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  1. The US Soldiers Appear to be Wearing G3 Pants. Is That Accurate?

    just play ins v rus layers then. I wouldn't say its gamebreaking, nor high on the to-do list. Think the Us army wear a massif ACP .. But in this day and age they all bloody look the same.
  2. Remove desert, remove Russian

    Well being obnoxious and closed minded isn't going to get you the game any faster. Buy buying into a game in early access you understand that the game could very well be in development for 40 odd years. It's just part of it. No one forced you to pay for the game. So sit back enjoy the game and follow on with the development. If you can't live with the fact it's still in alpha don't play it. Uninstall it. But throwing negative remarks around isn't gonna speed up development. Neither is slandering the dev team.
  3. Release after v10? Maybe

    who cares? Just appreciate whats given. I'd happily pay $30 for the game how it is now. If they wan't to add more, well shit that's just a bonus. However, yes it would be nice to see a roadmap, just to tease whats coming.
  4. Never believed in the 1080 Just seems complete overkill. Ram and an SSD are pretty easy ways of making good increases in consistency and picking up a few frames here and there.
  5. Sounds like that gpu is really bottlenecking performance. On topic: 60-100 FPS on most maps. Epic everything, 1.5x Super sampling CPU: i7700k GPU: ASUS Strix 6gb GTX 1060 RAM: 2x8gb DDR4 @ 3200mhz MB: MSI z270 gaming pro SSD: Samsung 960 Evo @ 3200mb/s Read & 1900mb/s Write speeds. Squad is also installed on my OS SSD
  6. SL role determination ability

    I can tell ya, I would love to be able to lock marksman in my squad, saves me going through the time of kicking 7 people throughout the game who join and jump in that role.
  7. Remove desert, remove Russian

    oh of course. I was just using it to make my point. How could you ever complain a game has been alpha too long. (Except for Dayz bc its a shitstorm) You still get to play the damn game, and its better then having a broken full release.
  8. Remove desert, remove Russian

    They didn't have to give us access, they chose to.
  9. Nvidia Driver Update (388.31) Issue

    haven't had any issues with 388.31 ... well that i've noticed anyway
  10. New player from NZ

    welcome mate hope to see you in-game
  11. What are you working on?

    Some top notch work on that DPV, would love to see it in action as a little scout buggy
  12. Map loading. Server side image.

    +1 even if its just a small banner like 800x250 or something .. just to display the basic rules, and some simple advertisement
  13. Alpha 9.15

    I think we all did, But we knew this was coming first and its some welcomed bug fixes aswell. Many thanks Devs!
  14. I'm not going to repeat much as its all been said! There are some good points for both sides of it. but I like the idea of having a destructible placeable command structure. I think it would work a bit better than a mobile vehicle. Forcing strategic FOB's to be placed on the idea of making full use of the UAV's range and Spotting abilities. On the other hand, you could have 'permissions' per se rigged up in the server files, similar to the admin perms. Which can limit some functions of the commander if not entirely. It would allow for organised games to make the most of the slot, while at the same time not being too dangerous in pub matches. I still think, whatever happens there needs to be a way to interfere with the enemy commander, and a command structure seems ideal, mobile or placeable it would be a nice addition to match strategy. It is hard to implement such a feature, but I have faith OWI will do a hell of a job and we're guaranteed they'll seek feedback from the wonderful community here.