnecting, but I'm skeptical if it works (since a lot of people have the fatal error occurring pretty arbitrarily). Will edit the post later. -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -d3d10 -mammoc=system -nomansky The added command line doesn't work, disconnecting and reconnecting does work. Will be doing that for now, thanks!