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  1. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    @ChanceBrahh ha sorry mate, currently too busy with shitty reallife stuff
  2. Community Clan Fight Night

    FC. in Chora Invasion
  3. Community Clan Fight Night

    FC. in Jensens Range v100
  4. Community Clan Fight Night

    FC in Kokan PAAS 1
  5. Community Clan Fight Night

    FC. in Yehorivka AAS 2
  6. Admin Cam Abuse

    You cant enter admin cam from a vehicle. You need to get out, enter admin cam, get back to normal, enter vehicle again. Not very useful for abuse imo. Its possible, but since there a various admins on each server, there is a bit of control. I can see when a player is in Admin mode, so every other admin can see me.
  7. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    Thank you I could "crop" them to 21:9. The problem is, most ppl use 16:9 screens, so 21:9 is not useful for wallpapers. The only thing I crop to 21:9 is video...
  8. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    V9 is out, so I just let this contains couple of screenshots. Too many to upload them here. feel free to use them where you want Some of them:
  9. Community Clan Fight Night

    FC. in Kohat INSURGENCY
  10. Community Clan Fight Night

    FC. in Gorodok AAS v1
  11. Its no leaking when I say it will be released in 2017. Cheers
  12. Community Clan Fight Night

    FC in.
  13. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres


    Oh...a "look at my stats i've achived with ini tweaking" ******.
  15. The long awaited "monthly recap hype thread"

    Let em rest some fine with a recap in february.