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  1. Dont understand why its frowned upon, the DEVS want you to have the option thats why they put it in the main menu options.
  2. There is an option to turn shadows off in the options lol.
  3. Finished a game yesterday with 50 kills and after the match people started accusing me of cheating and using the texture exploit. Im not bad at the game and average around 15-30 kills, however this one game I managed to get 50-9. Proof: http://imgur.com/HTgVgmy I just dont want this community to become like CSGO where good players get accused of cheating and are witch-hunted. The way I see it everyone is innocent until proven guilty and people should stop jumping to accusations. TLDR; got 50 kills, people called me a cheater, FeelsBadMan. EDIT: I have shadows off but nothing wrong with that, the DEVS put that in the main options menu for people to disable. For those of you that think I was cheating I uploaded the highlights of that game:
  4. Epic Flank - FOB take down.

    Video not the best quality because I messed up some settings, worth the upload though, enjoy.
  5. Put together some funny clips I have got while playing Squad hope you enjoy. Episode 2 coming soon!
  6. SNIPER SQUAD - 10kills In 2 Mins

    Nothing that special but first vid of many to come. Let me know what you guys think.