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  1. June 2016 Monthly Recap

    Great work guys. Really love reading through the recaps. Stoked for v7!
  2. First few rounds back after update

    I think the big hurdle is if you get stuck / end up in a squad with a poor squad leader (for whatever reason - intentionally or otherwise) the experience can be pretty painful. I think as the game continues to evolve and additional elements get introduced and iterated things won't be as bad. I don't follow news as closely as i did during and shortly after the Kickstarter, but has there been any movement on breaking Squads into Fireteams (i could have sworn it was discussed at some point)? May be a good way to circumvent knuckleheads. Either way, everyone should treat others with respect and help those who need it. I look forward to seeing new people in game over the course of this steam sale!
  3. GTX 1080 are now on Amazon

    No question if you are looking at a 1070 i would wait to see what Polaris brings to the table. AMD's price to performance is really hard to beat. Shouldn't be too long, Computex is here
  4. GTX 1080 are now on Amazon

    I really don't think AMD is going to have a card that will compete all that much with the 1080. They seem to be playing to the mid range pretty solidly and wont have anything that will surpass Fury X until sometime in the future. You probably wont see a price drop until the 1080Ti or whatever they call big Pascal (GP102 apparently). As far as Zen, it still seems unclear but at best it will give them parity with Intel at some level. Looking forward to what they have to offer but not really holding my breath for anything super revolutionary. Anyone buying a 1080 now will be more than satisfied i'm sure.
  5. Grenade Mechanics

    Burning off a second or two of the fuse before letting her go would help in some circumstances. Probably more focused on CQC. Having the option is something i would like to see regardless of how often its used. With regards to the OP, that system just doesn't really seem to fit with what Squad is. At least not to me. I've fragged myself and teammates plenty of times based on poor judgement (distance, angle, etc) - never had an issue and i appreciate the difficulty / skill involved. I think one of the things that is special about this project is that it raises the bar on shooters more generally but remains accessible to casual gamers. Adding guide lines like that mod showcase would be a step backward in my opinion.
  6. Bloodbath Supports Custom Maps and Mods

    Love the server! Just wish i could get in more regularly the thing is always packed! Glad to hear that you guys are strong supporters of custom content, thanks for doing what you do!
  7. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    Fucking amazing as usual!
  8. Backer Tag Redeem!

  9. FOB on Flag - The Way to Do It

    Pretty cute setup ya got there
  10. Days of War - Another UE4 WWII MP FPS!

    Backed this puppy. Looks great!
  11. Heroes And Generals

    Used to. Was in the closed alpha 3 - 4 years ago. Sadly, the game has just taken a nose dive since.
  12. You're very much correct. They have a serious PR issue. Their updates are pretty thin on any real details - it's always very nebulous and obtuse.Unfortunately, the more I read the B1944 forums and mull this over in my head the less and less enthused I am about the game. I may very well reduce my pledge or remove it all together. I really want more clarity as to what the intention is. "Gritty down the barrel" is more akin to what we have in Squad than an arcade shooter, but maybe that's my misinterpretation. I'm just not seeing it right now.
  13. I backed this game within an hour or two of the campaign. After reviewing the video and the forums (as well as making a few posts) I now have serious reservations. The biggest issue I have is the art direction and animations we have seen. Much of the art seems less the stellar - be it textures, shaders or - more importantly - the proportions. Everything just seems very off (best example is the Thompson - it looks absolutely massive in the hands of the player). The animations are stiff and robotic and lack and fluidity. Beyond some of the concerning art issues I think my other major area of concern is gameplay goals / direction. The more I read and watch the community the more it seems like this will turn into more of a WW2 esports disaster than a squad based infantry shooter that takes inspiration from popular titles of the past. It seems less and less like this game will find its own self and more and more like its aiming to recreate the wheel. While I'm sure this comes across rather crass, I have decided to hold my pledge. I am going to see how the campaign goes with regards to the quality of what it show cased and make a final decision closer to the end of the campaign. I'm cautiously hopeful that I'm wrong.
  14. Alpha 4 Released

    Pretty good update, guys. Enjoying getting back into the swing of things. Thanks!
  15. Nvidia Pascal

    If you want an honest, real, deep dive discussions, you need to go look at PC Perspective (www.pcper.com). The guys they have on their podcast have a tremendous amount of technical understanding. I just don't see how that thread brings anything to the table. I honestly think that forum post is far too high level / boiled down for general consumption.