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  1. i can't zoom it with ironsight, no keybinds for them too i think.
  2. What happen to this feature? seems like removed? thanks for me btw.
  3. Sorry for my lack of interest and searching, didn't notice they are working on this.
  4. the benefit of prone is make you small target and give good advantage of aiming, however you should not break dancing with you're belly, this could make corner camping, easy too conceal you're self and easy too kill some one with 'fastmove' to prevent this we should make aim slow while we are in prone. great inspiration come out from many tactical game such as rainbow six, ghost recon. actually in new game rainbow six siege you will prone differently, not like the other games did before, you will lie down but up side down when you pron at corner so you're body is facing ceiling (also aim is getting slow down) and you're legs don't pop out from the inside wall. if we consider about this it will make game much realistic and also solve some problems.
  5. Fine, then i'll wait it until my thought changed or this feature will available.
  6. what about the feature i request in first to make an option?
  7. I feel kind a same way but seems like devs don't want to argue with this things anymore, they keep talking about pixel things that people can't engage those tiny targets because it's small when target is too far in 200~300m, so they need to add zoom things that people can now engage the enemy However it dosen't matter, that's makes how iron sights inaccuracy works IRL not a single zoom things really need in this game when we hold our breath and that's reason why the ACOG came out in to battle field, Visual Magnifier is for SCOPE Not the Iron sight or Laser dot. but devs are behaving as if we are not understanding this feature in knowledge way. Atleast i hope devs makes those zoom less then today version like 1.1x kinda sad to heard this feature will be none adjustable and seems like i have no choice.
  8. I really like PR and SQUAD is more then that, I was fully expecting and so admire the developers and i was really hope to this game is going well, and this expectation makes me really want to play team base hardcore game, BUT this ADS zoom things really makes me Huge disappointment that also makes me don't want to play this game anymore this is really stupid and i know that i'm also stupid, and i really really REALLY don't want to leave SQUAD since it will be Awesome hardcore game that none of other game has done before. So to figure this problem (for the people who suffering because of this unrealistic things happening), the Devs should add the option for the server to Zoom when you hold your breath in ADS, or Not a single zoom as pr when you hold your breath in ADS If server things is taking too much jobs then i don't care to give game option for clients to no zoom when we hold our breath in ADS Let me please to enjoy this game, i don't want ask to devs and give them burden anymore and anythings to add in this game since they already made fantastic jobs but this
  9. They try to make a little casual but this doesn't looks give any interest to light gamer. neither for hardcore gamer. if they don't implement server option about zoom for hold breath, able and disable (ofcourse the "ZOOMING" thing in 1.0x dot sight and iron sight), i must say "Good bye SQUAD" I really like the style of no zooming in iron sight and any other red dot back in the PR, because it give me a challenge and luck that i might can hit the 200~300m far away enemy, and this aggressive and hasty shot could kill the enemy, and i'm really want it to suppress the enemy with my gun and this make me to feel that i'm helping my squad mate by suppressing enemy with this "limited equipment", and i feel joyful in that moment. because i feel that i beat the challenge and also help the teammate to get this game to victory but asa this zoom thing implented, I 100% guarantee and DARE to all, people only thinking about their kill count and don't give a damn about team play
  10. FSB, not FOB :)

    afaik FSB concept has been used up until vietnam
  11. Ghost Recon Wildlands VS Squad - Comparison

    Look at what UBI paris did grfs and blame me.
  12. Ghost Recon Wildlands VS Squad - Comparison

    Compare? UBI's are bunch of useless frogs owned company And squads are the best of the best team togathered
  13. Scopes/Iron Sights Thread

    But the ISIS are taking pretty great gear from near country such as iraq
  14. Making the life of a medic a bit easier

    Nope no to check pulse heart rate morphine atrophine ephinerphine defibilator blah blah blah other shits. have you guys play ARMA ACE mod? it only working greatly in PVE condition not PVP, peoples already so dumb and don't give a damn to that much task Let's make game not a simulator