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  1. Alpha 4 Released

    Bleeding tickets does not fit this game, and this is a game that feels better if everyone focuses on strategy when the tickets are about to run out. Now, this will feel more like Battlefield and it will likely be less teamspeaking..
  2. Squad Tags & General Questions

    Wow! Thank you for that information! I'll look around myself and see what they've got
  3. Squad Tags & General Questions

    English is not my mothers tounge, and I'm kinda rusty finding the right words for the right time- expecially in the middle of a firefight. But the community of this game is fantastic compared to alot of other war-based games. I will continue to enjoy the game based on this. Thank you:)
  4. Squad Tags & General Questions

    Thank you for your answers. This will help me and (hopefully) other people alot! :)
  5. Squad Tags & General Questions

    Hi everyone. Been playing for about a week now and I'm loving this game. I'm also new to this forum. However, I've got some questions that may sound strange or stupid: 1: Are there any servers in particular, forums in here or other places that have arranged matches on Squad for "noobs"? Just so new people with zero experience or understanding would get a chance to learn how to play? 2: How do you find a particular server ingame? I have not seen a way to search for servers,- only updating the server list. 3: It's not easy finding a good tutorial on how to play as a squad leader. I've come across a few, but they tend to leave important information (for me that is), such as how "FOV-points" or whatever they are called,- work. Any good tutorials out there? In the game, I had to learn how to build and maintain a fortificated position from a guy who kept yelling and team-killing in order for the other 2 squads to maintain their position. It's a game, and some of us just need to be respected for not having sufficient knowledge. Even as a rifleman. 4: Isn't people banned/kicked for "x" amounts of team-kills? This did not happen while on a server 9 hours before I wrote this. 1 guy team-killed over 10 times within 10 minutes. 5: Is it possible to kick people from my squad? How? And is it possible to kick an unassigned member somehow? 6: Names ingame sometimes got a tag. What's that good for and how do you get it? Last question that is likely to be the dumbest one; I've got the best resolution while playing, but never tend to see the enemy unless they are about 30m away. Everyone else seem to be pretty good at spotting enemy from a good distance, even while they are not "snipers". Is there any trick to spot enemies in dense enviroments, such as in a poppy-field or other flora? Any answer is highly valuabled. Thank you!