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  1. Murphy's law
  2. LOL
  3. i7 7700k 4.2ghz - 4.9Ghz oc. (Delidded), 16gb Crossair Ven. LPX DDR4 2133 (4133oc) running at 4000oc Titan X (p). 12.Gb GDDR5X evga g2l 850 80+ gold psu intel p600 m.2 ssd 512gb 2x samsung evo 850 ssd 250gb running raid 0 (465gb). ASUSTOR 6.Tb NAS drive. Asus ROG Swift PG348Q 34'' 3440x1440 curved ultra-wide IPS-panel. NVIDIA G-SYNC 100Hz oc. Asus ROG maximus ix formula mobo + ROG OC: pannel II Asus ROG Claymore Keyboard Asus ROG Spartha mouse. Asus ROG Stealth mat. Trust Mic. Creative 5.1 Z506 Speaker. Logitech G933 Artimis 7.1 headset. Phanpheks enthoo evolv tempered glass black case water cooled with ek water blocks on mobo cpu gpu ram with 360 40mm rad. push pull in front 280 45mm rad. push in top driven by ek-xtop ddc 3.2 pwm elite (plexi) pump. 10/13 mm hard tubing ice dragon nano fluid (gamer juice). x150 res. Runs Squad 75-100 fps all ultra no AA 125% SS 3440x1440
  4. I like TKOTH in a3 the but is still laggy after many years on the old upgradet flashpoint engiene. so a TKOTH Squad MOD sounds good, not a game mode, but a mod.
  5. Maby more gun sway for a few sec. after the rpg hit at the window, and maby doubble vission for a quick fix.
  6. nice- 4k all the way once this rig is set up! 4K ALL THE WAY! PC MASTER RACE!
  7. I will Ithink I dont need AA at this res. just had to try it out. was affrait that the hi screen res kills my fps, but I gues not
  8. First SQUAD test on chora 76 full server Screen res and Hz 3440x1440 100Hz Anti Aliasing: TXAA - Resolution scale: Of (100) - rest on EPIC - Motion Blur/Bloom/Ambient Occlusion/Eye Adaption/Lens Flare/Full Texture Loading: On = 98-100.FPS IT RUNS SQUAD!!!
  9. Now I got the last stuff needed so now i can get my buddy over for SQUAD!
  10. cool led effekt on the mobo, what gpu are you putting in?
  11. Sounds cool show of some pics. if you want lets see your rig.
  12. I use g933 Artimis Never ever had so crisp and deep sound before, I hear lots of craks from gunshots nearby especialy now with the new sounds sure its not them you hear? Or maby loose connection on your soundcard jack output if not with usb.
  13. Hi and Welcome to the forum, the hype train station
  14. Many thanks!
  15. thats also one sexy motherboard, Fatherboard LOL What Hardware are you going to put in that mother? My computers name on our home network is WATERWORLD but I love squad so much!, and i got two gaming rigs, I think ill rename both pc's so this one will be SQUAD ONE, and my old pc SQUAD TWO