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  1. Does this mean map with possible have 6 contested flags at once?
  2. This part of you post I agree to so much. Have to laugh so much every time I see the "when will sniper be added. I really need it for overwatch and communication" thread. Yeah sure you want a sniper for that.
  3. Many new people might say that cheating is out of control, but this is definitely not the case. I have played around 200 hours and I haven't seen a blatant cheater in the last 3 months. The reason why many people might think that cheating is out of control, is that it is very hard to spot enemies when you aren't used to it (camo works in this game). So for most new players the first 10-20 hours in game feels other people have cheats (you keep being killed by players you can't see). True that there probably are people with esp that are hiding it very well. But honestly every time I have experienced that me and my team are being slaughtered, it is because of stacked teams and not cheats. It happens just as often that you slaughter the other team.
  4. I like the idea. Another idea is forcing the first spawn of people who have joined the server at start of the round to be main. Only later joins can use first spawn somewhere else. So if you want to rush you have to bring enough vehicles to transport everyone. People dying during the rush attack can respawn. But no more talking 1 HMMWV or technical to transport a full squad (with help of rally) or using logi truck to transport whole team.
  5. Yeah the PR system will be great. In PR everyone from US/Russia had scopes and for Ins/Mil noone. So removing focus would totally ruin game for ins/mil on current maps (big and open).
  6. Haha all the building showcased by sircharles are gone. I can't help since i have no experience with 3d assets and no time to learn. But ok new buildings arent bad. Will give map a new feel and allow it to be added in official patch.
  7. Removing the focus zoom would totally **** over everyone without scope on all maps except Sumari. There is a reason why pretty much noone used emplacements before they got zoom. If they remove zoom people with scopes, vehicle zoom and so on will be way to overpowered. Iron sight/red dots will be no fun.
  8. I think i read somewhere that 8.9 was supposed to be v9. They had problems with getting some stuff and decided to release what worked in 8.9 and pushed v9 back. Because of christmas and so on i dont expect v9 before start of Feb. This would also fit the 3 months wait for v7 and v8.
  9. I think the way it is noted is perfect. Limited time and still not as good as acog zoom.
  10. The rocket techie is the most useless vehicle in game at the moment. Very hard to Aim, expensive and long ass reload, expensive ticket cost and even if you have it zeroed perfectly on enemy squad you are lucky if 1 die. The best way to use Rocket Techie is to hide it under main protected dome so team doesnt lose manpower/tickets.
  11. The problem with removing squad chat in game is that people will just use external programs like teamspeak. So i dont think it would work.
  12. But the problem still is that Russia is going to arrive on West Petrivka before militia. This means that Militia can't play defensive and have to go head to head with Russia to ever get into the game (you need to have cap West Petrivka to move on in the cap order). militia has 4 MG techies. Other then that your numbers are correct.
  13. Right now Yeho Militia vs Russia is one of the most unbalanced maps. First of all Russia has access to better weapons. Second Russia is closer to the third flag of Militia that Militia team and they can easily move there (often they arrive before Militia) and totally block Militia progress on the map. My idea to help the map balance would be to switch the starting positions of Militia and Russia. Some might say this would just flip the balance on making it too easy for Militia. But I'm not sure. Russia would have the better weapons and Militia would have better starting positions. I think I could actually make it an interesting fight (right now 4 of 5 times Yeho is an easy Russian win). Militia would have time to move in and set up traps/ambushes for the Russian team and not other way around. Perhaps this is way to balance out the Militia and Ins teams. Give them starting positions that are closer to second or third enemy flag than enemy. This would allow them to move in and fight a defensive war (with mines, IEDs and ambushes) and not having to fight headstone head like they do now with flags in the middle of cap order being same distance from both main bases.
  14. Learn how to mod and make it yourself. They will add the British army and then further factions will have a very low priority
  15. Im guessing it is because their work in december was was 8.9 and shortly after they took the holidays off. So you might say that december recap was the patch notes for 8.9. Or perhaps we will get a new patch shortly and the notes for that is the "recap" (you can hope )