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  1. Given how outdated the TT33 is I think it would be more appropriate for the TT33 to get added as a weapon for squad leaders of the Insurgent faction rather than the Eastern European Milita Given that the Milita is better armed, it would be more appropriate for the squad leader recieve something different than the TT33 that is more common on the market ( but still vintage to more modern army weapons) , Perhaps the CZ75 , Browning Hi Power, or maybe even a Stechkin Automatic pistol. What do you think?
  2. AK-12

    Seems like this should be revisted. US got the M17 Handgun ( limited to SL) even though as of now Only the 101st Airborne is equipped with it and its only begining to proliferate ( years) into standardization of the rest of the US Army. Simiarly the Ak12 ( along with 7.62mm version AK15) have been now officially approved by the MOD for adoption. ( albeit this a redesigned one Compared to the one earlier in this thread) IT is being produced and the First batch is to be delivered before the end of 2018. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/01/30/breaking-russian-army-adopts-ak-12-ak-15-aek-971-aek-973-rifles-military-service-real-time/
  3. Main Battle Tanks (MBT's)

    better question is how realistically Dev team will model the Armor. Essnetially anything with Plain steel ( Like T55/T62 tanks that a Insurgent group would get) are very vulnerable and uprotected to Cemical energy muntions, meaning the most basic RPG7 , LAW would cut through them like a Hot knife through butter. ID say Milita Might have more modern tanks like Former Warpact Liscense Built T72M/M1 tanks. These Have Composite layers ( Turret has Cast steel with Quartz Filling, and Hull are Steel plates with Plexiglass sandwitched in between) and thus are much better protected against CE munitions from Portable ( Frontally) and would require Side or Rear shots with RPG's or Laws to killl but Modern TOW would still get through them. and itsArmor entirely Ineffective compared to the ammunition of modern MBT's. Of other factions. Then OFC Modern army tanks ID wager RUssia would get the T-90A ( or a T90M given the recent modernization) , and US faction the M1A2 SEP V2 abrams. These would basically full frontally immune except for each others modern Kinetic Energy ammo (APFSDS) although here some balacing needed as Current M829A3 is quoted as being able to fully negate Kontact 5 , and thus Plink T90A's are farily long ranges and to a certain excent Relikt ERA at lest at closer ranges. Id T90 would have a harder time killing the current service abrams. NOt to mention comapratively T90 is not surviable like the Abrams due to ammuntion placement ( crew is surrounded by ammo) whereas in the Abrams ammuntion is in a seperate Area and has blowout panels if ammunition is stuck to direct flames upwards and prevent a Catastrophic explosion from, therefore allowing the crew to survive.
  4. Jenses range ( what happened to US an RUS)

    IF thats the case how does one access the other firing range? in main menu theres only 1 option
  5. OFF map Support for Commander

    # Aysmetrical warfare set up scenarios for maps with militas or Insurgent forces vs Conventional forces. Insurgent forces should be at an disadvnatage. Because of Asymetricla warfare Aspect this works quite well in RS2 Vietnam US & Aussie Forces have superior Off map support to the VC/NLF and even the NVA. However Squad isnt Stricjly about Modern Armies Clashiing aggainst Irregular forces. Army vs Army are regular occurrence here. AS such nessary tactics on part of the team need to be adjusted here for Asymmetrical warfare. Whilst not off Map Such scenarios also have worked in ARMA. In the Form of Asymetrical warfare, can also challenge Conventional Armies with Superior Support . when it comes to Modern Conventional Forces clashing vs each other both get similar off Map support. So no problem there. If squad is about modern war then it should include Such support assets. It isnt just about Infantry with Armor Personal Carrier support or IFV. No one mentioned JDAMs only support from Dumb weapons delivered from relatively low altudes. Please re read post. The counter to this can Be Portable IR anti air missile systems ( in the form of Stingers or Stelas/ Iglas etc) , and if need be ANti air vehicles like the ZSU 23 SHilka, or IFV carrying IR missiles such as the Bm9. FOr the mAin armies thier even more effective counter would be Anti Air SAM battery creating a "no fly zone" for a limited duration. ID rather have Controllable Jets IN all Honesty, but I dont see how maps can be big enough to support fixed wing aircraft let alone Multirole Supersonic Aircraft. The insurgents could get Bm21 Rocket Artillery as off map support. ( or as a controllable vehicle) . Milita being still bit better equipped forces than Insurgents could get thier own Rocket as well as off Map artillery In addtion to say as an obseletee Soviet aircraft for CAS ( Like Mig21 or something deliver some bombs) If you dont want the Support thats assoicated and want strickly small squad vs squad battles then play specfic servers thast cater to that. OR swtich over the Insurgency Source. That being said i dont know what Insurgent teams think they will do when US team is Driving around a M1 Abrams tank, and al lthey have is an RPG7 with a Basic PG7 HEAT warhead. ( M1 is almost entirely immune to those save for Engine deck OR rear Areas, but the Abrams has ammuntion in a seperate compartment with blow out panels to prevent Internal Cook off of ammo from injuring the crew or exploding the tank.
  6. While its great you can now test UK and EAstern Europe Milita Faction what about US/RUS factions? These team options don't seem to be available in the shooting range anymore
  7. well the point is to give Commanders of various factions Off map support. Although of obvious reasons the most potent support would be for Modern Armies like US/RUS for eg, and Insurgent teams would be fairly limited: Although they could still get Controllable Rocket Artillery vehicle such as the Bm21 GRAD and limted forms of Anti air such as MAnpads, or Tracked SPAAG like the ZSU 23 shilka. Every cooldown period, and at a cost of points CO can call in off map support. and Targets being marked down via Squad leaders, Or commander himself For Modern armies : ( 30 seconds after calling in request) Off map artillery strike: A salvo of Artillery shells saturate a marked area. ( all modern army factions) AC130 Gunship ( Unique to US Faction) : for a fe minutes and AC130 loiters overhead and provides supressive fire around area marked. CAS jet - A10 WArthog ( straffing run) : on a marked postion a A10 rolls in to Strafe an areas with 30mm gun. for the RUS faction this could be the SU25. FOr UK faction a Harrier Gr9 jump jet. Air strike ( Fighter jet dependent on Faction ) A fast mover like an F-16 ( Tornado Gr3 and Su30 for Uk and Russia respectfully) comes in at low altitude and delivers 4 Mk 82 snakeye bombs. Such Other factions also have Parachute bombs for low altitude delivery. Anti Air SAM battery ( essentially creates a no fly zone) for the duration it is up it will automatically shoot down any air assets than opposing commander call in, effectively limiting off map support to Artillery. In order to Limit thier effectivness there can be an Anti air Class where a soldier carreis a portable R missile launcher like the Stinger or Igla.
  8. M16A2 for insurgent forces

    good idea, i dont see why Insurgents cant have iron Sighted Mosin nagant.
  9. What maps/places would you like in Squad?

    so is dustbowl , from its respective game. So what about "Chernarus" or "Takistan" then for large maps ? big enough . Amirite while were at it lets add doom maps for nostalgia.
  10. What maps/places would you like in Squad?

    But De_ dust ( counterstrike?) wouldn't be? (aka hence why my post was not serious.)
  11. tactical blind fire

    yes and at the end of the day its still a video game. tactical shooter, with some realism aspects based on team play but still not a mil sim by any means. There is no proper ballistics simulation. Cant zero sights, no realstic interior of tanks or simulation of FCS. These would be a staple of trying to reach Mil sim. Vision? its nothing new. squad is just practically standalone BF project reality made in much more modern Unreal Engine 4.
  12. tactical blind fire

    Not all of the time players are fighting insrugents in squad. Last time i checked IRL Conventional forces are not fighting against the Russian Army. This is a conventional war scenario. And its common in squad. Guess because of your logic of arguments we should remove such a matchup then? I think not # Selective Realism. Its a game called squad. YOu cant exactly booby trap weapons. Sure there is the IED, but thats big enough to see if someone left it by a dropped weapon. Frankly Thats a risk players should be willing to take. I Dont agree Its not a one of case but an example: Want more? Another example was of Captain MCgraw, ( Generation KIll written by Evan Wright) of 1st Recon Battalion found and carried an AK with him during OIF alongside his M4. In another Novel written by David Bellavia's "house to House" during his tour of iraq in 2004, of makes mention of finding and taking a souvenir : a Czech made SKS rifle think its plausible enough to allow as a ingame feature for a game like squad. Squad is not RL. Just about any tactical shooter that is reputable for realism like ARMA or RO or even RS2 Vietnam allow such a feature of picking up enemy weapons. But sure White knight "selective realism" all you want. your just a company man making excuses of why not to add features.
  13. tactical blind fire

    why not. IF soldiers were desperate enough such as running out of ammo they would pickup enemy weapons rather than resort to throwing or clubbing. It happened during various conflicts even in modern ones. or perhaps because main weapon malfunctioned and they needed another weapon. http://www.leatherneck.com/forums/showthread.php?9257-U-S-troops-using-confiscated-Iraqi-AK-47s https://www.militarytimes.com/2013/08/28/this-is-not-your-rifle-marines-take-foreign-weapons-instructor-course/ Also some infantrymen may like souvenirs.
  14. M16A2 for insurgent forces

    no. This topic is about suggesting the m16A2 Also Because we already have the M4 for the Milita & Insurgent faction... its too similar in its current configuration to the Car15. I don't mind having the M4 staying as is tBH ( or M16A2) if added. Given Militia/Insurgents are not a professionally trained or well equipped front line fighting force , it fits the lower tech look of the faction to stick with ironsights and not have railins, or accessories such as fore grips. Even so the current milita factions are represented as Eastern European ( perhaps Ukrainian militiamen) , and the other as a Middle Eastern ( representing the type of insurgents that were fought in Afghanistan or Iraq) And id rather see the m16A2 as a additional alternate rifleman option , though more so as a Grenadier option, since there are none to the Ak74 with the Gp25 launcher Sure would be great addition. IF Israel as a faction is added.