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  1. If I were to use ESP this is exactly how I would play. Actually.. primitive is the wrong way to describe it. What we have now is free cam over the shoulder which does nothing to prove anything. Whereas if you were to look into how Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 players are catching and banning hackers is really quite effective. They use Theatre Mode to playback the entire match and then record evidence if the player is found to be using ESP or any other hack. A lengthy process but a process that results in a developer ban. So by being able to spectate someone in 1st person with information displayed as HUD we can more accurately gather evidence. As for EAC and the like they are never really that effective. A lot of people are putting their faith into Easy Anti Cheat like its the answer but if you do a little research on their flagship game RUST you will soon notice that it is still the admins of the servers that are adding players to the ban list. EAC doesn't seem to prevent it. I really wish it did but if it was effective don't you think all game developers who have hacker type problems would turn to them for help. None of these are preventative yet people presume they are. Although I am not too sure how the FairFight system works but if it is preventative then I would like to see something like that implemented.
  2. To spectate a possible hacker for one match is not a mammoth task at all really. The possibility that information is relayed accurately of enemy whereabouts for the entire match is very low. If you can visualise or for that matter have any experience watching a hacker that is using ESP then you would easily understand how to spot the difference between someone using ESP or not.. albeit with a rare exception here and there where things may not be what they seem.
  3. I'm hoping that the ban-list is updated globally otherwise the hacker can just hop from server to server.
  4. If you were to do a Google or YouTube search for it followed by the word SQUAD then you will see exactly why they call it ESP.
  5. As far as I am aware the blips only appear in free cam mode. If what you're describing is player perspective spectating while enemy blips are shown then I would appreciate if you supply a source. Thank you.
  6. Visible cheater topics

    Yes I totally understand now. Thank you for your time and effort. Much appreciated :)
  7. Admins in my experience tend to be very responsible and mature. But yes I totally agree "with great power comes great responsibility".
  8. I hear what you're saying and I agree that there are going to be times when things will seem to be something they are not. But I believe that a person who uses ESP for their needs will eventually get caught.. but only if there are tools available to actually catch them. As for seeming like you use ESP when in fact you do not. This is obviously an event that will likely be a very rare occasion. I suppose it comes down to the admins judgement to keep all possibilities open when spectating using this tool. Now don't get me wrong I have gone solo in the game and gotten double digit kills and zero deaths on more than one occasion and I would understand if someone called me out for using an ESP whereas I had genuinely just been a sneaky bastard all match. The way I see it is is that if an admin decided to use this tool then they're likely going to record any strange events that may or may not occur.
  9. From my experience talking to admins who are responsible for SQUAD servers, I honestly say I don't think they are the type to abuse such a tool. They seem to be all about fair play. Now I'm not saying it can't be abused it's just I think that more good can come from it than bad. One possible way to counter your valid point is to add a notification at the end of the round that an admin has used this tool. And therefore can be questioned on the legitimacy of its use. As for the Trump quote.. it is just something I heard him repeat a few times. His political view has no bearing on the topic and I have no real political view.. I don't even vote.. and I am not even American. I just think admins are lacking the power needed to make decisions.. decisions that would definitely curb and deter the use of difficult to spot hacks like ESP.
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    I did not realise the posts are reviewed before becoming public. I posted here to get some help. And thankfully I found help from -Steve-.
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    My bad. I didn't know that posts go through a review by moderators before becoming public. I am new to the site so I am oblivious to the rules here. My apologies. As for you second point I believe that I keep within the bounds of what is expected.. I hope : ) Thank you for helping me understand. much appreciated.
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    I create a post about how to empower server admins. Yet I am to believe this post has either been censored or deleted without any explanation made to myself. If this is the case I would be greatly disappointed. Explain yourself. This is not North Korea.
  13. I believe that the worst kind of hacker is the kind of hacker that intelligently hides the fact they are using any hacks. A hacker that uses an AIMBOT is caught and banned relatively quickly without causing a great deal of damage to the overall player base. So being an intelligent hacker is easily achieved by not using obvious hacks like an AIMBOT. An intelligent hacker can play for month after month or even indefinitely by just using an ESP. I believe ESP is the single most detrimental factor concerning the future of SQUAD. So how do we combat this threat?.. We all know that this is a very hard to combat, so often seen in a multitude of competitive shooter based games. I don't believe in gimmicks like punkbuster/fairfight/vac. They are ineffective. I believe we need to police our own servers.. and to do so effectively requires the development of SQUAD to empower server admins. As of right now server admins have very limited tools at their disposal. And as Donald J Trump would say. "It's sad..so sad... it's so very very sad" So with your help I want to compile a list of suggestions that will empower server admins to help keep our battlefield clean and healthy. It is very important that all suggestions are within the bounds of possibility.. so if you do have any suggestions please keep it logical. For the purpose of keeping this topic fun and interesting I would like you to name your own suggestions something cool. - STALKER MODE :ph34r: Upon suspicion of a user using ESP a server admin can spectate a user. Now this may sound similar to what Counterstrike has in place with OVERWATCH. On a basic level overwatch lets the overwatcher (if that's even a legitimate word to use) watch over a replay of a match that has been reported by (x) number of player/s. Except overwatch is still very limited. You can see many YouTube videos of players using overwatch to try and figure out if a potential hacker is using hacks or not but they're always questioning "are they using an esp hack?". It's very difficult to know for sure. Until now B) ... in STALKER MODE a server admin can observe a potential hacker by using the hackers hacks against them. In STALKER MODE an admin has ESP too.. how cool is that. So by spectating a potential hacker with the help of ESP, ESP actually becomes more helpful and less detrimental. By fighting fire with fire, an empowered admin can better justify adding a hacker to the ban list or even recording their actions for evidence. STALKER MODE.. FUCK YEAAAAHH Lets visualise for a moment to see how this may play out. You notice a player has unusually high kills and not that may deaths at the end of the round, maybe after a number of matches, or maybe your suspicions arise after numerous days of this player playing on your server. As a server admin you type STALKER MODE into the console while you wait for the next match to start. Scenario 1 The player you stalk has at times repeatedly died in situations that if they were to have used an ESP, they would not have died. Like walking around a corner or over a hill where a player using an ESP would expect contact, pre aiming or even pre firing. The player in this particular situation can be considered to have above average map awareness and no longer falls under suspicion of using ESP. Scenario 2 The player you stalk is for some reason pointing his cursor along walls and terrain in the general direction of the enemy and rarely aims in a direction where the enemy isn't. Suspiciously you can see with the help of ESP the player tracking enemies through objects on a consistent basis. Possible outcomes. An admin can feel comfortable knowing they have justifiably ban listed a hacker. And increased amount of gathered evidence. Hackers who are aware of STALKER MODE now have to act like they are not using ESP just in case the are being stalked.. whereas of now there is no deterrent whatsoever. Valid points Bearded Crusader - Admins using stalker-mode to their advantage. Karm - 1. The building of this functionality in game may help hackers to simply exploit it. 2. Times when events seem to be something that they are not. False accusations. Tbova - "with great power comes great responsibility". Okay so thats stalker mode. Its still a thought in process and I would love to hear any flaws or for that matter any improvements you can think of. More suggestions coming soon! - ANALytics [A thought in process that requires a lot more thought and a lot more process] - To Catch A **** [Just a name at the moment.. that has been censored for good reason :rolleyes: . But nevertheless I'm sure I can fit some admin empowering tool into it]