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  1. Many cheaters, i and my friends crying =(

    Im pretty sure admins already see this information. So the people banning cheater already have what they need. If you get killed in suspecios ways over and over again in the same area write an admin and they will look into it. If you get killed once or twice in suspecios ways each round. I suggest you assume it is just a better/lucky player.
  2. Many cheaters, i and my friends crying =(

    I have played this game a lot since it game out on steam. The last time i experienced something that was clearly cheats was a long time ago (grenade/rpg ram). Actually i dont think i have experienced anything the last 6 months-1 year that i could say was 100% cheats. Yeah sometimes you wonder how people can react so fast/shoot so well. But i have never had the feeling it was 100% cheats. How long have you been playing? Think this often comes down to experience. New players are often not very aware of their surroundings and bad at spotting enemies. Also if you play enough you will also experience lucky shots. These can feel like cheats when they happen to you. I once 1-shotted a guy across the valey on Kohat with iron sights (headshot i guess).
  3. Suggestion about the game

    I think you need to change game.
  4. Squad Mod France: OPEX SERVAL

    Very very nice!!! Also very nice to see you allowing modders outside of you team to use you mod for his map. The future of squad is looking bright!!! You write that Squad will get Steam workshop support on 1st of september. Have the devs confirmed this or do you know something we dont? Will you make new factions for the french to fight for your maps or use insurgents/militia from base game?
  5. Yamalo 8km [WiP]

    Looks really nice. Now we just need to be able to play it
  6. Only read first part. But dont get you hopes up. Cant imagine this every being added to squad and dont think it would improve what the game is trying to do. It is cool that you dont like explosions and guns, but this game is about combined arms battles (so explosions and guns). Devs have confirmed no silenced weapons and that we wornt be able to hear enemy coms (since this would cause people to move to external software). Edit: just some more this idea just seems like an extreme amount of work for so litlle (and something that doesnt fit current gameplay at all). Would like if people stayed a little realistic in their suggestions.
  7. Hi, on some maps the bushes only 10-20m away are really low quality for me. Does anyone know why and if there is anything i can do? See example here:
  8. I tested it. So i pretty much have the same FPS in Training Field changed to Gorodok as i do on a 80 person server. Perhaps i need to do some more test on different maps. But this position on Gorodok Fps is the same. On 78 player Server: Singleplayer
  9. Thx a lot for the this. Kinda hard to understand these Stat Unit readouts. Can i achive the same if i just load a map with training field and console or does it need to be a server? Btw im not playing 4k. Only 1440P :D.
  10. Yeah I know. Just not enough of an expert to really explain why. Please help :-D Yes I also thought this. But now the question was when only looking at squad.
  11. Hi, My brother is building a new pc. He will mainly play squad on it. I told him that squad performance is decided by single core CPU performance. He originally wanted to get a i5-7500, but now he is thinking about a i3-7300 since it has higher clock speeds. Is there a reason to buy a i5 over a i3 (clock speed same) when only thinking about squad? He wornt be oc'ing his CPU.
  12. OK. Didn't know how to read those numbers. Tried running game with external measuring software. According to that my gpu was running at 100% and CPU core 1 at 95%. So thought the gpu was the limiting factor.
  13. Rocket Artillery

    To all the people saying it doesn't need visuals: how often do you see people use the Rocket techie? How often have you been killed by it? It is a useless vehicle in its current form and noone uses it. Dont think anyone would miss it if it was removed from all maps. True you wouldn't have this info in real life. But in real life you dont have a compas at the buttom of your vision or a map with the position of all your friends.
  14. Hey im getting around 50-70 fps in squad on a server with 76-80 people. Im not sure if this is low or to be expected with a GTX 1070 (without OC), I7-4770K OC'ed to 4,5Ghz and 8 gb Ram. Game is installed on a SSD. My settings are 1440p, no Super Sampling, Screen Sharpening 0.50 AA SMAA rest Cinematic/Epic. What do you guys think? Reading the Stat Unit number im guessing that my GPU is the bottleneck (GPU number is the highest). Is this normal? Here you have few screenshots with Stat fps and Stat unit (from Al Basrah and Chora). Picture of my settings Thanks for the help!!
  15. Pace of battle - tactics vs. strategy

    I really think rallies and spawn times need to be nerfed. But it is also important that the game doesnt end up being to fustrating. My idea was to keep everything like now, but add longer spawntimes if people die to quick since last spawn. It should be like how TKs and suicides work now. This way people are rewarded for staying alive longer (moving slower). I also think that a rally should have a timer. Meaning it only stays up for limeted time. In PR this time was 30 secs, i think this is to short. Perhaps the same time as rally reset (time before you can place a new rally).