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  1. New player from NZ

    welcome mate hope to see you in-game
  2. What are you working on?

    Some top notch work on that DPV, would love to see it in action as a little scout buggy
  3. Map loading. Server side image.

    +1 even if its just a small banner like 800x250 or something .. just to display the basic rules, and some simple advertisement
  4. Alpha 9.15

    I think we all did, But we knew this was coming first and its some welcomed bug fixes aswell. Many thanks Devs!
  5. I'm not going to repeat much as its all been said! There are some good points for both sides of it. but I like the idea of having a destructible placeable command structure. I think it would work a bit better than a mobile vehicle. Forcing strategic FOB's to be placed on the idea of making full use of the UAV's range and Spotting abilities. On the other hand, you could have 'permissions' per se rigged up in the server files, similar to the admin perms. Which can limit some functions of the commander if not entirely. It would allow for organised games to make the most of the slot, while at the same time not being too dangerous in pub matches. I still think, whatever happens there needs to be a way to interfere with the enemy commander, and a command structure seems ideal, mobile or placeable it would be a nice addition to match strategy. It is hard to implement such a feature, but I have faith OWI will do a hell of a job and we're guaranteed they'll seek feedback from the wonderful community here.
  6. Broad yes, because it's been all sorts of players I've heard remarks from. Many? Not so much. You are indeed right though it is only a minority.
  7. Ultimately I think the free weekend was a good thing. It brought thousands of players into the game and popped up some of the servers. Sure it was a bit frustrating at first, but not everyone was straight from COD. A lot of the pubs i got to play with wanted to play the game, wanted to learn. It's people that didn't have an open mind, free weekenders and veterans, that dragged the experience down for others. Whether you enjoyed it or not, don't get frustrated at people for trying to learn (sure go ham on the trolls..). The event was a good thing. Squad hit an all time high of 11,000+ players at one time and players since then have almost tripled.
  8. The Road to Fallujah, Part 1

    Looking absolutely stunning. Keep up the good shit lads.
  9. Release: Alpha Version 9.4

  10. Brahhs Afghan Map

    Can't wait to play this
  11. Destroyable buildings

    Breachable/destructable doors would be fun :) and the ability to close them etc.
  12. How are the ballistics in SQUAD?

    Yes jump into the firing range, press tilda (~) and type in "AdminAllKitsAvailable 1" Now select the Squad Leader (he has tracers) and give it a shot on the range
  13. Squad Locking / Private Squads

    +1 yes it splits up squads, but if it means more coordinated squadleaders whats the problem?
  14. How are the ballistics in SQUAD?

    Like marxman said, they are there, but bullet drop isn't as extreme as some games make it out to be. If you're shooting over 300 you'll definitely notice a little. But the thing is, you have to realize, most AR's are zeroed to around 150-200, meaning the bullet drop at 300 is fairly little. The SVD on the other hand is probably zeroed to about 300, again, the drop being hardly noticeable at about 350m