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  1. As long as the Squad has became more complicated game, I suggest to add the role like Commander and CCT which will make the game more strategic and fun to play. The commander can set the goal and coordinate resource for the squad leaders, just like RS 2 Vietnam does. (Cuz sometime it's painful for squad leaders try to communicate with each other with two radio channel rings at the same time, and if the commander can set the strategic , then squad leader can focus on squad tactics.) Maybe you will think it's unnessasary and I know that there are weakness about RS2 Vietnam but Squad is a great game which can be really felixible to improve so... maybe?
  2. Iron Sights too far from in game player eye

    I think it's just a problem that really needs to be fixed no matter it's unrealistic or not.As I know, many friends of mine quit playing Squad because the sight picture is too painful in Squad
  3. It's really annoying that people were talking on both frequency in the same time. Dev team could consider to let the Squad frequency is on left ear as well as Team frequency is on right ear(That's what the CCT do to their headset in real life).And maybe add an option to turn down the radio sometimes???
  4. civilians

    how about adding in civilians in the war fare,it will be more realistic!it can make the tactic changes.
  5. I think it would be great if you guys put the climb action in it. Sometimes even a 50 cm barrier in the Squad can't be crossed. that's pitty. please add the climb action! and I think there are some design problem with the gun firing. I am a shooter in real world(former paratrooper of Taiwan) and I know that you guys wanna copy the feeling of firing a real rifle, but the sense of firing in Squad is just not that right(maybe the sight/optic are a bit too far in game,making tunnel vision much more serious then real life),not like you are holding the weapon on your hand that being easily controlled . You can see how the shooting'v been felt in the "Insurgency", I think they'v made a good balance between game and reality . in the end, goooooood damn job, this is one of the best tactical fps game ever.