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  1. Release: Alpha Version 9.4

  2. Brahhs Afghan Map

    Can't wait to play this
  3. Destroyable buildings

    Breachable/destructable doors would be fun :) and the ability to close them etc.
  4. How are the ballistics in SQUAD?

    Yes jump into the firing range, press tilda (~) and type in "AdminAllKitsAvailable 1" Now select the Squad Leader (he has tracers) and give it a shot on the range
  5. Squad Locking / Private Squads

    +1 yes it splits up squads, but if it means more coordinated squadleaders whats the problem?
  6. How are the ballistics in SQUAD?

    Like marxman said, they are there, but bullet drop isn't as extreme as some games make it out to be. If you're shooting over 300 you'll definitely notice a little. But the thing is, you have to realize, most AR's are zeroed to around 150-200, meaning the bullet drop at 300 is fairly little. The SVD on the other hand is probably zeroed to about 300, again, the drop being hardly noticeable at about 350m
  7. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    I was about to say the same, the iconic aussie DPCU and DPDU is being phazed out on deployment for a new AMCU - Australian Multi Camouflage Uniform I do think we could sneak in DPDU and DPCU for some units, as AMCU is still fairly new.
  8. Ability to sort servers

    I guarantee this is on its way :) Also as i'm sure there will be a filter option eventually
  9. development roadmap?

    there are numerous topics about this, creating a roadmap will only lead to disappointment. And really, theres no need for one. Essentially. Shit will come, just be patient.
  10. SQUAD - Operation District Assault (I'm Back!)

    1:57 theres a bloke sitting in the corner ;) aha
  11. Is this a game for me?

    A lot of people i have talked to that are having second thoughts all have the similar thoughts. Oh its alpha, oh is it buggy? are there many servers? its expensive? is there content. Well. As is, its squad focused (lol hence the name) you work as a team and you get shit done. Its extremely satisfying. You can play 15 rounds on the same map and tbh you wouldn't get bored. It's always different in some way. From what kit you run, where you're situated, where you FOB, which objectives are controlled by whom. and in terms of bugs, theres few, the game runs very smooth and provides hours of fun. Honestly, buy it, grab a mic and enjoy. I think steam still has the 7 day return thing if you really think its that bad. I'd give it a shot, its awesome
  12. Hitting people...

    AdminAllKitsAvailable 1 As for nailing shots and long range, always make sure theres adequate room for you to lay down a few shots. Say the blokes running left to right on your screen, 200 out, theres no point shooting if hes 5m from a wall running towards it. You might aswell call it out or sneak up on him. If you are going to take the shot, make sure you snap your aim back onto him. At long range you're most likely going to aim to the chest, accuracy penalties might cause your first round to hit the legs, so be prepared to lay down 2-3 accurate shots before he drops. Once he drops, ping him again to make sure.
  13. Tooner...

    I'm sure we will see stuff similar to this in good time. As for flashbangs, they aren't commonly by infantry, they're more for SF. But you never know :)
  14. what's with the long range engagements ''Stuttering''

    Decrease game sensitivity and increase mouse sensitivity and DPI
  15. Super Sexy Jungles In UE4?

    Extremely sexy, but you have to think about performance :(