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  1. I have a 1070 with the same. Beta v11 performed well yet since official release performance is worse than ever.
  2. And rx 570/580

    Anyone running and rx 570/580 what’s your performance like on squad?
  3. Performance advice

    Hi all i have been running an I5 6600 with a 4gb 960 GTX and 16gb DDR4 ram on squad for last year but seriously considering a GPU upgrade as although it typically runs 50-70fps on lower settings, I want to run it in its full glory. Although most maps run really well, Al Basrah is virtually unplayable for me, it goes as low as around 15-20 FPS when things spice up, not sure if it’s the GPU or the CPU that’s the issue?
  4. Squad leaders with no idea what they're doing

    Myself and Whiterabbit played with Exodus last night and their squad leaders are completely unable to grasp what leading is. i was running a Stryker at gas station and was solely defending the north entrance when I ran out of ammo. Subsequently I had to go back to main to re-supply. Whilst this was happening the FOB at gas station was being over run so I quickly hot tailed it back and was told to light up the fob above me, bearing in mind I slightly missed the placement of this fob and exited the vehicle to get a better look at what I was shooting at, I got TK'd then kicked from the server for expressing my opinion. Wish some of these power hungry admins would just take some time to consider not all of us were in the direct vicinity of the FOB but we're trying their best to help.
  5. Hi Guys. have a 960GTX 4gb and getting around 45-50fps which is ok but wondering if there is any ways I can increase performance in my game other than the obvious keep all settings on low. Saw one one suggestion on 'use availible cores' but unsure if that actually works or not? My CPU is a 6600k I5. Thanks
  6. What do you guys think of the new sounds?

    The sounds are absolutely perfect other than tracked vehicles can sound as if they are super close when in reality they are probably 200+m away.
  7. bad performance. v9 not enjoiying.

    Have to admit it's not in a good way at the moment - i'm really struggling with the below specs down to around 35-40fps last night and incredibly shaky. I'm running I5 6600k 16GB RAM 4GB 970gtx
  8. V9 Performance issues anyone? Or just me?

    Mine has also taken a performance hit. Lots of stuttering during intense fire fights.
  9. [ EXODUS ] UK / EU Squad Server

    Thank you Chronic - I have PM'd you on Discord.
  10. [ EXODUS ] UK / EU Squad Server

    Got a ban on this server for some reason? If i recall a squad leader started picking on my mate and telling him to shut up - I basically got banned for sticking up for him. Myself (Spafford) & Whiterabbit have racked up some hours on this server through genuine teamwork and gameplay and not like us to fly off the handle. Appreciate it if my ban could be removed please? Thanks
  11. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    So are the new animations coming in V9?
  12. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    Noooooooo :-(
  13. What do we reckon then? today or tomorrow?
  14. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    Reckon it's going to be today/tomorrow then?