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  1. Well, yeah, that was the plan initially and as you can see from the images i provided a few posts into this thread, i`ve done a lot of detail already. Tho, as i mentioned, i am very busy working on the Fallen Heroes Mod, a WW2 Total Conversion in case you havent heared about it yet. ^This and the fact, that OWI will implement a modern US Tank anyway, which will most likely be an M1, makes it so i dont see much reason in wasting more time on work that is not needed atm. So for the time being i stopped working on the M1, tho thats not to say i wont continue one day!
  2. something like that? meanining? texture, turntable, animation? i wont do either of which, since i focus entirely on working on the Fallen Heroes Mod. maybe i can finish the M1 someday in the futur. i propably wont tho, since OWI will implement the M1 or something similar anyway afaik,
  3. February 2016 Recap

    Call me whatever you want, fanboy or not, i dont give a****. i certainly hope things dont pick up pace just for the sake of it. i hope they achieve what they want to, cause i believe it will be worth the time waiting. you cant have a new game every year but maintain a state of the art type quality. look at CoD and BF. they dont even try cause they know it cant be done and they have hundrets of people working on those games instead of ~25. oh and btw. this legion of people you are refering to are those people, that make the game what it is and are those that will continue making this game what it should be. personally i am not a player since 2005 but i wish i was and i am more than greatfull this legion exists so all the CoD kids dont ruin the game eventually. sure there is nothing wrong about being concerned about early access, but there is also nothing wrong with getting informed before being concerned.
  4. I really do like the idea of having more information before joining a server. This is something i always miss when serching for servers in most games, but instead of making server browsers more user friendly, they trend to eliminate them entirely, which is a shame really.
  5. February 2016 Recap

    How are people always so impatient? What do they think making games is like? Money dont grow on tries, neither do games. You bought an alpha or pre-alpha after all, not a gold master! <- Big difference. Be patient and let the devs do what they do, they most likely now best about their game! I appreciate the slow pase, makes for a better experience in the end when things are well developed
  6. February 2016 Recap

    Love the new animations, though the RPG setup could be a little faster in my opinion. that "moving hold", when he pops up the sight, feels a little unnatural to me. great stuff nontheless. As for for the rest, i am exited as everyone else.
  7. Helping with Vehicle Code in UE4

    Next will be CAS. Games can`t be for everyone.
  8. Helping with Vehicle Code in UE4

    maybe you have no idea of what Squad is all about!
  9. Helping with Vehicle Code in UE4

    Have you ever been serious with a game engine ?
  10. Helping with Vehicle Code in UE4

    even if netMove was working, i guess only motorbikes would destroy gameplay on public servers. people would just go crazy and stop taking shit serious.
  11. How about a 'Showroom' forum?

    Hi everyone, i dont know if this has been asked before, did a quick search and didn`t find something similar. I am thinking about a sub-forum which is for showcasing user created contend. I know there is a 'community content WIP' thread pinned to the game discussion forum, but with 30 pages it gets hard to find stuff. Now that modding becomes more and more high-profile a forum might come in handy so people creating contend could show off their work to the community and devs better. It would allow for "thread-related" critique and suggestions, no more searching for a specific comment, someone did on page 150 regarding a WIP posted on page 47. Also it would be better for presenting updated WIPs and stuff. This may be to early, as modding only really gets relevant once mod support is here. Yet again many people are already building stuff and things. Its just an idea that came to my mind and if this has been discussed already, i appologize for not knowing better.
  12. Helping with Vehicle Code in UE4

    Thanks for clearing that up. I`m getting more exited every day. love how transparent you are with everything regarding the development. keep it up!
  13. Helping with Vehicle Code in UE4

    If this can help the Unreal Community in general, and is so much better than what epic provides right now, epic might even pay well, which would come in handy for further development. Yet again giving away such an advantage over other developers needs to be well thought through, be it payed or not. On the other hand, if one day we get access to modding, this might be open to everyone to dig through, which again depends on how it is implemented. Many possibilities here.
  14. Helping with Vehicle Code in UE4

    Dont you worry. I´m not going anywhere :) With others I run a gaming company myself, small, not known to many yet, but we are getting there. What i am trying to say is, i know from my own experience what you are talking about, so you take all the time you need. I´m still young, i can wait