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  1. I am using the most recent one ( 15.12 ) all three fans are spinning, I have heard about the issues and I instantly went to see if there is something wrong. which there isn't. :( Makes me sad that I kinda wished for something to be wrong here.
  2. I never tried to play a real match, all I got into was just Firing Range. There I get around 80FPS with max settings, except you know, Post Proccessing. But even with it on high it was on 75 I think.
  3. That must be the reason for so many AMD users complaining that their GPUs are overheating. ;) The card itself is factory overclocked and built to sustain very high load, but I have never seen something like this before.
  4. I use MSI afterburner, Fanspeed is at 100% when it goes above 77°C. GPU Usage is at 99% Max.
  5. Hello everyone, I have gotten the game maybe about a week ago and first off I loaded into the Firing Range. After enjoying myself and tweaking around with my graphic options, it began to smell a little bit funny, I started up SpeedFan and saw my GPU at 97°C! Shortly after I closed Squad, let my system cool off, shut it down to check if there was dust in the Fans and what not and even checked if the Fans were running in the first place. I then tweaked around with graphic options some more and I came to notice that the reason for this temperature increase is Post Processing. My GPU runs it well at ~83°C until I turn Post Processing even to just medium, it jumps to 90°C. I did not feel comfortable going above High where it hit 92°C and I just closed the game in fear of the VRAM just exploding. All that while the game runs like a dream at 80FPS. Is there any Hotfix to this? My Specs : R9 280X 3GB ( Sapphire Toxic version ) i5-6600k ( overclocked ) 16gb DDR4 A good airflow inside my PC, I could keep Brownies warm at the back exit!
  6. Artillery

    I would love to see owh morn Artillery Squads wite or less serious firepower, like from Mortars to heavier Artillery pieces that are stationary and/or mobile. Only thing I am afraid of is that the maps are too small to support long range artillery.