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  1. @ChanceBrahh ha sorry mate, currently too busy with shitty reallife stuff
  2. FC. in Chora Invasion
  3. FC. in Jensens Range v100
  4. FC in Kokan PAAS 1
  5. FC. in Yehorivka AAS 2
  6. You cant enter admin cam from a vehicle. You need to get out, enter admin cam, get back to normal, enter vehicle again. Not very useful for abuse imo. Its possible, but since there a various admins on each server, there is a bit of control. I can see when a player is in Admin mode, so every other admin can see me.
  7. Thank you I could "crop" them to 21:9. The problem is, most ppl use 16:9 screens, so 21:9 is not useful for wallpapers. The only thing I crop to 21:9 is video...
  8. V9 is out, so I just let this contains couple of screenshots. Too many to upload them here. feel free to use them where you want Some of them:
  9. FC. in Kohat INSURGENCY
  10. FC. in Gorodok AAS v1
  11. Its no leaking when I say it will be released in 2017. Cheers
  12. FC in.
  13. Oh...a "look at my stats i've achived with ini tweaking" ******.
  14. Let em rest some fine with a recap in february.