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  1. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Last time i tried only V4 and no AMD improvements, and now i heard there will be improvements (huge) on V6, and it's still horrible, so let's just hope it will be fixed with hotfixes in few days.
  2. What stops you playing squad

    I stopped because of AMD issues, not worth of playing.... sadly
  3. AMD Performance after Update

    I bought game in December after Steam release, and i'm AMD user and i kinda regret it because i can't play it normal like intel users....So if there won't be some AMD improvements i dunno, i think i won't play it untill i buy intel, and that won't be soon, game is really amaizing don't get me wrong, really like it, but poor AMD, it's kinda bad because that game push AMD users to Intel... Today marketing :)
  4. Who's playing The Division, tonight?

    In some way i like The Division, but in some things i think it will die fast, maybe i'm wrong, i really like that type of game, DZ is only killing and looting, nothing much, pvp, anyway i like the way but i'm not pre order guy so i'll wait for full review and full game :)
  5. Who's playing The Division, tonight?

    Already preloaded yea, can't wait, i'm in CET timezone so it starts 1PM CET for me, can't wait to put my hands on it and we'll see, maybe i'll buy it :)
  6. Will Mods Ruin The Game?

    Well as i stated some other browser, client will be fine and if mods will do the good work then ok, but i can't know if will it ruin or not, i hope not.
  7. Yea i figured that out, VoIP isn't a issue, exactly what AddictOfGames stated, exactly when someone start with shooting, explosions arround there are fps drops. I hope you guys will fix that ASAP :)
  8. Exactly the same issue with me, there are still drops to 2-5 fps in the game
  9. Error message after I quit the game.

    Well didn't find it. You can delete this topic then...
  10. I'm sorry if there is topic like this, I couldn't find it so here it is So i get this error when i quit the game.
  11. It works! But still having drops to 5 but it's rare and immediately goes back to normal. But it's better!
  12. Wow i'm going to try it now! EDIT: It works! But still having drops to 5 but not so much anymore, it's really rare
  13. Yea i wasn't complaining on fps because everyone with AMD's was complaining, i had stable FPS, depends on players on the server, sometimes more sometimes less fps, but at least it was stable, not huge drops.
  14. I'm having same issue with this update, never had VoIP issue or any fps drops before, now it's really annoying because it's unplayable for me.