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  1. This +1000. Snipers in video games = people wo like to get kills at distance where they aren't in any danger themselves. My experience as SL is snipers almost never follow squad, often they spawn on wrong locations (because they think they can get more kill there) and so on. This of cause often to all classes (yesterday i had to kick a GL guy for the same), but with the other classes it is hard to predict who is going to run of. Markmens are 90% of the time not teamplayers and this is why i always want a LAT instead.
  2. No leave it out. Generally snipers are the worst in online multiplayer games. Ok some might be good spotters and use their scope to report enemy movement. Most will just be on a hill getting kills.
  3. They pretty much said that snipers wornt be implemented. Sniper are pretty much never teamplayers and because of this we wornt see them. Perhaps a mod will add them, but dont expect them in core game. Make a mod. It wornt be made by devs. Think this is a good decition. Will be enough things that can kill inf from a distance where you cant shoot back.
  4. If you read my thread i said i wanted MBTs before Choppers, but there are things i want even before MBTs (<-- Making life easier for Militia and Insurgents).
  5. Well i think IFVs and MBTs should be made before choppers (and there are lots of things i prefer having before those). So guess it is 1v1. Actually what i think is most importaint for game right now are things to help insurgent and militia gameplay. Choppers would just make it even harder to play as insurgents. It is fun how people think what they what is what everyone want. So often you see the thread "devs come on already. Why havent you implemented x? The is the most important feature for us players" and you think that isnt important for me at all.
  6. Multi wheel vehicles can be used to make Tracked vehicles functional. Without this a tank would pretty much be a Truck only having 4 point in contact with ground (it would get stuck everywhere). Now they can make a tanks tracks work (like making a "20 wheel" vehicle). So they made a system to improve BTRs and Strykers that helps future development.
  7. Im pretty sure you only lose tickets when people give up or bleeds out. Being downed and healed by medic costs no tickets.
  8. Yes they could hire 1.000 full time developers. Problem is that they would bun through the money they have in no time and then game would never finish after OWI closed down. They hired the guys they did because it fits their budget/expected sales and it fits the amount of people they need. More people means more work communication and administration, so hiring twice the amount of people doesnt make half development time.
  9. Well many of the devs weren't full time until after steam release. Most people were only doing squad part time after coming home from their normal work (much like a mod team). Im not sure how it is now. I know many of the devs now are full time after they got finances from Kickstarter and steam sales. But im pretty sure they aren't all full time. Plus if you include the time the BF2 developers worked on the engine to PR development times you wouldnt even compare PR 0,32 to Squad. PR didnt have to make vehicle physics (they only had to change excisting vehicles). PR didnt have to make a system that handles bullet/grenade trajectories and how the sync between players (again only change what was already there). If you hate early access dont buy it!
  10. Teamwork is very importaint in squad but that doesnt mean devs shouldnt think about what team get what tools and how they can use their tool on each map. For example Logar is just the perfect map for scopes and crows! - Militia has to move into the valley in the middle to get to flags and flank US + US has a hill next to the main that can cover whole valley <-- this is not a good mix. - Militia need to use speed of technicals to flank + Middle of eastern part of map is a hill that vehicles can't really move in, so only way to leave valley on the US side is 2 roads (1 north and 1 south) + movement in valley is extremely limited because of buildings + edge of map (mountains) to the north and south of valley forces all vehicles and inf into "killzone" <-- this makes extremly hard for militia to use their strength. What clan did this experiment?
  11. You know the game isn't final yet? Animationsystem will change (and with it sway and so on), suppresion system will also change and lots of other things that will probally balance out scopes. What Irontaxi wrote is what they are working towards. Not were the game is now. You do realise that it takes ****ing time to finish everything!?
  12. Yes exactly. Me being able to place an ied on the road in front of me will do wonders towards balancing the crow killing me from 500m away. The IEDs and mines will be cool. But don't see how a weapon where the enemy has to do half the work (move to it) will change anything. True I can ambush a hmmwv when it moves forward. But it is moving forward that means my team is moving backward (losing flags). But OK I really hope I will be surprised.
  13. I'm not saying that technicals would survive more that one rpg/law. But perhaps make the technicals bulletproof from smallarms bullets. I know they are not in real life, but this is a game and it would be much more enjoyable. There are also all these people saying it is ok that hmmwvs survive more than one rpg, so making technicals bulletproof shouldn't really be a discussion. Or of cause we could also make hmmwvs and btrs realistic. That is another solution.
  14. That is a bit true, but could we then perhaps make windows in technicals bulletproof since guns here are so much easier to aim and each squad has up to 9 people with guns and can keep respawning constantly. That would make game much more enjoyable.
  15. I tried the same. It hasn't happened in a while, so i though the bug was fixed. Actually i think you can see everything the other team has (vehicles, fobs and players). Just quickly closed map when it happened.