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  1. What maps/places would you like in Squad?

    so is dustbowl , from its respective game. So what about "Chernarus" or "Takistan" then for large maps ? big enough . Amirite while were at it lets add doom maps for nostalgia.
  2. What maps/places would you like in Squad?

    But De_ dust ( counterstrike?) wouldn't be? (aka hence why my post was not serious.)
  3. tactical blind fire

    yes and at the end of the day its still a video game. tactical shooter, with some realism aspects based on team play but still not a mil sim by any means. There is no proper ballistics simulation. Cant zero sights, no realstic interior of tanks or simulation of FCS. These would be a staple of trying to reach Mil sim. Vision? its nothing new. squad is just practically standalone BF project reality made in much more modern Unreal Engine 4.
  4. tactical blind fire

    Not all of the time players are fighting insrugents in squad. Last time i checked IRL Conventional forces are not fighting against the Russian Army. This is a conventional war scenario. And its common in squad. Guess because of your logic of arguments we should remove such a matchup then? I think not # Selective Realism. Its a game called squad. YOu cant exactly booby trap weapons. Sure there is the IED, but thats big enough to see if someone left it by a dropped weapon. Frankly Thats a risk players should be willing to take. I Dont agree Its not a one of case but an example: Want more? Another example was of Captain MCgraw, ( Generation KIll written by Evan Wright) of 1st Recon Battalion found and carried an AK with him during OIF alongside his M4. In another Novel written by David Bellavia's "house to House" during his tour of iraq in 2004, of makes mention of finding and taking a souvenir : a Czech made SKS rifle think its plausible enough to allow as a ingame feature for a game like squad. Squad is not RL. Just about any tactical shooter that is reputable for realism like ARMA or RO or even RS2 Vietnam allow such a feature of picking up enemy weapons. But sure White knight "selective realism" all you want. your just a company man making excuses of why not to add features.
  5. tactical blind fire

    why not. IF soldiers were desperate enough such as running out of ammo they would pickup enemy weapons rather than resort to throwing or clubbing. It happened during various conflicts even in modern ones. or perhaps because main weapon malfunctioned and they needed another weapon. http://www.leatherneck.com/forums/showthread.php?9257-U-S-troops-using-confiscated-Iraqi-AK-47s https://www.militarytimes.com/2013/08/28/this-is-not-your-rifle-marines-take-foreign-weapons-instructor-course/ Also some infantrymen may like souvenirs.
  6. M16A2 for insurgent forces

    no. This topic is about suggesting the m16A2 Also Because we already have the M4 for the Milita & Insurgent faction... its too similar in its current configuration to the Car15. I don't mind having the M4 staying as is tBH ( or M16A2) if added. Given Militia/Insurgents are not a professionally trained or well equipped front line fighting force , it fits the lower tech look of the faction to stick with ironsights and not have railins, or accessories such as fore grips. Even so the current milita factions are represented as Eastern European ( perhaps Ukrainian militiamen) , and the other as a Middle Eastern ( representing the type of insurgents that were fought in Afghanistan or Iraq) And id rather see the m16A2 as a additional alternate rifleman option , though more so as a Grenadier option, since there are none to the Ak74 with the Gp25 launcher Sure would be great addition. IF Israel as a faction is added.
  7. M16A2 for insurgent forces

    so you mean Car-15? the direct predecessor to the m4? Car 15 M727 CAR 15 M733 ( shorter barrel) M4 vanilla It wouldnt make sense to have both CAR 15, and the M4, because Functionality wise they are the same ( Burst and Semi auto) and the M4 in the insurgent faction right now does not have any accessories, and is represented as Factory fresh model with the Carry handle being attached, and the having standard handguard ( No picatanny railings) M16A2 on the other hand would at least look more different plus be slightly more effective than the A carbine rifle that is the M4 series. due to barrel length it the Bullets have some extra more effective range ( 100m) , accuracy and a bit better penetration because of that. M16A2 is would technically be considered old school by today's standards. Nearly entirely Retired from US Army and USMC service ( only at Boot camp basic qualification course they may still have some of these around) HAs no picatanny railings, And carry handle is not removable. Personally the M16A2 also has a grenadier version that would work a alternative to the AK74 gp 25
  8. How will body armor work?

    True but also take into consideration that was back in 2004. Ceramics and ballistic tech have improved since then. A more modern plate could possibly slug more than 13 hits before penetration. It also depends on the distance too. Even Green tipped Ammunition for the M885 62 Gr 5.56 for eg will not guarantee penetration against current Plates. So anywhere between 60-90 Rounds of 5.56 will be stopped before actual penetration of the plate. Perhaps however if Armor simulation is implemented "black tip" AP ammunition could be added that would reduce effectiveness of armor and certainly ensure penetrations at close quarters. an example: https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/armor-piercing-5-56-vs-1-2-inch-steel-plate.321406/ I have read various accounts that AP rounds on the other hand have reduced effectiveness against targets not wearing armor. That itl pass through creating a clean whole with less internal damage than more conventional ammo. To give an example Mark Bowden's Black hawk down novel also made mention that a few Delta force guys had been supplied with some Experimental AP rounds for thier Car 15's, to get Field results and complained it didn't drop guys ( almost no Somalis wore armor) as well as standard ammo. So that could be a balancing factor on its own.
  9. M16A2 for insurgent forces

    as opposed to the M4 being offered as a insurgent class weapon? Look if m4's can be found thier way into insurgent hands( justification for including 2 slots for them in insurgent classes as an alternate to the more readily available AKM & Ak74's) I really don't see why not the M16A2 as well. After all M16A2's have been retired from the US army and USMC ( maybe except for boot camp Qualification courses) and have been available in surpluses. IF a insurgent could have found an M4 via black market acquisition its even more plausible to get thier hands on some M16's. hence why it wouldnt be unrealsitic or out of place to include also a very limited # of slots of the M16A2 like they did with the M4. What certainly would add something Unique if there was A M16A2 with M203 Slot for the Grenadier insurgent class as an alternate to the Ak74 with GP25 launcher. Image of fighters in SYria.... note a guy with an M16A2 in the right corner.... more visible image of a militiaman with an M16A2. Insurgent with M16A2 with m203 grenadier model
  10. Unit patches

    Would be nice to be able to get unit patches represent major iconic units from Respective Armies factions For EG: Day of infamy did this in a ww2 setting. Would be great to see something like this in Squad. I don't think this would necessitate entirely new uniforms due to greater degree of commonality in today's times but could be achieved simply by allowing Unit patches on Charcters ARM's.
  11. Tittle says it all, AS an alternative to the M4, Id like to see the M16A2 included, since like the m4 that probably be around ( and has been found ) in occasion in insurgent arsenals. For grenadier could also possibly add the M16A2 with M203 addon.
  12. Special Forces

    why? You guys will run out of things to develop eventually after finishing the Base game. What then? Ahh a opportunity SF Expansion. you can still focus on conventional warfare. Adding SF wouldn't somehow threaten rest of ground forces branch. Similarly given how important Combined arms are in the modern environment Squad would not be as dynamic without Ground vehicles ( or future plans for Aviation.)
  13. Special Forces

    not really. Besides there is nothing wrong with focusing on conventional warfare whislt adding a SF faction. gamemode. Gameplay mechanics of current Squad dont have to turn into something different to have this experience. again il Refer to Americas army vanilla and the SF mode. Again apparently you don;t read that it would be much more than that iF for American faction a they focused on the Army special Forces Group ( green berets) since in youd have a hanfull of Americans mixed in leading an Indigenous Insurgent team(s) into battle, which would be unique enough that it would be more than just reskinned soldiers using the same weapons. So yest there would be a difference m4A1 Sopmod. Plus there would be a greater variation of Accessories. Some Green berets units have used the FN SCAR in recent years as a alternative to the m4. For Russian SF groups this would mean a modernized Ak74M ( with railings, more accessories), Modded AK74SU , as well as the Ak12. personally if people dont see a problem with having the USMC faction, no reason there cant be consideration for SF. Especially when down the road there will be armored warfare with tanks, as well as the inclusion of helicopters and Possibly fixed wing jets. don't be a SF o phobe Given the Importance of Special operations especially the latest of conflicts they deserve to have a place in Squad. It could be an opportunity for a small expansion IE extra $$ for devs.
  14. Special Forces

    War on ISIS over IRaq & Syria. Another example of a conficlt against Militias where the "boots on the ground" effort right now is entirely lead by Special Operations groups.