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  1. I am North America. EST. Im also an adult. The reason I don't join a milsim clan is because I cant consistently attend mandatory meetings and such because of my schedule
  2. Hello, I am a casual player, not the best in the world but competent, looking for a group or squad to play with. I have only 90 hours but im looking to play more and get better/ learn the game more. Most of my hours are medic I am ok at that role. If you have a squad or group and wanna play with me hit me up. My discord is BANGHART#7929
  3. Decent-ish rig, massive FPS problems

    I just bought a $700 gpu mostly to play squad. at first i was getting an avg 50 fps now my shit is drops to 15 fps max is 25-30 basically unplayable. ive updated drivers and cleared cache etc.. I really love squad but im kind of salty about this. whatever i guess ill just forget about this game. this is the only game ive ever been able to run on and off for months at a time depending on the last update. i went like 6 whole months on my last gpu where i couldnt even play the game and then an update came out and i could play again lol. im not a tech nerd so i dont like messing around with my expensive cpu with the cores and all that. whatever time to move on i guess
  4. guys, its not always that people dont wanna do it, they dont know how to. i have 75 hours in game dont know how to logi run. theres a lot of things i dont know how to do that i would like to do, but squad is a deep game and it takes a very long time to do all this for average person
  5. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    i guess my skepticism regarding vehicles was unwarranted. Great job on coming through devs, i know it wasnt easy.
  6. thanks for the help guys my pc was wasnt on the right resolution lol. i havent played this game in months man i feel dumb. thanks though
  7. none of these files exist in my game folder
  8. thanks man gonna try it out
  9. i think this may be the problem im having as well. what do i change those settings too? im new to pc gaming.
  10. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    sorry to sound skeptical but does anybody that know about game design have any thoughts on the possibility to get vehicles working? I just remember seeing a mini doc on battlefield and the devs were talking about how incredibly hard it is to get vehicles and infantry to work together online and thats why they are one of the few games that put them all together. the squad devs said they were having difficulty with the netcode and thats specifically what the battlefield devs where bragging about being the only people that can do it. i know planetside has vehicles as well so its not an impossible task but i do know the squad dev team is pretty small. i want this game to be great and if the vehicles make it in imo it will be the greatest multiplayer shooter of all time. the fact that i could play the game a few months ago perfectly fine and now i cant run it at all is a bit concerning as well. i know its pre release and super early but should we be concerned at all?