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  1. Would you play a WWII Squad game?

    I'm waiting for Hell Let Loose too!
  2. Hey Burnzoire. Thanks for your feedback on BigD servers, we aim to make sure all players new and old have a positive SQUAD experience. Feel free to come hang out on our Teamspeak and chat with us via our forums. Just search BigD Gaming. Cheers. [BigD] Spono Senior Community Admin
  3. Hey Rainey, Thanks for playing on our BigD servers, and I am happy to hear your experience so far is a positive one. We strive to make sure we have a fun teamwork focused environment on all our servers and are always looking to make sure we can accommodate as many players we can. I often look to populate another server once the first hits capacity, but the disconnect rate is high and the average play time is quite low, so it makes it difficult during the week. I know you [TAS] boys are pretty active, so come chat with us on our Teamspeak and we can jump into a new server together. We have a good community of active players who are always looking for a game. Cya soon. [BigD] Spono Senior Community Admin
  4. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Super exciting news! To go to work or not? uh ohhhh...
  5. Backer Tag Redeem!

    test, fail linked but not working.
  6. Server Feature Requests

    Separate chattoadmin and adminbroadcast permissions, as I believe they are tied together. Own Log file for admin commands and actions with date/time stamp. Ability to move spectate camera instantly to a certain player/place on map. Auto kick unassigned after so many minutes/seconds, except for admins. Limit number of createable squads in a team/server.
  7. Alpha 4 Released

    I am hearing reports on frame drop when using VoIP in game, if this is related. Although not experiencing this myself I have seen several different reports of this from the BigD community. Loving the release though, nice work.
  8. Admins asked... We listened...

    Thank goodness! Great work keep it up :)
  9. NEW ZEALAND Players?

    Chur bro! :)
  10. Vote SQUAD for Indie GOTY!

    Done, 2 days to go :)
  11. Sneak peek - Fools Road

    Can't wait to play a full round of it :)
  12. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    - Got my Key, downloading! :D
  13. Opinions On A Ranking System?

    Where to start! I came looking for this thread, I feel it could play a massive part in the success of SQUAD! Why do I think this? I have spent 1000s of hours playing BF2 and PR for over the last 10 years, and it is what initially drew me in and kept me coming back day after day after day! Then when I went to PR it was simply Gametracker and knowing that my peers knew I was competent based on my accumulative score on a particular server. Sure not everyone is the same, but everyone loves a reward! and stats well that's a bonus. When I typed "Ranking system" I knew I was going to see some great arguments, for and against a ranking system. BF2 ultimately found success based on certain in-game accomplishments and the fact that millions of us who played checked our stats regularly on bf2s.com. But hey lets not get caught up in the idea of unlockable weapons and going down the exact same path, but instead focusing on the Badges... Ribbons... and Medals system. Badges and ribbons were the easiest to obtain in BF2, while medals were typically much harder, requiring more extensive play. I would love to see a Squad leader badge ranking system - 10 hours as SL -50 hours -100 etc. but only achieving a SL ribbon when leading a squad in a victorious team, -10 wins as SL -50 wins as SL and so on as purely an example. As far as a medal is concerned, one idea is this could be given from a Commander, SLs would follow orders and the commander would commend a squad on a job well done and earn so many points towards his medal. Or another would be objective based like on AAS earn medal points for flag capture. Insurgency Cache destroyed but this would again be accumulative and take a long time to achieve. Furthermore I think admins should be first to put there hands up to be a Commander if the team doesn't have one. Who best to lead a team to victory and to overseer? I myself love to command but it is sometimes difficult to get true cohesiveness among the SLs. Some will argue that they wont have time to do both, but heres hoping there will be a strong admin presence. A ranking system would give a chance for others to become commanders and also line them up for possible admin roles. So many possibilities but I think we all agree it has to be somewhat simple and straight forward, oh and please ad points for lazing targets! Plenty to talk about here! keep the thread going Edit: Imagine being a sniper and being able to target a higher ranking SL or player based on ribbons he was wearing... although I think they avoid this in real combat for this reason?
  14. Welcome to Squad!

    Building a new rig for this! Very Very excited! Keep up the great work!