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  1. The pitfall that is community feedback

    I agree, people stopped playing for some reason. Probably because Squad wasn't for them. Also when was the Rush meta removed? Because that didn't really result in any lost players. Squad has more avg player in the last 4 months than any month Nov 2015 - Jan 2018 (exept 2). Making it more milsim isn't anything else than your opinion! Also look at what Melbo and Dubs wrote!
  2. Thoughts on Suppression

    well the ammo changes should also balance out number 3. Since one of the main respawn reasons is new ammo/kit. I am not really against new suppression. If it is horrible it can be tweaked or removed. It is actually one of the only things that work better in PS than Squad. So scary to be shot at by a MG42 there, it can really lock down a flank. True you can make suppression work by changing it to one hit kills and setting spawn to only main and 10 minutes. But it would kill the game. This is another way to achieve the same.
  3. The pitfall that is community feedback

    Without further information those numbers doesnt prove anything. I think a lot of those million buyers expected a BF clone. So I could argue that to make more people play they need to make it even more arcade that it currently is.
  4. The pitfall that is community feedback

    Interesting post when you look at the subject of the thread. So the devs need to do what you think is correct or the game will fail. Perhaps you should read below part again. Many active users here will post excatly the opposite opinion to you and also say that "As a xx game Squad stands to retain a core cult community whereas if it goes down the path as yet another xx it's gonna get gibbed big-time
  5. The pitfall that is community feedback

    I dont see it like that at all. I see it as a system that together with persistent ammo has been made by devs to: - make people rely more on revives than respawns - make it easier to stay together as a squad. Before if you won a firefight but lost all medics, people still had to respawn. Now one suvivor can get a medic up and he can revive rest of squad. I really dont see how that feature changes anything for medics. I still think medic will be main guy for revivals since: - revived players still need medic get more health, lose almost black screen and to get stamina - normal players still only have 2 bandages and also need these to stop bleeding. No bandages = bleed to death from one hit - Everyone else need much longer than medics to revive (so they wouldnt do this during firefights) - actually it allows medics to be more aggresive. So they can focus more on winning firefight quickly and then reviving, since if they go down someone else can get them up. Edit: just saw your edit :-D. As said above i dont think this was added because game had to few medics or that people dont play medics. A squad without medics in future will be a squad of players with no health, almost black screens, no stamina and no bandages to stop bleeding.
  6. The pitfall that is community feedback

    well you seem to forget that eventhough we can post and discuss our ideas/feedback on forums, reddit and discord we don't actually make any choices for the game. These are all made by the devs. -So you can make a suggestion in a thread and everybody can say they think it is shit idea, but if the devs like it they will implement it. -Or you can make a thread about how you hate a feature in the game and it should be removed. Even if 90% of posters in that thread agrees with you the devs can still decide it stays because it fits their vision of the game. I see it as a problem that so many people don't take part on here or reddit. But I am not really sad that these people doesnt get heard, since it is their own fault. Also the devs are not stupid, they know they can't trust feedback there 100%. They probably also rely on all kinds of statistics and their experience from playing the game themselves. Just got to this part. This is excatly what the devs in Squad are doing. They implement lots of features that many on forum/reddit hate, but the devs think moves the game in the right direction. So I really dont see your concern.
  7. Combat Rescue

    and I just thought more about your suggestions. I actually think it would make it even more boring to be medic. Your job would be to sit in a safe area and wait for riflemen to carry the people you need to heal to you. You need to stay safe, because if you go down noone can get downed players back up. New system allows medics to take part in fighting, since someone else can get them up.
  8. Combat Rescue

    I dont see this happening. Helping people up will use one of your 2 bandages, that you also need if you get hit. So I dont think people are ready to use these unless they have to. Also reviving people will take a lot longer for other players compared to medics. I really dont get why people dont want to play medic currently. You often have the same rifle as normal riflemen, you have a grenade, you almost never run out of bandages and you can heal yourself. Ok sometimes you have to heal teammates but you are still a rifleman first. New patch will even allow you to be more aggresive. Now even if you go down someone else can get you up. I really dont get why everyone thinks medics are not needed after patch. Players revived by a non medic will have no stamina, no health and a very dark screen (medicbag rub to remove). Non medics only have 2 bandages that are both used to stop bleeding and revive. So after 2 revives you bleed to death if you climb a too high wall.
  9. Insurgency Should Probably Have an Intel Point System

    I agree with this as well. Hated when you had lost 2 caches as insurgents and were defending the last and now a new cache spawn across map next to Bluefor main. If Bluefor needs to destroy 3 caches to win only 3 caches should spawn. Or more caches spawn, but intel points to find location increase (first 20 points, second 50 points, third 100 points and forth 200 points). My ideas were to fix the biggest problems I see with ins game mode -> No reason for Bluefor to search map for caches. Hard for Opfor to set up ambushes because of spawns/almost instant knowledge of cache location for Bluefor.
  10. Insurgency Should Probably Have an Intel Point System

    The game 100% needs this. Bluefor should get intel point from killing insurgents and getting to their bodies. When they have enough intel they get info about one cache and so on. Also insurgents should have more spawns at start of round. Right it is quite easy to find caches for Bluefor at start of round, since if you see insurgents it means there is a cache. More spawns makes it easier to insurgents to ambush Bluefor and lure them to false cache locations. Right now Bluefor loads up in vehicles and leave main searching for enemy players. Even if none is found after a few minutes they will know position of both caches. They go there set up fobs and the meat grinder can begin. It needs to be more search and destroy.
  11. July 2018 Recap

    The hot mic happen if you open map while talking on squad radio. Happens all the time for me as SL at I use map all the time.
  12. I dont get the front line argument. Often there is no frontline at all. Attackers are spawning all around defenders. It is good that they reduced attackers to 2 FOBs, but the system is still doesn't really simulate a frontline
  13. July 2018 Recap

    Quick question. Does this mean the Medic still has the medic bag. So he uses bandage to revive and medic bag to get hp back to 100?
  14. Increase Splash DMG on 30mm's

    I didn't play GL kit for a long time. Stopped since they nerfed the splash of the kit so much. have they improved it again?
  15. Isn't "currently in squad" picture wrong? I often experience that my bullets are hitting above where I aim at short ranges. Am I the only one experiencing this?