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  1. I agree there should be some kind of mechanic simulation a supply line back to main. I dont like the idea of one player having to drive a logi back and forth. But something is needed. I still you should be able to place rallies everywere. But they should disapeer eiter after 1-2 minutes or if SL leaves a 50 m radius. So they are used to rally squad and not a secondary spawn. I really hope the new teritory control gamemode makes it so that you can only place fobs in hexagons you control with a unbroken line back to main. If the line then later gets broken spawntime should increase on said FOB.
  2. You need to get very close for it to increase. Often spawn timer doesn't increase until 30 sec before HAB goes down anyway.
  3. I dont get it. Sure Russia can cut of US supplies by setting up a FOB in village. But US can do the same by moving armored vehicles between Russian spawn and Papanov. These vehicles might also run into and kill Russian force send to camp village. I kinda agree with OP. I hate that you can completly surround an enemy flag and it changes nothing. So instead of fighting surrounded force + force moving in to help the surrounded friends. You fight unlimited enemies spawning inside the flag you perimerter you surrounded. So often attacks turn into throwing bodies at a flag hoping to overwelm enemies instead of trying to outmanuver them. But i think the idea of OP would result in a meta where everyone rushes other teams main to surround it and make all their fobs on whole map unspawnable (not sure if we want that). I think the teritory game mode will fix this. Not that it will be easier to attack a fob, but if the enemy rushes papanov and decides to spawn whole team there they just gave me the whole map. Meaning i can surround papanov and their main and bottle them up there.
  4. why t72 and no t-90

    Might be interesting. But in my opinion it is much more importaint figure out how insurgent gameplay can be interesting instead of everybody getting some kind of tank. Right now the best rounds are Rus vs US/Brits. Assumetrical warfare maps pretty much always sucks and this makes me sad.
  5. Separate Tickets Armour

    I agree with this. With the current vehicle ticket cost it is almost better not to only use cheap trans vehicles and make sure to have max AT kits in each squad to kill enemy vehicles. I think 90% of the time using a vehicle is going result in ticket loss. I know this is just a feeling since it is really hard to calculate (not only inf/vehicle kills, but how to you calculate flag cap/defence assist). So the risk of from losing a vehicle is losing vehicles support for your team in round end.
  6. why t72 and no t-90

    I really hope they can figure out a way to make ins/invasion gamemode work better. Some way to make the conventional faction with tanks and helis fighting insurgents/militia with rpgs, IEDs and lighter faster vehicles fun for both sides. Don't really see why all sides need a tank.
  7. Changing up FOBs a little

    fuzzhead i love you. You posted here and the aim punch thread. So nice to know what you see the same issues and are working on them!! Will we get an idea of some of these changes from recap??
  8. Aim Punch like Post Scriptum

    I completly disagree. A scoped m4/ak is much more effective in getting kills than a AR. The scoped ARs can be good, but the best way to use then is single shot. Without a propper suppression system is needed or ARs fired full auto will not be very usefull.
  9. I am not sure if lockdowns will prevent stalemates. In my experience stalemates in squad AAS doesn't happend because the team who lost a flag makes a counter attack. Stalemates happen because it is so hard to take down enemy spawns, meaning you never really clear out a flag. I also find it happens when one team superfobs a flag and has no other spawn. So attackers are fighting whole enemy since noone is spawning anywere else. Edit: But i think devs should test it. Game is in early access, so why not try.
  10. Penalty for early give up

    I think give up button/being down should be change. I really dont get why you can't see spawn time when down!? Think you should see spawn time when selecting a fob/rally and when you want to spawn you need to wait for timer and then press "give up and spawn". So you go directly from down to spawn. This way people would stay ground at least 45 sec.
  11. I actually didnt really play PR. Just tested it a couple of times, but never got into it since I didn't have anyone to play with. Often you would a join a server and see 2-3 full squads and rest being locked. So eventhough i had really awesome experiences in when i got into squads I quickly lost interest. The ideas i mention here is mostly, what i have seen other people suggest and I have found these too be good ideas to minimize meat grinder battles (pretty much the only thing I hate about Squad)
  12. I really hope they add the 2-3 people close to FOB blocks spawns mechanic from PR. Right now Squad is a tactical meat grinder. Instead of 2 squads/groups fighting for a couple of minutes until once have killed the other, you have 2 half squads/groups constantly fighting for 10-15 minutes. The fight can go on forever since both teams receive constant reinforcements from a nearby spawn. Even when you find the enemy spawn taking it down often also turns into a meat grinder between attackers and fresh spawns. Way to often I have died when taking down a FOB because new spawns overvelmed us. You are covering the guy digging and kill 5-7 fresh spawns and die because you have to reload and people keep coming from the small shed. To save a FOB the other team should have to run to FOB from a different location, not because attackers get overwelmed by people appearing from thin air ("clown" shed). Squad really needs weaker rallies and to make it easier to take down FOBs. To make up for these things being weaker, allow other people to revive medics with their kit (perhaps a slower rate) and allow FOBs to be placed a bit closer together.
  13. Is The 30 Mil BTR Overpowered Now?

    In the same patch they removed the reddot and full auto m4 for US GL kit. Since US team can't go full 4x scope it is pretty clear they change things to fit balance.
  14. November 2017 Recap

    to give marksman better scope is improving balance and you have a hard time fighting mgs with a marksman rifle?!?!?! What!?
  15. Normal game mode is too linear

    Download the SDK and make more layers for each map. What the game really needs is 6-7 different flag layouts for each map. So many areas not being used by any layers on maps like Gor, Yeho, Kohat and Chora. Really hope modding will fix this. New gamemode also look really awesome. Hope it gets added soon and it includes pointzone randomness.