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  1. 2017 Squad review very positive

  2. Latest Independent Squad review with in game footage
  3. This is why I play Squad more than any other game I also have a suggestion that would make the game really really..really awesome. Have an operator kit that is the Ammo dude guy and when you want ammo he clicks a key and a magazine is thrown across the field and your players characters hand catches it in mid air. Many times in battle I have been in need of ammo. In real war there is a soldier that will supply ammo if another soldier is out of ammo. I think it would add to the realism..imagine this..you are in a gun battle and you yell to your teammate "Ammo ammo!! Give me some ammo man" and he throws it across the field. You then click reload and off you go again into the battle. That would be so cool..not hard for the Dev's to develop either.
  4. Great shoot out with beast of a weapon

  5. Great review on SQUAD keep up the great work guys and thank's for all your hard work LATEST POSITIVE REVIEW BY GAME REVIEWERS BLOG
  6. Hey guys Squad gets yet another favorable review I found this online Squad gets 5 out of 5 stars
  7. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    I have an idea that would be great either instead of or along side with Vehicles. Choppers that are controlled by Bots and you tell them where to go on the map. Then you could rappel from the chopper as a team or bail out. You may recall Delta Force pc game they had a chopper you would ride on the bench on the side of it but it was totally controlled with code so you didn't have to worry about flying it just get in and ride. It would be great to have choppers that could lift people to the objective as it flys fast and low over terrain.
  8. About 30 minutes of Epicness I captured on video. Feel free to use this video for anything you guys need or to take parts of it etc.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m20J3tzOWG0 I have noticed better framerates and graphics with new updates etc.. I haven't really gone in and optimized my settings but I am doing my best to support Squad keep up the great work guys. I tell my fellow gamers that Squad is so great because it is "a game made by gamers for gamers".
  9. I noticed SQUAD was reviewed and got a very good review from this gaming blog. Keep up the good work guys! http://worldsbestfps.blogspot.com/ :D :lol: :)
  10. We run a few gaming blogs and reviewed Squad recently. We love everything about it and rated it 5 out of 5 stars. I had a suggestion which, for the life of me, I don't know why other game developers haven't thought of this before? Why not make one faction the Taliban? When playing the game it totally looks like Afghanistan and the factions there are the U.S. Army/Marines and Taliban. I think it would bring on a whole new level of realism. We see games of ww2 where they have Nazis but here in 2016 the enemy is Taliban and especially in this war setting. Why not just call the faction Taliban? Here is why I would do it this way. 1. Everybody hates the Taliban and to be able to play on a game where you battle the most ruthless evil people around would be awesome. 2. You can have the Taliban shouting "Allah Akbhar" as they run through the valley...I mean image the U.S. waiting in their compound while echoing across the valley you hear them rushing you. It would be epic. 3. You could introduce hostage rescues where a team has to go in and extract the hostage without getting the hostage killed and then march the hostage all the way back to base 4. There is a youtuber funker530 who is in the military and when I was playing Squad it was EXACTLY like the footage he has on his channel as far as the vast valleys and mud huts are concerned. The Taliban are extremely skilled fighters as anybody in the military will tell you and they are very dangerous. This would add an element of terror and realism to the game. You could even get fancy with it as you have ONLY CERTAIN factions that could play Taliban. For example only the highest ranking players on the server would be in a faction let's say called Marines and Taliban. This would add an element of "eliteness" and more realism to the game as when you see a Taliban player you know he is skilled. So noobs like me wouldn't be able to play in the Marine Faction or Taliban faction until you rank up. 5. Lastly the Press that the game would get would be tremendous as there are really NO GAMES that have players fighting Taliban or ISIS for example. I think not only is this a good suggestion but almost a requirement as for gamers to be immersed fully into the game they need to know "why" they are fighting the enemy and "who" the enemy are? I think it would be epic to have US vs Taliban factions and I have no doubt the blog-ospher of Gaming networks would really talk about it more. I mean imagine that conversation as one gamer says "Hey have you played Squad yet?" No what is it? It's epic you get to play as a Marine and fight the Taliban. (Now you tell me what other gaming scenario is more remarkable than that???) I can assure you that most gamers would want to play this game. I know of NO GAMER that wouldn't. In a gaming world of Arma III , Rainbow six siege and Call of duty I can say without hesitation that Squad really truly matches these games and in certain areas even supercedes those games and so I think you guys have a massive hit here. I say we call them the Taliban and remember the military phrase that is bandied about..."WHO DARES WINS."