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  1. Sorry, bumping my own thread here. Just interested to hear some devs thoughts about this, it was one of the main reasons i made this thread in the first place.
  2. Future Platforms

    Could work with vehicles?
  3. Concerning map design, there's one thing that have always been bugging me, and it's the lack of road side ditches and other important terrain elements. Not just in Squad, but in pretty much every other video game out there. In most games, the roads seem like a road like -textured carpets laid over the terrain. No ditches, no embankments, usually they are just more like a visual markings or guides on the ground acting as a ''road'', rather than actually functioning as one, or having any influence on the gameplay. If the road banks and ditches are properly implemented, they would serve many purposes in the battlefield. People can hide and crawl in them. During firefights or mortar barrages people would take cover in them and use them as a trenches. Some careless drivers would slip their cars and trucks off the road to the ditches or even get stuck in them. The lack of these simple terrain shapes takes a huge piece out off the diversity of the map and its micro terrain. I know that you devs have probably pondered this stuff too, so i would like to hear what do you think about it. But i really do hope this gets somehow implemented, it would make a huge difference.
  4. I was reading through a Dslyecxi's article about an Unreal Tournament mod called ''Infiltration''. That mod is quite old, but it has some really neat and ground breaking game mechanics and features. The article explains very well all of the various features of that mod, but unfortunately all the videos there have been disappeared. I tried to google out some of the videos and i managed to find this . If i remember correctly, all the other videos were also uploaded on youtube, but it's quite hard to find them cause they all are hidden. So you basically need a link to access them, but you can't find one because all the embedded links in Dslyecxi's site are broken. So, is there any way to dig out those videos or can we know if they even exist anymore? I'm pretty certain Dslyecxi doesn't have time or interest in this stuff so i don't even bother to contact him. But if anyone here could somehow find those videos, i (and probably many others) would be pleased. It's a shame if they're lost forever, they demonstrated the games features just perfectly.
  5. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    Damn, just found out that you can't have two images in your signature. This looks so nice but i don't want to get rid of my messerschmitt... ;< Somehow i still can have supporter -sig below the other picture. It's maybe because the 1 pic limitation came afterwards? But thanks anyway ChanceBrahh, it does look cool.
  6. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    Haven't seen a one with the Finnish State Flag, or the Defence Forces Flag. ChanceBrahh, could you...? :rolleyes:
  7. Map: Grid References - How To

    I actually really dislike the current map view because unless you know the map well it's sometimes hard to tell the shape of terrain. This. The current map lacks information about the elevations in the terrain. If you don't have the knowledge about the landmarks and shapes of the terrain, it's very hard utilize it to gain tactical advantage. I really hope the maps will change towards something more practical. My wish would be a traditional Topographic Map with some kind of Digital Elevation Model.
  8. Korean War Mod?

    Anything new here?
  9. Please no raised weapon as default

    I have said this many times in this topic before but i'm saying it once more. Right click to switch between Lowered and Ready. Hold right mouse button to aim down the sights. No toggling. Holding the right mouse button imitates you holding a gun up when your aiming it in real life. When you're prone, or the weapon is rested on a bipod, the aiming is toggleable with right click, since there's no need to lower it. This action is simple, easy, and comparable with real life. No need for extra buttons or key bindings.
  10. Please no raised weapon as default

    You don't need to add any extra keybindings to implement weapon lowering properly. Check this video for example: For me, this feature is a must.
  11. HUD / UI Design Visual Concepts

    I like the compass in these latest samples. Looks practical, not too fancy or overly simplified
  12. Some action footage

    Nice videos! Liked the firefight in the second one.
  13. Media Creation Logo Pictures [High Res]

    That mushie. It's still there.