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  1. I dont like your idea. I think it would result in free kit Squads with no communication (See PS that unlocks the MM kit at 3 players in Squad). I also think the result would be a massive increase in Marksmen. Ok teams like these might lose round but i think these players don't care about victory for team. The current system might not be the best, but I dont like the idea of a free for all. Also some people need to be riflemen (especially with the ammo change coming in V12).
  2. Why can I not choose a role?

    What roles are you trying to take? Here is an quick overview of how it works with kits in Squad. - Each squad can only have 2 medics - Rifleman roles. Normal rifleman unlimited. Rhe Scoped kits, Scout, Light MG and other special kits are limited to 1-2 per squad. - Fire support roles are limited to 3 in a 9 man squad. Of each kit you can often only have one (except Light ATs that allow 2 for most factions). Teams of 40 people are also limited to 3 Marksmen, 1 Heavy AT and 3 Heavy MGs no matter how many squads the team has. So you can't pick the kit if it is already full. I hope this helps.
  3. I'm pretty sure you could do this in SDK without being a member of the team. So please show us how easy it is :D.
  4. I understand this as if they have equipment from before 2015 (which should fit quite well in Squad)
  5. Pretty sure the game is based on how the armies looked 5 to 10 years ago and not 100% current. So if you say these were changes in equipment from 2015-2017 these will not be implemented. Im am not 100% sure though.
  6. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    I dont have this experience at all. Afternoon/evening in Europe Squad is around 1500-2000 players. RIP, Mumblerines, SR, BB and many of the <3 Germany and French Servers are pretty much always full. Europe is a very active region for Squad. I also think that pretty much all Squad players have stopped playing PS (none of my steamfriends still play PS).
  7. Ticket count

    ohh that is so nice!!! Thx for the oinfo also.
  8. Weapon Variation

    Agree about the Ins LAT with SKS. That sould be removed. I would change the Ins optic rifleman to have the G3 instead of another AK. People always pick the optic kits so it would be a quick way to get people to use other weapons.
  9. Ticket count

    This. Or make the button say give up and spawn. So to press it you need to select a spawn and wait for the time to run out before you can give up.
  10. The pitfall that is community feedback

    And by the way perhaps you should read these parts of your own original post again. Are you not one off the guys trying to influence the devs because they are adding something you don't like? Because that is all I see. You want to influence devs to take the direction of the game you want because your opinion is somehow the truth and when the devs doesnt follow it is because "the minority of players posting on forum/reddit" influenced them. Perhaps the devs vision for the game is not what you wanted? Perhaps your opinion is not the truth. (I changed realism to xxx in your above quote) ..... Isn't what is mentioned the above quote from you excatly what you are doing about the new revive system that you haven't even tested?
  11. The pitfall that is community feedback

    Can we perhaps test the system before we go crazy about it....... As a SL I will force my squad to have 2 medics in future since medics will still be a essential part of keeping the squad effective.
  12. The pitfall that is community feedback

    How did you make that graph? The AVG numbers left doesn't match what the graph shows.
  13. Sun & Compass

    No matter were you live the sun will not be directly above you at noon and east/west of you rest of day all year. The sun will always be at least a little north/south, except for people living on a line around the earth (position of line changes with the seasons because of axial tilt of the earth). But you are right that it is strange that the sun is towards the north on First Light, since generally if you are on the northern part of the globe the sun should be towards the south/southeast/southwest (eastern European map).
  14. The pitfall that is community feedback

    I agree, people stopped playing for some reason. Probably because Squad wasn't for them. Also when was the Rush meta removed? Because that didn't really result in any lost players. Squad has more avg player in the last 4 months than any month Nov 2015 - Jan 2018 (exept 2). Making it more milsim isn't anything else than your opinion! Also look at what Melbo and Dubs wrote!
  15. Thoughts on Suppression

    well the ammo changes should also balance out number 3. Since one of the main respawn reasons is new ammo/kit. I am not really against new suppression. If it is horrible it can be tweaked or removed. It is actually one of the only things that work better in PS than Squad. So scary to be shot at by a MG42 there, it can really lock down a flank. True you can make suppression work by changing it to one hit kills and setting spawn to only main and 10 minutes. But it would kill the game. This is another way to achieve the same.