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  1. Hello from Mad Ani in the UK

    I've been under your lead before a couple of times now, and it was a blast! First time i joined you were SL with the Medic kit and i was like "oh boy" this is one of them unorganized ones. But i was proven wrong. It's quite funny to see your history of games, seems a lot of us went down the same path.
  2. No dutch servers

    Have you tried pinging to servers in the UK and DE? This result seems like you pinged a Dutch server, and seeing we've got quite a small but properly maintained network here it won't get much higher. However and i think that's where your issue might be.... we have to connect to other networks over a series of hops. If one of these hops has problems, you will suffer from it... even with your "lightspeed" internet. And as said before. Do not read your ping from the ingame browser or scoreboard. Do a ping or tracert to the server you have issues with to get a proper readout.
  3. No dutch servers

    If you ping over 100 to the servers he mentioned, then there is definetly something wrong on your end.
  4. Server Files for Mod Development?!

    His earlier posts don't give me that impression sadly. All i see is a spoiled brat that can't play with his presents as it ain't Christmas yet.
  5. Serverfiles ?

    I think he's just joking ;-)
  6. Server Files for Mod Development?!

    ^^Spends 36€ on a game that recently entered it's actual development phase and calls it a scam because it's incomplete. Sorry to burst your bubble bud(tt) but having a select group of hosters actually helps with getting the servers/game development a bit more organized. The communication is just so much easier when you're in direct contact with 5 or 6 GSP's instead of 1500 self hosting players/clans.
  7. Server Files for Mod Development?!

    What mods have you guys made for ArmaII and III?
  8. No dutch servers

    Better yet, i play on US and Euro based servers from Holland without problems. If you're lagging to UK/DE based servers you might want to check your connection bud. Don't stare yourself blind on the ingame pings either btw, they seem to be slightly (30ish ms) higher than usual for me. If i ping the same server through a cmd terminal i do get the regular ping of around 20 instead of the reported 60 in-game.
  9. Strange thing is tho, there are no signals it's going down either. One second everything is running smooth as silk, the next second both teams start a moonwalk battle and you're not in on it.