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  1. Some fun with acog scope.

    Squad doesn't have bullet drag atm. With bullet drag SVD scope is pretty accurate to 800m which I have extensively tested. Without zeroing though
  2. [SOLVED] No servers in browser

    Works now after reinstalling Steam
  3. [SOLVED] No servers in browser

    I'm having the same issue. Cannot see any servers on the server browser nor I can't join to a server directly from console or Steam server list
  4. Lighting: Dynamic Lighting and Shadows > help needed please

    Im posting this from phone so I cant remember the exact name, but under the object's lighting parameters there's a checkbox called Dynamic Insert Shadow. It makes more sharp and nicer shadows in exchange of performance and it does fix your problem. I dont know if you should use it and I would like to know what devs think about using it.
  5. New Players and Misuse of Gameplay

    Customization doesn't really add any gameplay value to the game. It may seem like a nice idea, but why? Achievements would bring unnecessary motivation for players to act unaccordingly on the battlefield. I already see players not following SL order to get their achievements. Achievements suit better for arcade typish games, like Battlefield and CoD. I believe it is better to new players to learn things the hard way and it feels really satisfying when you finally are able to get kills regarding the situation or learn to help other squads to overrun the enemy on obejctives.