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  1. I dont get the front line argument. Often there is no frontline at all. Attackers are spawning all around defenders. It is good that they reduced attackers to 2 FOBs, but the system is still doesn't really simulate a frontline
  2. July 2018 Recap

    Quick question. Does this mean the Medic still has the medic bag. So he uses bandage to revive and medic bag to get hp back to 100?
  3. Increase Splash DMG on 30mm's

    I didn't play GL kit for a long time. Stopped since they nerfed the splash of the kit so much. have they improved it again?
  4. Isn't "currently in squad" picture wrong? I often experience that my bullets are hitting above where I aim at short ranges. Am I the only one experiencing this?
  5. Give SL more Power over their Squad

    How excatly would SL being able to lock certain kits and nothing else changed lead to exploits these exploits? The current system is perfect if you imagine squad with no to little player rotation. My experience as SL in game is very different! People leave squads all the time (disconnects, crashes, dont like SL and no spawn since rally was lost) and as people leave new people join. SL gets no notification of this going on. So often as SL you don't notice, that your AT guy left and new guy who joined picked marksman until you are faced with a BTR.
  6. Give SL more Power over their Squad

    Just quickly scimmed your comment at first, so didn't notice this part. As a SL this is would give me nightmares if devs doesn't make changes.
  7. Give SL more Power over their Squad

    Well it that chase SL is a retart for limiting AT kits. Imagine this: SL at start of round called for AT and medics. Later a BTR rolls up and SL calls for AT to take care of it. Noone answers. SL looks at squad roster and sees that AT guy left and new guy who joined picked marksman or AT guy changed kit himself. Your example would only happen if SL if a complete idiot in the way he set up his squad. My example happens 50% of the rounds I play SL. Currently to make sure everyone has the right kit, SL has to look at spawn screen constantly!
  8. It's been 1 year next month

    had to say this since i have all the Squad devs, but you fuzzhead might be my favorite. Love how you engage so much with the community and answers questions. So nice to know you are aware of/working on a lot of things and also getting a perfect explanation of why it is taking longer than expected!
  9. Give SL more Power over their Squad

    I am not sure about the spawn/vehicle selection. I think this would result in lots of extra work for the SL. For example each time the selected spawn gets taken down SL needs to update. Squad member suviving a squad wipe needing to get in vehicle from other squad to get back to squadlead. These 2 are just to much micromanage. Yes it would remove me having to kick people who spawns wrong place, but I would have to update allowed spawns all the time. Forcing people to change kits i dont believe in either. Allow me to lock kits, so they have to change next respawn and it is enough. The Locking of kits I support 100%. Would save SLs so much time. As you said above, SLs use way to much time talking people into changing to the right kits. Way to often one guy leaves squad and a new guy joins. This new player would instantly be able to see if the squad is something for him. I would even expand on this idea. Instead of only making it Allow/Lock. I would say the SL should be able to set up kits like this: allow, lock, with approval and high priority. With approval is like vehicle approcal High priority means if these kits are available noone can pick other kits until these kits have been taken.
  10. air assets??

    I think the next patch (V12) is around 1-1,5 months away. Pretty sure the Patch after that will be helicopters. At first they only want to add transport helis. Later attack helicopter might be added. They will not be adding player controlled planes.
  11. I am really hoping for info about RAAS and territory control game modes (what they play to do about insurgency would also be nice). I think the game really needs new game modes! Pictures of maps would also make me happy. Hope we get the recap today.
  12. New Revive ability

    Medics will still be very important. They will still have way more bandages than other classes. I think reviving done by the other kits will still be limited, since they need their bandages to stop bleeding. I think it will only be use as a last chance to get SL up to set new rally. Also medics bandage faster than other classes.
  13. June 2018 Recap

    very interesting recap. Really happy about changes to suppresion, spawn and medic. Not sure if all changes are correct but really happy to see they are working on it. 3 concerns though: 1. I really hope the disablet spawn when enemies are around has been added to the HAB and not Radio. This is the case with the current spawntime increase. When you attack a HAB currently often the spawn time for defenders doesn't increase because they placed the radio so far away. 2. Rally wave spawns is a good idea, but if the rally still stays up forever the constant attack on defenders will still happen. Also now everyone can quickly revive SL for a new rally. 3. The risk of being revived without stamina and health and having no medic around would probaly make many people instatly give up. Also wave spawning on rallies might mean you are lucky getting in the wave that spawns in 10 sec. I really think rallies should only be up for limited time. But it will be interesting to see how it works out, when added to game or if feedback from Nordic makes them change system before we even get to test it.
  14. The meat grinder is awful

    The spawn time increase when people are near radio and not hab (which is ****ing retarted). I think the spawn time increase should be added to both radio and hab. The situation you mention here is excatly the problem!
  15. The meat grinder is awful

    I still dont like the idea. A few versions back the devs by accident removed the increased spawn time of FOBs (with enemies around). This made it almost impossible to take down enemy FOBs. This combine with the bleed on middle caps resultet in both teams racing for middle cap. Whoever won set up a FOB. Rest of round was a horrible meat grinder. The reason i don't like your suggestion is that it will make it harder to take down a FOB. In my opinion a FOB should be easier to take down for attackers. Even after the devs fixed the mistake mentioned above the game still often feels very meat grindery
  16. The meat grinder is awful

    What i mean is that SL sets rally for downed squad mates to spawn. When squad moves of to attack rally disappear if attack fail squad has to spawn at main or fobs. If attack was a success medics pick up downed players or a new rally is set if they cant be revived. I don't think rallies should stay up as spawns forever.
  17. The meat grinder is awful

    1. Yes the way rallies are used currently is different to my suggestion for the future. One dev have already said he is looking into spawn mechanics and that there will be changes. 2. Remember how hard it was to take down a FOB when the devs by accident removed the increased spawn time if enemies are near. Now imagine enemies near means no spawn time on FOB. This discussion is about the meat grinder feel of squad. Spawn mechanics contribute to this (abundance of spawns). So is the perfect thread to discuss rallies/fobs.
  18. The meat grinder is awful

    No. Rallies should be for rallying the squad. Not a respawn for whole squad if it wipes. Actually another solution make rally like this would be to disable rally if SL moves further that 50m away. If whole squad wipes you should spawn at fob. This would make FOBs impossible to take down. So wheb you get close to a fob you have 5 guys instantly appear out of thin air to fight you.
  19. The meat grinder is awful

    I dont agree. FOB spawns should increase/disable at soon as enemy get near. Friendlies in area have to clear out enemies before FOB is back to normal. I think your idea would make meat grinder worse. It would be almost impossible to take down a FOB.
  20. The meat grinder is awful

    Some of these changes are way to complicated. -Make it so that 2 enemies within 50 m of HAB or radio increase spawntime, per 1 extra player increase spawntime more and at 5 players you can't spawn anymore. The risk of blocked spawns, makes fobs on flag less viable -Rallies only stay up for around 1,5 minute -Another change could be as soon as one team has 7 players in cap other team can't cap. So if players in cap is 7 vs 15 the 15 players still dont cap. Right now it fells like caps are all about throwing all bodies into cap. Blocking cap with only 7 players would free up people to fight outside cap zone. So often as SL with current system you have something like 15 v 18 on a cap and need to tell your whole squad to get inside cap asap, adding to meat grinder problem!
  21. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    Is this the general modding discord or do you have a discord for this map?
  22. Radio and local voice chat

    Use search function. This has been suggested lots of times. It will not be added. Only result of adding this would be that a lot of people would change to discord. All the sudden you dont have whole squad in same coms.
  23. The meat grinder is awful

    I 100% agree. But i dont think that the problem is only the spawn system. A large problem is also the gamemodes. Right now the way to win is more bodies with in a small area = meat grinder. Last week i made a thread to figure out how the overrun mechanic on Fobs work. Was shocked to find out enemy needs to be within 30m of Radio and not hab to increase spawntime. First of all 30 m is way to short!! Second if placed correctly spawn time shouldn't increase (hab placed far enough from radio).
  24. I agree there should be some kind of mechanic simulation a supply line back to main. I dont like the idea of one player having to drive a logi back and forth. But something is needed. I still you should be able to place rallies everywere. But they should disapeer eiter after 1-2 minutes or if SL leaves a 50 m radius. So they are used to rally squad and not a secondary spawn. I really hope the new teritory control gamemode makes it so that you can only place fobs in hexagons you control with a unbroken line back to main. If the line then later gets broken spawntime should increase on said FOB.
  25. You need to get very close for it to increase. Often spawn timer doesn't increase until 30 sec before HAB goes down anyway.