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  1. Nerf vehicles

    Hello guys. I didn't write here a long time. But now I'm tired of armored vehicles (BTRs and HMMWVs). They need 3 HEAT shots to be destroyed. It's very big cost, you know it. I suggest two varients: 1) 2 HEAT shots for destroy; 2) reduce speed of these vehicles after been shot and increase repair time. It is BMP-1, which has side armor 18 mm. and BTR has 7mm.
  2. The Military Media Thread

    1) Isn't enough? Most of what you see at the battlefield is an enemy's head. How can I remember, all helmets protects head against 9mm pistol's round. Let's see at RPK74 from other side. You can mount 3-4x optics on the side rail and now you have very accurate automatic rifle -> you can spray 3-5 rounds and it would be much effective then PKM without optics (because you need a spotter with bino, you are waisting time). And how much costs both? ))) Ok, we have 3 marksmen and 9 automatic riflemen per company. Try to equalize it! How? Give optics for RPKs and they can improve their effective range from 300-400 to 500-600 meters - very close to SVD with 600-800 meters of effective range. ~10% "sharpshooters" per company - much effective then 3%. It is not just about the use of optics for targeting, you can detect the enemy sooner than in the past. Also, marksmen needs 3 sec for targeting, soldier with RPK-74M+4x optics needs over 1-2 seconds to shoot. Why? Because RPK-gunner hasn't big recoil and his target will get one of 3-5 bullets very soon - simply, he doesn't afraid to make second and third shot. As for Tokar - you are right, I guess. I don't understand MoD. How they are going to win the war of the future, if they are satisfied with the 50-year-old documents? Wunderwaffe - isn't working in monkey's hands. Sorry for my tongue-tie. I hope you'll understand whay I tryed to say.
  3. Founder Weapon Skins

    Hello guys. Sorry for off-topics. I'm very interesting in to be a founder of SQUAD. How can I do this?
  4. Why SVD is worse than AK Optics.

    What is it?
  5. Why SVD is worse than AK Optics.

    I know that this was discussed. But I thought my suggestion is more clear and informative.
  6. Ok. Lets talk about DMR once more. What we have IRL? SVD, with rate of travel = 830 m\s and point-blank danger space = 350m for target 30x30cm. First action is ranging target with PSO-1 cross hairs - something wrong. Second action is shooting at the target, where we can see vertical deflection around 1m! Superiority of rifle cartridge isn't working in this game. Also, returning to the aiming point is to long. Сonclusion is: - SVD and AK have a same vertical deflection. - AK is much faster returning to the aiming point. Can we get a more comfortable and right SVD later?
  7. [2.FJg] 2.Fallschirmjäger Squad Servers

    I was banned (nickname is same). Why?
  8. Hello. After 8 hundred hours in game, I absolutely shure in one necessary thing - we need more radio channels for each squad. My conception is: 1) As SL u can lead whole squad and they will go with u every where. 2) But u can make 2 teams and they own their radio-channels. It will be team-channel. What we will get with these changes? We'll get clean squad-channel and much comfortable team's management. This is my most wanted changes in game now. Because other things we were discussed.
  9. Optics On New Kord Heavy Machine gun

    I mean penetration of walls, bricks and fences. .50 cals without optics can be usefull, but it is very hard to do. I agree with optics (or zoom), but I still agree with prone position for KORD and penetration of walls. It is equal for me. Yes, I'm stubborn. One should to try everything.
  10. Optics On New Kord Heavy Machine gun

    Disagree. I think penetration system will be much more usefull than optics. And then .50 cals should be very useful, what they were constructed for. There are MANY objective differences btwn real Russian doctrine and what we have in the game. This is the key objection. We don't have a clue why yall don't understand these features of our structure and weaponry. DEVs don't refer to any documents, or they don't want to show these references. It's not necessary for each thing, but extremely important for questionable features, which are simple to prove by facts from the real life. In the film, which was made after Russian - Georgian war in August 2008, you can see: - optics on NSV; - RPG26; - a lot of BMPs and much less BTRs; - a lot of MBTs (it is for future "balancing" of the game). This is how Russian Army was fought in 2008. This is a Motor Infantry military training exercise. You can see VSSs and winter camouflage cloak. At this training exercise you can see flamethrower. It's still Motor Infantry. And I can demonstrate you tons of videos with GMPG, but RPK74s are very rare. Reporters are not interested in hiding RPK74. They don't even know what it is. )))
  11. Optics On New Kord Heavy Machine gun

    I would like to see GPMG, disposable reactive nades and also I like good balanced gameplay. But this is a key objection! How do we make balance: with/without optics or true assymetric weapon doctrine? In that case, I agree with you. My position for KORD (if it will be KORD ) is a prone position for gunner. About GPMG - it seems DEVs are not ready to add this weapon class in game. Disposable M72, RPG-7 and GLs are cancer, because it doesn't work like IRL and it isn't comfortable to use. Overall, I think DEVs are afraid to break the "game balance" in their view. If it is a piece of shit IRL, it should be the same in the game.
  12. Optics On New Kord Heavy Machine gun

    It seems theres some prototype or old version of KORD. Watch at upper. I see КОРД
  13. Optics On New Kord Heavy Machine gun

    Yes, it is. But who cares? ))) We have optics on these pictures! Anyway, what visual difference btwn NSV and KORD, not include muzzle brake and bipod? I can't see anything.
  14. I thinks current sound environment of desert maps is to far from authentic regions. Birds singing is nice, but more realistic will be cicadas. Their chirr makes gameplay pretty close to real desert and tropic ambient.
  15. Logar Valey INF1. First objective for Militia Faction. Unnable to climb up.