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  1. Battlefield 1

    A few hours!. No make that days or even months with a few decent history books. Better still some real conversation about the topic with people who were there, of course that is almost impossible now, seeing as they're all gone with time. My granddad fought in WW1 (yeah, I'm pretty old myself), your post is what's 'lame' here, also very wrong and condescending towards men that not only had a hard (one of the hardest) fights to handle, but appalling conditions to try and fight through. The idea they all sat around in trenches dying of decease, is the thoughts from someone I expect is a fully fledged COD player. Your that person. History taught in the states, was and is, bad, get some real knowledge of history, instead of through video games. Mind you, many in this community, are that type.. no!! Sad.. Regards the game, it will be movie style rubbish, but I thought that's what many here, would think is history....
  2. Believe in Yourself!

    Always steer clear of girls on Helium. ;)
  3. Games these days...

    @nosferatu Yeah, its sad, Hope he keeps fighting for as long as possible. Its very hard though. :(
  4. Snowmaggedon 2: The re-freezening

    Loving those pics guys, thanks for posting. We had half inch here just before Christmas, thought I might have to buy a 4x4. ;)
  5. Snowmaggedon 2: The re-freezening

    Pictures & videos please. Not of your gaming, but of the snow. ;) Hope we see some snow, I mean real snow, not the usual half inch that grinds the UK to a halt.
  6. The milsim genre...

    Its whatever it is to the player 'mil-sim'. We would class our group in this, but.. and its a big, but (no pun). We play as a team using realistic tactics, we don't use ranks and so on. We're way too old for all that nonsense, we play as old friends, because that's what we all are. We all play against the game (ai), or against other groups using the same play style. We use an advanced AI system (mod) built by a wargaming group for this type of play. The Arma series is the main title we use. So without going into the details concerning what can or can't be called mil-sim. Yes, our group falls into what many would say is a mil-sim type group. In the community we play, which is a small number of groups using the same mod setup. We play a game that requires time, tactics and thought, but is still above all entertaining to play. Its also a continuous gaming world, using the older format that dates back to wargaming board games (that's how old we are), whereby you can follow a factions growth or decline. Its a very interesting way to play, for those that like that style of play, its very enjoyable. But no, we don't shout orders at one another, or pull rank. That isn't really what mil-sim is about in gaming. Gaming is fun, using realistic tactics is fun, but it is gaming. We're not trying or wanting to join, or in some cases re-join the military. There are still many groups around that play like this, in this style, mostly closed groups, consisting of mainly old friends that have played for years together in one game or other. Squad could be played like that, but its not why some in our group have it, or want to buy it. Its more for a jump in, jump out experience. It could however be played like any 'serious' tactical war game. That is always down to those your playing with. Squad would though, need much more content, much more. Also ai and the ability to mod the ai to that style of play. Ask again in five years time. :)
  7. Anyone here play Combat Mission?

    @cameron Yes I got that. ;) Players move on from games, where AI is bad, war games in particular need very good AI. Finding that is like finding the holy grail, well for our group it was. That is what I was pointing at, the fact he said he moved on because the AI weren't doing it for him. Its so important AI, to any game, but more so in our view with war games, of any type. Tactical AI is far better than the 'corner cutting' sharp shooting AI that the devs want you to think is tactical, when in fact its just cheating the player. It has to be militarily tactical, with a fair balance. That's what a good AI should be, kai has that, but its a mod, you'll only find really good AI in mods, but the best we've found is the one I mentioned. Our groups been through many war games, most we leave for the same reason (AI). We play coop against AI so we rely on a really good opposition, we have that now. Works for SP too.
  8. Anyone here play Combat Mission?

    @ Cpl veld I enjoyed the videos. :) A.I. wise, we use kai for Arma 2/OA. Its incredibly good. Hard to get into a group that uses it though. :(
  9. Well Sh!t...

    My gaming room (den), is where the wife offloads all the rubbish she doesn't want in the cupboards. I wish mine looked like your pic there, nice and empty would suit me. Of course, I'd have to put the system back in there though. ;)
  10. Arma 2 still worth it?

    If you want a more realistic mil/sim type feel, then Arma 2 OA & the dlc's, is the only way to go. There again, its the real deal if your playing using KAI (ai) conversion mod. Then your in a different game altogether, coop got very serious around two years ago, when they introduced this mod. Arma 3 is for the mainstream, that's the way our group view the 'new direction' of the arma series. If your in a mil/sim group and like really realistic game-play (not playing generals or ranks, but just very realistic team based gameplay), grab arma 2 combined arms and get yourself into the KAI community, mod makers are on YT if you want details. See you there. ;)
  11. ArmA 3

    All down to who you play the game with. Every game can be run'n'gun, if the players play it that way.
  12. What games are you looking forward to?

    Yeah I must admit that XCOM2, does look good.
  13. Need advice / info from i7 4790K / gtx 979 owners

    @CMBelite-FR Sorry forgot to put link or full title. But the last poster did, so yeah, give it a go, hope you sort it out. They do run hot though and a few of our players aren't really that bothered about it, seeing as it throttles back anyway, which is of course a safety net of sorts.
  14. Need advice / info from i7 4790K / gtx 979 owners

    In the gaming community our group plays in, there are lots of these 4790k setup's all have high end cards of one type or other. These cpu's do run hot and there has been complaints to intel regards that. Although it will throttle back if it goes too high (100c) but that doesn't stop players concern. Because lets be honest it shouldn't have too. I would reduce the core voltage to 1.05 or nearest to that, on the 1.05 side. Then if that still runs too hot for you, down-clock it a little, sounds silly, I know. But a few who have these, that are running hot, have done that and they still get the same performance levels even on games like arma. Just one of those things, they are all over the place with temps these 4790k 's. Great gaming pc, arguably one of the best. But when Intel said this Devils Canyon is 'one hot gaming pc' they must have meant it literally. To do that easily use Intels ETU software, its easy in there.
  15. What happend?

    There are a number of game devices that never caught on, shame really. Also the Delta 6, not sure what happened to that either.