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  1. I have no control options for toggle crouch

    That's too vague. the way the moderator explained it was top notch. That's why he is a mod. But thanks for helping though
  2. I have no control options for toggle crouch

    Man you're a savior. Thanks! I don't know why my settings suddenly just went to default
  3. I have no control options for toggle crouch

    I just said i don't have it i don't know why. Can u send me a screen shot of your settings
  4. hi There is no option for me in the controls settings to change to toggle. The past few hours it was fine. I was playing toggle crouch happily until just now where it suddenly change. my leaning also is not in toggle. there is no setting.
  5. I can breathe under water?

    Yea since we're fish. But this is a human war simulator so...
  6. ACOG zoom issue

    what do you mean by extremely resource intensive
  7. ACOG zoom issue

  8. ACOG zoom issue

    Hey, I have noticed that when i zoom in my ACOG scope or sniper scopes, my whole FOV zooms in. This is not realistic as your whole view does not change. Only the view in the scope. Take a look at this video. thanks!
  9. I can breathe under water?

    You guys are awesome :P
  10. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    Singapore please :) it's indonesia with a moon and 5 stars. Make the moon and 5 stars really big so we can distinguish ourselves from the indos :)
  11. Welcome to the game of squad where you are a fish. Just kidding. Devs. Hmmmm... I guess you would implement this is the future. But i really don't want to breathe underwater. Yea i had many dreams where i can breathe underwater but that is beside the point. Talking about point, i think you get the point :) love you devs
  12. Yea i'm sure everyone wants gore in a realistic shooter. 1) Blood. Bloodied bullet holes in dead bodies/ injured bodies. 2) blown by grenade launcher / rpg? Leg / feet / arm goes off. Even head. 3) blood coming out of entry hole (animation) 4) blood on trees because of blood from bodies. 5) slight, very little blood in the waters when taken shot.
  13. Yea and since this is military simulation and the compass thingy is not an actual physical compass ingame, it should be noted as bearing. And bearings are NOT degrees. They are LIKE degrees but different. Bearings are denoted by looking at the north and going clockwise starting from 001 to 360. I fully support this change as it is bearing. Not compass. :D well we do use bearing in the army. We would not say 30 degrees xP
  14. Weapon zoom / Binoculars

    i agree with u. but they should remove the binos from the medics as they usually would be healing people and have no time to spot. just make a new class :"D
  15. I mean it is wrong mathematically. Like you don't put 5 man squad in a game and have 4 people in it. Look it up. And the proper way for calling 2 digit degree bearings : for bearing 30(in current squad) a.k.a. bearing 030 IRL, is bearing zero three zero Spotted.