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  1. Well people did this in PR. That is the reason behind Irontaxi's name! (he said in a couple of interview he loved driving APCs in PR). But I agree with you. If the game was changed so you needed transport squads tomorrow it would die instantly. Dont think anyone would be ready to do it. Might be wrong though.
  2. Yeah Squad would love to get all the 77 players currently online in PR.
  3. Sorry i dont believe that PR ever had 6.000-8.000 players at once (current weekend peak amount of players for Squad is around 3.000-4.000.
  4. Suggestion to cancel the role of Medic

    PS managed to chase away everyone (teamplayers and lone wolfs) :-D. PS made a lot of changes to the Squad formula and never tested them. As game was released pretty much everyone stopped playing within a month. I agree that the current spawn system lead to a lot of problems in Squad (meatgrinder battles and no transport squads). But you never know the result of changes, so I think it is important to make small changes. You think that the result of making Squad like PR will be that people starting to play more safe, but you can never know. You can say PR has already tested everything, but you can never be sure if Squad players will start playing like PR or leave. You also arent sure if PR players will change to Squad.
  5. Suggestion to cancel the role of Medic

    Well what if we lost lots of the people currently taking part in teamwork? You know the people who enjoy being able to spawn near their squad so they can get back in the action with their mates. I agree that squad shouldn't try to be BF/COD. But chasing away to many players can quickly become a problem of lots of empty servers (just look at PS).
  6. Suggestion to cancel the role of Medic

    This is a interesting thing. Making it more punishing to die (respawn further from action) would make people play more like the game is supposed to be played. But it would also result in a lot less people playing, since they want to have fun.
  7. one thing i think they should add is a reset of timer if old rally gets overrun. Right now in squad so often when you lose your rally to enemies the timer for next rally is already at 0 and you can instantly set it up and keep attacking. Other than that I think new rallies are perfect.
  8. Suggestion to cancel the role of Medic

    I am coming from a gameplay perspective as well. Way to often a squad pushing into a objective end up being only three guys, because everyone else is staying back. These 3 guys will often have no chance against the defenders and die. So now the medics have to push inside to try and get downed outnumbered first wave attackers back up. Why not push everyone from the start and try to win the fight and when it is won then revive downed guys?
  9. Suggestion to cancel the role of Medic

    A medic is a rifleman first and medic second. Even in V11 and earlier medics should be much more aggressive, than what is often described here. So many people have this idea that pretty much the whole squad should stay back. Medics stay back because what is described above SL should stay back because of rallies Riflemen scopes & marksmen should stay back because of scope MGs should stay back because of bipod AT should stay back because vehicles might show up in future GL should stay back to hit enemy with grenades Most Squads pretty much only have 1-2 riflemen and these need to do the push. Dont know what people do in future when riflemen get ammo bags.
  10. Suggestion about weapon sway

    Make sure your stamina is not to low and press shift.
  11. Suggestion to cancel the role of Medic

    I 100% agree. I dont get why people refuse to understand that the medic will still be important after patch! I can imagine people would perfer not to be revived from a non-medic if there are no medics around, since after revive they will have no stamina and almost dark screen. Also I am not sure how often we will se non-medic classes revive people. They don't get extra bandages in V12, so using one to help a teammate could leave you without way to bandage after a firefight. After everything I have read about V12 I will still enforce a 2 medic rule! I really think this was added to turn medics more into riflemen (which they are). This will allow them to be more aggresive in fights, since if they go down someelse can get them up. But they will still be important for getting the squad back to 100% after the fight is over!
  12. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    The most popular servers are popular because they try to enforce teamwork. If you are not in a Squad you either didn't join one because you didn't want to work with other people or you got kicked because SL didn't think you worked with him. So find different servers if you dont want to be kicked. Server admins and SLs can pretty much kick whoever they like. So you are ok with me making a Squad and 6 people join who just wants kits and dont have mics and i can do nothing??? Because if you want this you will see no SLs in a week.
  13. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    Dont know why you have 2 accounts to post here but ok. Being a SL is stressful and a lot of work. If you join my Squad I expect you to help me. If you dont I will kick. I am not required to give you and free spot in my squad and access to whatever kit you have or my rally. I have never kicked anyone for saying they can't move because they are hiding in a bush surrounded by enemy. But if people dont come to me to set rally, don't move to my move marker after spawning or don't disengage when I tell them that another squad is taking care of people they are fighting. Then they get kicked.
  14. What is really going on with Squad?

    I agree with everyone. Squad is one of the games where I have most enjoyable hours. Even if the game died tomorrow I would had my moneys worth. I would be very sad, since I really want to see new maps, new factions, helis and tanks. I dont expect Squad to die for a long time and after we get modding 2.0 I think we can keep playing for 5-10 years. Squad really ruined many games for me. Tried Blacksails, where you need to work together with other players on a ship and got very fustrated when noone used their mics...
  15. I dont like your idea. I think it would result in free kit Squads with no communication (See PS that unlocks the MM kit at 3 players in Squad). I also think the result would be a massive increase in Marksmen. Ok teams like these might lose round but i think these players don't care about victory for team. The current system might not be the best, but I dont like the idea of a free for all. Also some people need to be riflemen (especially with the ammo change coming in V12).