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  1. PC COD BO3 BETA - Anyone else played this ?

    Im having fun, i really like it so far!

    Sword Art Online - seriously how was this not mentioned! Attack on Titan Death Note Detroit Metal City - this one is funny as hell I will probably start something new once SAO season 2 finishes.
  3. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Hehe so many old faces Been playing since it was PRMM, stopped for a while after 0.7 and was back for 0.9. I still play on the weekends when I can, and cant wait to play Squad!
  4. Female Characters

    Why does this topic come up in every modern fps game lol
  5. Game Modes

    With a name like Squad, you simply HAVE to have Squad Deathmatch from BF3. 4, 6 man Squads, go against each other. Skirmish, with only 1 light armoured vehicle. Man I would play the shit out of that game mode if you were to adopt it.
  6. Website Launch

    Congratulations on the web launch! Looks fantastic
  7. Will It Be Released For Mac Os?

    More and more games are now coming over to Mac, so I wouldn't be surprised if the engine was capable. If the Devs decide not to release on Mac, you can always Bootcamp. It's what I do with my 27" 2014 iMac.
  8. Project Reality 2

    Hey, whoa, Twisted is a nice guy. PR2 is just as much a community driven project as the community mods for PRBF2. If you guys wanted PR2 to happen so bad, you should have joined up and done some stuff. Funnily enough, Squad is a testament to that, except they got together a much more consistent team than PR2 did, so bravo.
  9. Game Title Opinions And Suggestions

    I like simple titles too, and Squad would have worked fine if it wasn't such a commercial clusterfuck. That's why FPS' these days have the most horrible names, as everyone not only competes to make the next best FPS, but also come up with the best brand. Squad: [extra title] would work better, especially if it was Combined Arms, as the game is about teamwork and lets face it, it will be a combined arms game. Its simple, it works, and if you google it, it'll come up 1st. That way you wont have to rebrand completely. You've already done 50% of the work! Now to do the other 50
  10. Game Title Opinions And Suggestions

    This is still the best suggestion here.
  11. Here an idea, just make the top 2 factions from this poll, and the remainder can be community made once mod tools are relased? That way you guys can really create an awesome modding community here.
  12. Should MEC forces be in Squad?

    No I understood YOU were joking, but it goes without saying, you know?
  13. Gore

    I liked the gore in CoD: WaW, arms, legs and heads flying all over the place!
  14. Piracy

    Make so that if the server detects the game .exe has been "cracked", the weapons fire chickens instead of bullets in an MP game.
  15. Should MEC forces be in Squad?

    Bad idea. In some respect, being a little politically correct isnt a bad thing.