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  1. Same glitch here on the Logitech H390. Not sure whether this happened in Beta 17 which I didn't play but it definitely is happening now on 18. The sound is not only switched left to right but also front to back. I can't reproduce it intentionally but it seems to start sometimes randomly in the middle of a round after dying/respawning. On occasion sounds are switched from the start of a game.
  2. YPG vs. ISIS - Both lightly armed, fast Rebel/INS mix, occasional BMPs. Open desert + urban areas. Siege of Kobane, Tell Abyad Offensive. Houthi vs. Saudi-backed Hadi Forces - Rebels clash with Rebels with heavier equipment. Mountain village areas. Battle of Dhale, Nihm Offensive. Pro-Ukraine Militia vs. Russian-backed Militia - Rebel v Rebel with heavy equipment on both sides. Rural villages, forests. Battles around the Svitlodarska-Duha bulge, Donetsk Airport. IRA vs. British Army - Western INS clash with western regular Army in open, green rural areas. British Army vs. US Army - Just because. History is cyclical or whatever. Second Battle of Saratoga.
  3. Horrific Performance in Squad all of the Sudden

    Weirdly, clearing the cache once did the trick for me when I had performance problems out of nowhere. v0v OWI's troubleshooting guide
  4. Soup maps (some maps)

    Only since the last big update, I'm getting this with a 4GB card on Belaya. Not sure other maps are affected but with Belaya it's every single time now.
  5. I like the AK's ironsights at any range a lot more since there's way less crap obscuring the sight picture. I also like how it's way easier to control and keep on target in full auto or short bursts and never switch to semi. The M4 is nice to spray from the hip in CQB but I tend to be terrible with its full auto at any range and the damage at least seems anemic in comparison. Sure, the red dots are always nifty but I don't really miss them.