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    Hey! Went to the website and filled out an application haven't heard anything back yet; are you guys still recruiting ?
  2. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: Clayster Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197995186213/ Primary Language(s): English Age (optional): 21 Timezone or Region: Eastern Nature of Interest: MilSim Gaming Background: Competed competitively in COD and Halo on console; went to tournaments etc. I have been in other Milsim groups but want to join one for Squad; I like to compete and would want to do tournaments / events with the team. Additional Skills: People person, good leadership can take charge. Status: "Unsigned"
  3. 21st Deathstalkers Battalion

    Are you guys still recruiting?
  4. 55th Infantry Regiment is recruiting

    I am intersted in joining! Do you guys have a team speak i can join to talk further?