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  1. I actually didnt really play PR. Just tested it a couple of times, but never got into it since I didn't have anyone to play with. Often you would a join a server and see 2-3 full squads and rest being locked. So eventhough i had really awesome experiences in when i got into squads I quickly lost interest. The ideas i mention here is mostly, what i have seen other people suggest and I have found these too be good ideas to minimize meat grinder battles (pretty much the only thing I hate about Squad)
  2. I really hope they add the 2-3 people close to FOB blocks spawns mechanic from PR. Right now Squad is a tactical meat grinder. Instead of 2 squads/groups fighting for a couple of minutes until once have killed the other, you have 2 half squads/groups constantly fighting for 10-15 minutes. The fight can go on forever since both teams receive constant reinforcements from a nearby spawn. Even when you find the enemy spawn taking it down often also turns into a meat grinder between attackers and fresh spawns. Way to often I have died when taking down a FOB because new spawns overvelmed us. You are covering the guy digging and kill 5-7 fresh spawns and die because you have to reload and people keep coming from the small shed. To save a FOB the other team should have to run to FOB from a different location, not because attackers get overwelmed by people appearing from thin air ("clown" shed). Squad really needs weaker rallies and to make it easier to take down FOBs. To make up for these things being weaker, allow other people to revive medics with their kit (perhaps a slower rate) and allow FOBs to be placed a bit closer together.
  3. Is The 30 Mil BTR Overpowered Now?

    In the same patch they removed the reddot and full auto m4 for US GL kit. Since US team can't go full 4x scope it is pretty clear they change things to fit balance.
  4. November 2017 Recap

    to give marksman better scope is improving balance and you have a hard time fighting mgs with a marksman rifle?!?!?! What!?
  5. Normal game mode is too linear

    Download the SDK and make more layers for each map. What the game really needs is 6-7 different flag layouts for each map. So many areas not being used by any layers on maps like Gor, Yeho, Kohat and Chora. Really hope modding will fix this. New gamemode also look really awesome. Hope it gets added soon and it includes pointzone randomness.
  6. Animation System Update

    Im pretty sure they won't just let you click a button and it makes autozeroing. You need to judge the distance and cycle to the correct setting youself. So if you judge 500m and it is really only 300m you will miss.
  7. Where on this 2 year chart do you see a decline? Avg players in December 2015 (EA release) is pretty much the same as now. Also right now is before the release of V10. Last time we waited forever for a new patch was vehicles in V7 and optimisation in V8. I am pretty sure these patches came in Aug and Nov 2016. So at the months before. Jul and Oct 2016 only has around 600 players. Players now after a long wait is pretty much double of what is was back then. Im really excided to see what modding a V10 will do to player numbers. Especially modding will bring so much new content. New maps, new factions and new flag layouts for current maps. Really think this will make game exciting. Currently it feels like all servers constantly play the same 5 may layouts.
  8. More Map commands for SLs

    Ahh now i get it. You mean before when people weren't limited to only 5 enemy markers. I really think SLs need to be able to set down markers that is only visible to his squad (like movemarkers now). This way you make each SL able to lead his squad better and at the same time avoid map to covered in signs. I would make everything in one map. Everybody can see Red/Blue markers (change the green fob to blue). Only members of squad can see movemarkers and green markers and what SL is drawing if this is added.
  9. More Map commands for SLs

    How long ago was this? I never saw this and i have been playing since steam EA.
  10. Why stop there? Why should OWI limit themselves to developing games? I think the OWI needs to get into the Space Race to Mars. Lets beat SpaceX, Nasa and all those other rocket guy. First man on mars should be wear OWI suits.
  11. September 2017 Recap

    so you are new around here. Some of the things expected for V10 were shown first time in recaps last year. Recaps is just to give a taste of what they are doing and what will come at somepoint in future. Narva was shown in recap for almost 6 month before it was added. A dev with nothing else to do might start working on a blackhawk model (just an example). It wornt be added to game until a year later since it can't be implemented until flightmodel/and dev might get something else to do that is more importaint.
  12. Many cheaters, i and my friends crying =(

    Im pretty sure admins already see this information. So the people banning cheater already have what they need. If you get killed in suspecios ways over and over again in the same area write an admin and they will look into it. If you get killed once or twice in suspecios ways each round. I suggest you assume it is just a better/lucky player.
  13. Many cheaters, i and my friends crying =(

    I have played this game a lot since it game out on steam. The last time i experienced something that was clearly cheats was a long time ago (grenade/rpg ram). Actually i dont think i have experienced anything the last 6 months-1 year that i could say was 100% cheats. Yeah sometimes you wonder how people can react so fast/shoot so well. But i have never had the feeling it was 100% cheats. How long have you been playing? Think this often comes down to experience. New players are often not very aware of their surroundings and bad at spotting enemies. Also if you play enough you will also experience lucky shots. These can feel like cheats when they happen to you. I once 1-shotted a guy across the valey on Kohat with iron sights (headshot i guess).
  14. Suggestion about the game

    I think you need to change game.
  15. Squad Mod France: OPEX SERVAL

    Very very nice!!! Also very nice to see you allowing modders outside of you team to use you mod for his map. The future of squad is looking bright!!! You write that Squad will get Steam workshop support on 1st of september. Have the devs confirmed this or do you know something we dont? Will you make new factions for the french to fight for your maps or use insurgents/militia from base game?