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  1. Rally point that contains ammunition

    Considering riflemen already carry spare ammo packs, it would make more sense that they would have to drop their ammo at the RP. Which, can already be done. So I don't see this being added, well, i hope not. We're already seeing more and more people moving away from fully utilising logistics.
  2. Mute Button

    It's just not really in the nature of the game, and i personally think it would be more detrimental than good. Sure people can get annoying sometimes, but honestly its not that bad, if you are hunting, just tell your squad to shut up for a second, most people are pretty understanding. And after all there are tools already in game to prioritise channels and sounds. Or did we all forget the Audio section of settings?
  3. I added a little over here before I saw this thread. TLDR; Buddy rallies should be nerfed/removed with the addition of helicopters prompting better use of assets and considerable punishment for abandoning/losing assets. AA should be limited to unguided weapons. Attack Helicopters Unnecessary Transport Helicopters Should you be able to carry 3000 supplies and 10 soldiers? Should internal cargo space be limited to one or the other or a balance? This if implemented should be modular, i.e. one trip you can take soldiers, one trip you take supplies, or a mix of both (instead of having to switch airframes). Another thing I didn't talk about was scouting/hovering above the map. Maybe a ceiling/view distance limitation could be added, to prevent the necessity of adding MANPADS/SAMS.
  4. A lot of good points brought up. I'll start by saying, this is a complicated topic that I think will take thousands of hours of fine tuning for a complete, balanced system in-game. Hopefully anyway. Here's a couple of things that I've thought to bring up, I'm sure I'll add more at a later date I'll start with AA, Transport and Attack. Should Attack helicopters be in the game? Probably going to be a heavily debated topic. But I think not. Simply because it'll be too hard to balance and realistically an Attack helicopter is quite 'overpowered' for lack of a better term. Massive magnification, HEDP rounds, ATGMs, Thermal. Do I need to continue? You could balance it in a million ways, more AA, limited layers, etc. Whatever; this brings me on to the next topic, AA. I don't personally believe MANPADS or SAM's of any sort should be added (unless to counter Attack helicopters). If helicopters are too easily countered, no one will use them, or they'll just become a waste of tickets. If we hypothetically only had transport and light/scout helicopters; they can be fairly easily countered with small arms and HMG's. Lets not talk about the effect of a HE 30mm to an airframe. INS, (hypothetically not having access to helicopters) already have access to the ZSU ural, which has devastating capabilities at denying airspace, this already provides a balancing effect - especially in the situation of AAS (1 Ural strategically placed can prevent the ingress to key areas). IF AA was to be added i personally think the limit should be a FOB place-able static guns. Missiles will lead to countermeasures and the endless complications of this mechanic. This completely eliminates the whole process to coding and balancing that. Transport helicopters are likely to suffer the most from AA, even without adding dedicated AA pilots will be forced to fly evasively and tactically, using terrain and concealment to evade enemy vehicles and squads. Another point to look at is the capability of the transport helicopter. Will loading up supplies effect the troop transport capability? Assuming helicopters won't externally sling cargo, would/should cargo have an affect on internal space? Will this complicate things too much? Or will this make early game rushes/fobs less likely and more thought out? Definitely something that is worth talking about. - I personally believe the buddy rally system needs to be completely withdrawn with the release of helicopters - and even possibly nerf rallies as a whole. In the current state (coupled with the change to placing fobs) most squads are completely moving away from placing HAB's and relying on rallies. (In pub matches anyway) In this state, there is no reason to spawn at the main base other than the start of a round. Since buddy rallies I've seen a decline in FOB placements and even more so since the change in v14. With helicopters added I think there will be more than enough transport options from main to the AO. We already see a bunch of vehicles left at main throughout the match or scattered around the map. And at this stage, there is no penalty for that. Seeing as you can just plop a rally and the team can essentially spawn off of it; this means people aren't worried about vehicles not being available for transport. This will encourage more thought out and strategically planned FOB placement. - I think VRS might be a bit over the top, I have countless hours in sims and can imagine this becoming frustrating amongst players and pilots as a whole. Not only that but i think it may prove difficult to finesse a stable and acceptable mechanic into the game. However I can see the appeal of punishing pilots who don't think about ingress and egress to and from LZ's. - Something to revisit at a later date I think. However, VNE is definitely something that should implemented, and when I say that I don't just mean a physical limit. I think you're on the right track with rollover, however it should be rolled over a chance value and other effects should be implemented when reaching maximum speed. i.e. Reduced control, engine damage from over torquing (if collective is over stressed) and like you said physical stress damage. As much randomness as possible so it can't be abused and preempted and keeps it interesting. You however should have a fear of losing control. If you made it this far I applaud you. Helicopters interest me a lot. Having spent countless hours in every game possible behind the cyclic.
  5. The US Soldiers Appear to be Wearing G3 Pants. Is That Accurate?

    just play ins v rus layers then. I wouldn't say its gamebreaking, nor high on the to-do list. Think the Us army wear a massif ACP .. But in this day and age they all bloody look the same.
  6. Remove desert, remove Russian

    Well being obnoxious and closed minded isn't going to get you the game any faster. Buy buying into a game in early access you understand that the game could very well be in development for 40 odd years. It's just part of it. No one forced you to pay for the game. So sit back enjoy the game and follow on with the development. If you can't live with the fact it's still in alpha don't play it. Uninstall it. But throwing negative remarks around isn't gonna speed up development. Neither is slandering the dev team.
  7. Release after v10? Maybe

    who cares? Just appreciate whats given. I'd happily pay $30 for the game how it is now. If they wan't to add more, well shit that's just a bonus. However, yes it would be nice to see a roadmap, just to tease whats coming.
  8. Never believed in the 1080 Just seems complete overkill. Ram and an SSD are pretty easy ways of making good increases in consistency and picking up a few frames here and there.
  9. Sounds like that gpu is really bottlenecking performance. On topic: 60-100 FPS on most maps. Epic everything, 1.5x Super sampling CPU: i7700k GPU: ASUS Strix 6gb GTX 1060 RAM: 2x8gb DDR4 @ 3200mhz MB: MSI z270 gaming pro SSD: Samsung 960 Evo @ 3200mb/s Read & 1900mb/s Write speeds. Squad is also installed on my OS SSD
  10. SL role determination ability

    I can tell ya, I would love to be able to lock marksman in my squad, saves me going through the time of kicking 7 people throughout the game who join and jump in that role.
  11. Remove desert, remove Russian

    oh of course. I was just using it to make my point. How could you ever complain a game has been alpha too long. (Except for Dayz bc its a shitstorm) You still get to play the damn game, and its better then having a broken full release.
  12. Remove desert, remove Russian

    They didn't have to give us access, they chose to.
  13. Nvidia Driver Update (388.31) Issue

    haven't had any issues with 388.31 ... well that i've noticed anyway
  14. New player from NZ

    welcome mate hope to see you in-game