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  1. Bezu's pics from the frontline

  2. Bezu's pics from the frontline

  3. Suppression

    No, not at all the same thing
  4. More realistic post-soviet

    khillo my frind
  5. Suppression

    Go Fornite
  6. Nanisivik should not be in the game

    1 faction + 2 maps , nice gentlemen , that what i'm talking about maple syrup on 2 pancakes , for what ? for free , that whaaat i'm talking about
  7. Ban from SteamSquad can't send screenshot

    i'm banned ... this VAC BANNED admin , seems a worst asshole in the world i can save my screenshot on my steam this VACBANNED assbut banned me because i'm sayd , YOU VAC BANNED , true is painfully hard how you can ban a man on steam forum because he sayd you are vac banned , when this moderator is really vac banned....
  8. Ban from SteamSquad can't send screenshot

  9. An admin man , was VAC banned , banned me from squad forum , because i have sayd , "VAC BAN" , he said stop saying that , "VAC BAN" again , he became crazy and ban me , was Gazby ? On steam On steam you are Vac banned honey , happy ramdan for gazby
  10. Excessive Weapon Inspection

    yep , too much
  11. please fix the vehicle flipping

    Alpha 13.1 Changelog Fixed stabilization for vehicles. Fixed a regression in the engine causing vehicles to flip more easily.
  12. please fix the vehicle flipping

    Have you ever seen videos of tanks in combat? or videos of Russians doing tank races? they roll on walls and destroy them, tear everything in their path, make 1 meter jumps like a rally race, serious Russian army Game tank biathlon
  13. please fix the vehicle flipping

    hahaha so true
  14. No, the problem is that the camouflage is too strong, actually a person in 20 centimeters grass is quickly spotted at a distance of 5 - 20 meters with or without movement, but the grass now is a green curtain, which covers the players like a blanket, this which is not at all realistic, and even less camouflage, especially that the player has his head in the ground, and therefore can see normaly nothing when the player is standing, the grass comes to his ankles, when he is lying there is practically under the ground. I think we have to find a compromise between the V11 and the V12-13 on camouflage
  15. I agree with your remarks and the problems of V13, but I think your solutions are not adequate. the speed change the gameplay of SL, and players. strategies are less advanced, and people are rushing everywhere. I also noticed that on the maps where only the first flag is seen, the SLs put random FOBs, and this is found to defend their useless FOB, and nobody attacks the flag, lack of knowledge of the game. And more ....