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  1. Is this thingy still up? Because I got a white page when I want to open it!?
  2. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    Nice shot
  3. Conquest - Casual/Competitive Play

    Yeah. Everyone is going like: "I see no Attack Marker!?". But that's normal in the beginning I think. Especially if you haven't played Conquest in e.g. Battlefield
  4. I suddenly got this error message when I wanted to test something out localy, changing the map from Jensen's Range to Logar Valley INS v1 Night. After loading (and I think before spawning in) Squad crashed with this message:
  5. Wiki News

    Whoop whoop! And a cool squadmate with good RPG- gameplay that saved our squad's asses several times from gettin eaten by a BTR I must say.
  6. Squad name issue

    In Project Reality : ArmA 3 (PRA3) they solved it like this: All soldiers have the color of the squad they belong to. Its a simple color code system that everyone understands. And you don't need to hover, to see that there is a guy from Squad Charlie, cause even if the Squad Leader is not in the vicinity of the player you normaly can find the squad leader of the ( in this case red) squad member on the map very quickly. But you can hover a Soldier, and then you also see his name: Additionaly, when you hover a Squad Leader, you see lots of info about the squad: What is the Squad's name. Is it a Rifle Squad (or e.g. APC or Mortar Squad) How many members does the Squad actually have What are the classes and names of the Squad Members I was absolutly overwhelmed when I saw what job the devs had made there. This is how I personnaly wish it would be in every ArmA3 Game Mode (e.g. Invade & Annex) and also in "Squad". Cause for me it's the best way to provide as many information at the right place and in the most less space necessary. To always open up the Squad menu, like i's now in "Squad", is no way to do it!
  7. Mass disconnect

    So what are you gonna do against the mass disconnect of players from the servers because of errrors?
  8. We need the "like" button back

    Man I was searching it all over the place now. ;-) Who deleted it ? I definitively want it back...
  9. Why play this game?

    That's my opinion too. This little kids playing the whole day or cheating there way to Rank 100/140 in BF3/4 and trolling casual gamers like me with either a OP sniper rifle or an aimbot made me leave this kind of games. A friend argued me to play BF4 TDM last weekend. I hate it the more I play it. Spawn - Death - Spawn - Death - Spawn - Death - Spawn - Death - Spawn - Death - Spawn - Run 200m - Death Who the f$%& want's to play that crap? But I like games like Squad or PR, that are more realistic in terms of strategy and teamplay. Even if I have to pull someones leg and play the dead medic, wait till he's gone and then revive the whole squad to strike back. I love the numerous flanks we did with our squad. Or to make a concerted strike against the enemy flag via SL VOIP. This is the gameplay I love.
  10. Game freezing non stop

    I have massive freezes. First time played v7 yesterday. On Multiplayer Servers the freezes are every 40-60 sec up to 10 sec duration. Sometimes short freezes even when on Firing Range (local).!? I did some things like delete %localappdata%/Squad. AMD Radeo Graphics Update repair installation via Steam Please fix the freezing. It's impossible to play in the moment...
  11. I have massive freezes today. First time played v7. On Multiplayer Servers the freezes are every 40 sec up to 10 sec duration. Sometimes short freezes even when on Firing Range (local).!? I did some things like delete %localappdata%/Squad. AMD Radeo Graphics Update repair installation via Steam
  12. Deutsches Squad Tutorial (Stand Alpha 6-7)

    Habs ja schon gesehen, find es aber gut, daß du's hier vorstellst!
  13. May 2016 Monthly Recap

    To me it eases the pain of the soundbug fully.
  14. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Both must be at the same version. So: Yes you have to wait until a server is updated and restarted.