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  1. Since friendly players have text show up over their names, I don't see the harm in allowing a few camo variations. If someone wanted to use Multicam, they could. If someone wanted to use MARPAT, they could. Normally I'm against crazy unrealistic patterns, but I like the way Rising Storm 2 (if you are lucky enough to have played the closed alpha) handles it. There are camo variations, but they are all based off of real uniforms worn by the respective factions. I know I'd love USMC in Squad, and since they won't be added by developers, it would be cool if we could at least get the camo options. I also know that uniformity and authenticity are part of Squad, but even games like Verdun allow the American side to be composed of either Army or Marine squads, depending on the preference of the person who creates the squad. I don't think Marines are better than soldiers or anything stupid like that. I just think diversity and choice are cool, and it adds a level of customization to Squad without breaking the game or making it super unrealistic. I think the Army is awesome and well designed, but down the line, having the choice to mix it up might be cool.
  2. Since V9 I've been unable to see my full map or menus in-game. Resolution in the game is fine, I've tried switching between resolutions and view modes, but my menus are cut off. I can't see the full map grid, I can't see the squads list beyond squad 3, I can't access the "give up" or respawn buttons at the bottom of the map because the bottom of the map grid is off my screen. Any fix?
  3. USMCfaction?

    Thanks. I'd love for some intrepid modder to start creating Marines in Squad. I would really like to have more ACOGs on the US faction.
  4. USMCfaction?

    I was wondering if anyone was working on a USMC addition or reskin to add to the game. I'd love to play as Marines.
  5. US Army Woodland/marpat camo

    You're entirely wrong about the Army. Both the Army and Marines have front line infantry and armored troops. The Army has eight nine active duty infantry divisions. The Marines only have three. It's true that the Marines fight on the front. So does the Army! I'm not sure where this "fact" comes from where people think the Army doesn't fight offensively and take ground. But it isn't true. My only guess is too many Marines online trying to convince people that the Army doesn't fight. But it's totally fake. The Army is bigger and always does the bulk of the fighting in any war.
  6. No. They are explicitly NOT confirmed. Honestly they should have just started with Marines because every American in the world who plays this game and who isn't in the US Army begs for them constantly. If you search the forums for "Marine" or "USMC" you get a ton of that. "When are we getting Marines? Are we getting Marines? How do you think they will balance Marines?" The ONLY confirmed faction addition right now is the Brits. The mods will tell us if that changes.
  7. Let me sum up this thread: OP was a Marine, trash talks the US Army, begs for Marines in the game. Some people reply "who cares?" Some other people with no military experience play armchair general, confuse military language, talk out their asses. I get cancer from this cancerous thread. I go back to playing Squad and enjoying the US Army before I die of cancer.
  8. Helmand Province

    I'm sure they will make the British maps based on Helmand. The US Marines also fought primarily in Helmand, while the much larger US Army fought in most everywhere else in Afghansitan. I was really hoping Korengal would have won the remake vote, as the US Army has done a lot there. Fallujah won, and there aren't even Marines in Squad even though Fallujah was a primarily Marine led battle. Although the US Army First Infantry Division fought hard in Fallujah as well...they just aren't remembered for it.
  9. US M16/M4 weapons full auto??

    The US Army is in the process of replacing the 3 round burst M4 with the M4A1 in its active duty divisions, beginning with the regiments and Brigade Combat Teams with high deployment tempos. The active duty infantry divisions haven't really used the full body M16A2 or A4 in years. As this game is about active duty US Army combat units, and as these units are indeed receiving fully automatic M4A1s, the game is indeed authentic. Nothing needs to be changed. The US Army does not need a 3 round burst M4. Even the Marines have begun to make the swap to M4 (no mention of it will be the A1 or just plain 3 round burst M4) from M16A4, but this game is about US Army so it doesn't matter.
  10. Any PR maps returning

    Fallujah. Whether that means Marines is up in the air though as they aren't a confirmed faction. That being said, the Army did play a major roll in the battle of Fallujah so it still works
  11. Where do you aim with the ACOG?

    There is bullet drop. Maybe explains why you're missing your shots lol. There's both bullet drop and travel time.
  12. Future US conflicts

    Are you really insinuating the Army won't be involved? The Marines and Army light infantry always operate at the same tempo and arrive on screen in tandem.
  13. US Army Uniform Camouflage

    Scorpion is the new US Army pattern, a slightly different camo from Multicam. I have to assume Scorpion is what they will use.
  14. Aquatic Warfare

    Where to begin...for starters, Normandy was 100% Army on the beaches (with a few exceptions) and the Marines never fought in the European theater during WWII. Yes, the Navy and Coast Guard gave the landing soldiers rides in, but the Army fought on the beaches at Omaha and Utah. Not the Marines. The Marines had, at the height of the war, 4 active divisions and one reserve division. The US Army had over 80, over 20 of which were in the Pacific theater alone. In fact, the US Army conducted more amphibious landings in WWII than the Marine Corps ever has. The Marine Corps is traditionally naval yes. But more importantly, they function as a rapid reaction expeditionary force, light enough to move quickly in response to war or disaster, but not heavy enough to fight as long or as deep as the Army can without relief. It's fair to say that the Marines (along with Army light infantry divisions like the 82nd, 101st, 173rd, and 10th Mountain) are like a 911 response force. The entire Marine Corps strategy revolves around supporting the light infantry, whether it's air support or light armor. Ultimately though, on the ground, despite the strategic differences, the army and marines function virtually identically. Case in point, Iraq and Afghanistan, where Marine and Army infantry divisions did the same jobs, often alongside each other. But of course, the Marine Corps public relations team is responsible for so much of the Marine hype and misinformation in your OP ;) but boy, they sure have the prettiest uniforms. "First to fight" doesn't actually have anything to do with their mission doctrine, it's just a term the Marine PR wing made popular with recruiters in the 80s.
  15. Planned weapons?

    The amount of idiocy and armchair warrior nonsense and misinformation in this thread is making my nose bleed. No offense. But you guys are for the most part totally off regarding the real world.